How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

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How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions – Are you looking for your chair and pillows now sad after a long winter? Have you ever wanted your summer pillows back? Just sit in your garden and enjoy your DIY birdhouse! I’ll show you how to do it…quick and easy.

First, my story: I’ve wanted to make a front porch chair for years. A few weeks ago, Greg bought two beautiful wicker chairs. There was a brown one that didn’t come with our house, so he painted it white for me. The pillow was still there, but the big seat was in front of the truck. I’m not a beige girl. So we went to the fabric store and bought a bright, cheerful fabric. But it was done and stood for some time without any effort. Sounds familiar?

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

But yesterday was a glorious day and I knew it was time to bring back the ugly pillows. It took about an hour to get the pillow from start to finish. This is a super easy sewing project…and if you don’t want to, there are options. And now my pillow is not the street. I’ll show you how to get patio pillows quickly and easily!

Kokomo Outdoor Wicker Club Chair In Tortoise Shell

If you love to sew like I do, get your free tickets to Sewing Summit June 1-5, 2020. A free online sewing event with 25+ free classes, workshops, and tutorials for everyone from beginners to advanced! I am one of the “talkers” and have videos explaining how to sew and frame a Bed Caddy – this is the only place you can get my video posts, so be sure to subscribe!

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

This is a complete step-by-step guide on how to repurpose patio pillows! Some of the links in this article are Amazon affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you buy by clicking on the link, I will get a small commission, but I won’t pay you)!. Read my full disclosure policy.

First lay the fabric on the floor, tuck the edges and place the cushions on the terrace. Place the pillow in the top corner of the fabric, with the back of the pillow against the top, and leave enough space from the edge of the fabric to attach the edge of the pillow. If your fabric is too loose or too long, cut it now. Make sure there is enough fabric on both sides of your patio cushion (I left three inches on each side).

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Maurice Outdoor Wicker Standing Basket Chair With Cushion, Light Brown, Beige

Then gather the fabric and place it on the cushions on the patio you want to cover. Your device will meet at the top. Leave an extra three inches of fabric at the top and trim off the excess.

After placing the fabric on the pillow, pin it on both sides. If your pillow is attached to the back like mine, I suggest leaving the last pin and marking it in a different way, like sticking the pin through both sides of the fabric at that point (just don’t close) or marking the fabric.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

You can see in the picture above that I marked the narrow ends of the pins instead of joining them together.

Hampton Bay Beacon Park Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Captain Dining Chair With Cushionguard Toffee Trellis Tan Cushions (2 Pack) Frs80937a

Now the cartoon pillow. If your patio cushions are tight on your back like mine and you have a hard time lifting them up, tuck the couch into the bed like tacos and you’ll be able to get them off easily.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Remove the pins from each side that I sewed. In the picture below you can see the black line.

Next, place your patio pillows in a fabric “wrap” (don’t roll the fabric by hand). Look for extra fabric on the front two corners of your patio cushion. Paint the fabric from both corners so that it is firmly attached to the pillow.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Outdoor Cushions Blowing Away? Here’s How To Secure Them

Remove the fabric from the pillow again and sew the line in the corner where you cut. remove the needle

Turn the fabric right side out and insert the pillow. In the photo below you can see how I stretched the patio pillows to fit the fabric wrap.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Your urn is now a fabric pillow. Look at the amazing angle it creates!

Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair With Black Cushion + Reviews

Fold the rest of the fabric over the back of the pillow, like wrapping a gift. Glue it in place.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Now I hope to see how easy it is to restore patio cushions. I only need 20 minutes. When this patio pillow falls apart, I will get a new fabric and reupholster it. easy peasy! I also made a base out of these woven rocks, if you need a tutorial let me know in the group session!

May 2020 Update: I’ve had these patio pillows for three years and they’re still holding up! But the cloth is old and I keep forgetting to bring it in the winter. So it’s time to put them back in this guide! The question is – what good fabric should I use this time? Finding the fabric will be more difficult than getting the pillows because our store is not open yet. to give birth to me!

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

How To Repair, Paint, And Restore Wicker Furniture

I hope this guide has inspired you to revamp your outdoor cushions now! I’d love to see what you do to make yourself beautiful again. Please share the photo in the Sew Easy Facebook group or tag me on social media with #.

Do you want to remember that? Pin this garden cushion tutorial to your favorite DIY Pinterest board!

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Jennifer Marx is a creator, passionate artist, lifelong teacher and proud winner of various life challenges. In his spare time he likes to play D&D and video games, gardening, clothes, and I went to Disney. She lives a full and happy life in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her partner Greg, daughter Alexa and two dogs, Hunter and Chloe. Ashley exchanged the quiet life in the big city for the noise. windy city On any given day you can find him working on phototherapy or blogging, smoking his little one or walking his boxer Chuck.

Pillow Perfect Textured Solid Outdoor Wicker Seat Cushions

We handpick these products – if you buy from one of our links, you can earn a commission. All prices are correct at the time of publication.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Are those chevron print chair cushions not for you anymore? Before you buy a new couch and spend a lot of money (of course, even if the box pillows are expensive!), check out this easy-to-use DIY for chair pillows. They are easy to remove, wash and change as many times as you want over time.

Now there is some sewing involved, but nothing is limited by the imagination. You get behind the engine and press that pedal! Still confused? I’ll try to comfort you with this special note: growing up, I heard the line, “If I can’t hot glue, I’m not doing it,” from my mother when it was time to start working on my hands. I’ve expanded my repertoire to a few tools other than the glue gun, but it’s safe to say I’ve always had a healthy fear of sewing machines and still try to avoid them if I can help it. But since there will be a lot of tugging and tugging, you need a good, strong sewing machine, from Le Sewing Machine.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

Rattan Wicker Chair

The pillowcase was of medium size, but seemed thicker than usual, as it was as old as the earth and still had springs in it. Also, don’t forget to measure your pillow

Use the method below to get your device. Outdoor furniture can be expensive, but craft stores regularly sell out during the warm season. Keep an eye out for the deal – otherwise DIY won’t save you $$$. The fabric pictured on my chair was purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric and is called “SNS Charlotte”.

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

1. Before buying the fabric, measure the pillow. First measure the height of the mattress, add four inches to the chord ratio. Double the height measurement and add the total length and width measurements. Example: my pillow is 5 inches tall, leave 4 inches for a total of 9 inches, double the custom measurements for a total of 18 inches, add the length and width, make the new LxW dimensions 35 inches x 35 inches. 37 inches instead of 17 inches x 19 inches. I want it to be 52 inches wide, so I’m good!

Cushion For Wicker Chair

2. When we work on the ropes, we have freedom

How To Make Wicker Chair Cushions

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