How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair – One is 2×8-12×8 (I say 8-12 because the width of the board is up to you, I think I used 12 inches but the height is up to you since the board is being used as a chair base)

If your car doesn’t have frame mount bolts, I suggest buying some as you attach them to the L bracket.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

So in the second picture you can see the base. I used 2×8-12×8 boards for the sides and cut them with my chair. The lower section is wider than the upper section for structural integrity, accessibility and visibility. Try to make the bottom 6 to 12 inches wider than the top. The top should only be 1-2 inches longer than the chair frame. You get a clean look and make it easy to set up, move in and out.

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Cut two of them exactly the same size. After cutting them, stand up and place them on the chair. You may need a friend to help you, but after lining up the board, make sure the top line is flush with the rail. Well done! Make sure it is straight from edge to edge and edge to edge. Once you have it ready, measure the distance between the two boards starting from the outside and ending at the end. Take this length and cut four 2x4s. Start the 2×4 from the bottom line so that it is vertical as shown in the image below. Drill 2 holes on each side and screw them. I recommend it below because it’s easy. Repeat the steps until the base is assembled. Good job! You’re almost halfway there!

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Once you have the base, you need to start mocking up your L-arms. If you can see above, I attached them to the base and chair. What you want to do is drill a hole in the l bracket and attach it to the chair. Even if they wobble a little, the base should support the chair. The stand is designed to protect you from falling off the stand. You will need to find a new place to screw the L-bracket as this is quite tricky. I recommend using a Christmas tree drill to drill a hole and loosen the rail to reach both sides. (Tip: When screwing the L-brackets to the frame, make sure the bolt head is at the bottom. After tightening the bracket, cut off the excess threaded bolt and it will easily seal to your chair. !!! ) Here you go . After all! Once these are done, you can place the chair on the base and see how it fits. Oh, and the bolt on the base? Don’t worry, place your seat on the stand so you or a fat friend can sit on the stand and try to tend the tree. If that doesn’t work, just mark the spot with paint. Now drill a hole big enough to fit the bolt head. The seat should be basically flat. Well, the chair is almost ready. Make sure there are chairs for everyone. they were quite close. Drill 2 holes in each L-arm as shown in the picture above and fix the brackets with screws. If they don’t fit or have too much space. Both A. Fill the center with wood and fasten. B. Remove the supports, hammer them and start over. or C. Place a washer between the bracket and base and tighten. I fixed the washing machine.

Cut a piece of 2×4 to 3 feet long. You can make them smaller later if you want. Place these two panels on the outside of the base so it looks like the picture. Take a 2×4 paper. You need 2 pieces. Size doesn’t matter. Is it legal? Now focus on the image. See how the 2x4s are on the front of these panels? You want to do the same. What is the exact size? Well, it’s a bit hard to explain here, so I’ll try to draw it.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

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So you’re looking for extra space? It is a large 3 foot 2×4. So if you have a scrap 2×4 or a piece, place it on both sides of the edge of the front panel. So the length of the board is the distance between the 2x4s plus twice the width of the 2x4s. If not understood. The photos are enough to help you. Is it legal? I’m doing it now. Drill and screw the front panel to the 3-foot 2x4s as shown, making sure there is a little extra wood on the ends.

So cut a 2x6x6 in half. After you cut them in half, you need to line up the board with the base like in my bad picture. For this, it is recommended to do it one last time before removing the chair or attaching the chair. So you don’t have to cut much, the bottom just fits so the board sits at the same angle as the base.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Well, after cutting that end at right angles, place the board on the other side of the cut and mark it. Cut it to the same size.

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Remember how you left a little extra wood on each side of the front panel? Well, that’s why. If you try to align the cut panels, there is a gap between them, the structural strength will be less. So we cut the top of the 2×6 board so that we have a flat face at the same height as the front board. Fearful! Almost ready!!!!. Don’t let a friend grab one of these paintings and line them up like my other photo on the table. Does it look the same? Good Now drill and screw 5 screws on both sides and two screws on the front panel.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Is it legal? Once both 2x6s are attached, it should be very sturdy and you can slide the table back and forth. Good Now. After all! Remember the short end where we cut the 2×6 first? Do they go up at the same angle as the base? These will now be used to cut the top of your 2x6s to be flush with the work surface. Check out another bad design of mine here.

If you have a level, make sure they are both level and level. If you want now, you can clean and sand everything to avoid cuts. Now finally step up.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

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You should have 2×8-12 left. Cut it into a rectangle and place it on top of the 2×6. Place it as far as possible, drill holes and screw in the screws. What do you think

I’m making a sticker for myself right now if you want. But you can do anything. Colour. The car is covered with badges. You name it. Now you have a great setup at a low price.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Nice bonus. You use the frame rail to adjust the seat. And another nice feature is that we installed a front panel so now you can put your gaming pedals behind it and they won’t slide around.

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Thanks friends! If you have any other questions or suggestions, please leave them below! Here is a picture of the chair in action.

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Side note: If you want to be even cooler, you can put storage for your gaming system under the headboard and put the TV on the desk for a different effect, but you know. A man can only have so much money. Since their inception, gaming chairs have gained popularity and popularity behind esports teams, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and other gamers. Amazon; Herman Miller

Due to a certain pandemic, many people are spending a large part of the time working from home – often under less than ideal conditions. If you’ve finally decided to build a long-term home office, office chairs are one of the most important purchases you’ll make. But when you look, you’ll see plenty of fancy “gaming” chairs mixed in with more boring, traditional office chairs—if you’re looking for the latter, there are a few things to consider before adding one. your cart

How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

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There is nothing special about the gaming chair except for the style. But you do

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