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How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel – I was looking to make outdoor furniture and came across these vintage oil barrel chairs and immediately knew I was going to make one!!!

I had a look on eBay to see if there were any kegs for sale near me and found a glass factory about 5 miles away that was selling clean empty kegs for £5 each so I drove over and bought three. Now I just have to figure out how to make the seats.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

There are different ways to cut barrels depending on how you want to cut them. I went with a design that made the back a bit taller and allowed me to get two seats out of one barrel.

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I started by taking the dimensions of the barrel and drawing the “open” barrel in the CAD program. It is decided that the main dimensions and cutting lines are clearly visible when drawing. The only thing to remember is that when you add a line to the top left, you need to add the same to the top right and the same to either side of the bottom center line. After messing around a bit, I was happy with my final effort, so I made sure to create a double symmetrical shape by duplicating the top half, flipping it over, and covering it with the other half.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

I started marking the cut lines by cutting a little off the radius of the arcs in the paper to make it easier to draw on the curved surface.

Once I had the center line selected (corresponding to the logo on the barrel) I began to draw lines on the barrel with a pencil. After using the paper pattern, I had to trace these lines over the curved parts.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

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I used two tools to cut the barrel, an angle grinder with fine cutting discs and a dremel with cutting discs. I also wore a full face mask because I didn’t like the broken metal in the eyes.

I started by re-marking the pencil lines with the dremel, which basically removes the paint so I can see the lines easier when using the angle grinder.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

I then switched to the angle grinder and started cutting horizontal and vertical lines – which I picked up very easily, pausing every now and then to check my cut. My plan was to use a dremel to cut the bends since they had a tight radius, but after that started I decided to go back to the angle turn.

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To cut the radius, I made light cuts around the bends and increased the depth of cut just a little towards the end. I then switched to the dremel and finished them off with small cutting discs.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

After cutting, I put the two halves together and they were very similar. I then sanded the edges with sandpaper to remove most of the sharpness!

I started by cutting a piece of 18mm plywood to the diameter I measured from the barrel and used a router table and a straight bit to cut out the circle. I cut some leftover foam from an old mattress I saved for this. It was too thick so I cut it in half on the tape which worked really well so I used the tape to cut the foam to shape it. I then added a bow to the edge to soften the feel.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

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Then I took a large piece of leather (recycled leather that I’ve used for years to line boxes) and ran it over the back and secured it in place with lots of staples.

I thought I’d keep the outside green, so I just had to paint the inside. Since there will be a “shelf” underneath, I thought this piece would look much darker on the inside, so I just painted the top half bright yellow. I ended up doing four or five coats.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

To attach the seat to the barrel, I bought a cheap rack mount and used rivets to attach them to the barrel.

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This is my first time using rivets and I really like it! It’s very easy, just drill the holes in the correct position but insert the long part of the rivet into the gun, pass the end through the hole, squeeze the trigger to close, put the pin in the gun and lock. pieces together

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

At this point I decided to add a back frame to make it a little easier. I made the panel from four pieces of plywood, which is covered over the seat and supported by a flexible hardboard. I wrapped the hardboard in an old tarp to keep it dry and attached the panels with screws.

I bought car decals from Amazon to cover the exposed edges. It was a simple matter of pressing it to the edge and cutting it to size. If the edges keep pulling, I might put some glue/glue on the edges, but for now I’ll leave it as is.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

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Now that the first half of the barrel is done, I did another one, but this time red on black leather (because the other leather was finished).

I also got the free leather couch that was advertised and spent hours scraping leather and foam and wood with the kids. This material will be very useful for future projects like this. Did you know that every year on the third Friday of September, cities around the world turn their metered parking lots into public parks for a day? The global movement is called PARK(ing) Day, and all residents of a participating city can reserve a spot to become a mini-park. Check out some parks from last year’s Park Day here!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

As you may have guessed, TWO MEN AND A CARRIER are doing a “Parklet” this year on September 15th and you can find us at The Gulch across from e.Allen Boutique and Bar Louie. Like many organizations, our garden will have an eco-friendly theme…we are going to make the entire garden out of cardboard boxes! Our ground cover, planters and garden benches are all made from recycled cardboard boxes in the office. You might be wondering how to make a hard chair out of a cardboard box?

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Each flat slide box can be divided into a flat section with a seam in one corner. Once you have the box completely removed, you can cut the top and side edges to adjust the final seat size. Our chairs are about 1.5 feet tall, the larger boxes are about 5 feet each, but you can change these sizes to your liking. Be sure to use the folded corners of the box to your advantage, as each folded corner is the same distance from both sides of the cut surface of the box.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

You will cut a total of 8 holes to attach your two side pieces together.

The red holes in the image above show how to make the center cuts. On the first piece of cardboard, find the center of the two edge triangles and cut from that center to the top edge. In the second part, cut from the center of the two outer triangles towards the bottom edge

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

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The blue end cuts should also be at the ends of the triangles. The triangle pieces on the left should be cut from the bottom edge to the center of the piece, and the triangles on the right should be cut from the top edge to the center. We placed these blue cutouts about 3 inches from the edge of each piece of cardboard.

To secure these triangular pieces, you can twist two blue pieces together. You just did the sides of the seat!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

Now you use the red holes to attach the sides of the chair to the frame to provide stability for the person sitting on the chair. To increase the level of “military” comfort, we added additional pieces of cardboard to the central square.

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You are almost done! Now it’s time to separate the middle box just like the big boxes. Cut one of the four folding pieces and place it on the sides of the seat, you just need to measure the size of the top. Cut it to size to get a rectangle with four corners

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Whiskey Barrel

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