How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween – Home » Scary, Scary, Dark & ​​Scary Costumes » Electric Chair Costumes » Electric Chair Optical Illusion Costume

After seeing the electric chair illusion costume on this site (made by John) I wanted to make one too. Mine is a little different but awesome!

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

When standing, I have to carefully measure the height of the seat so that it doesn’t look too high, but matches my hip height. As every person has different height and leg length, you have to adjust it according to you. I am about 6 inches tall.

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I first went and got a new cardboard box and started gluing the pieces together, then cut the pieces to fit. Then I wrapped everything in silver tape. I also bought an alloy bowl that is reflective and taped flickering tea lights inside to simulate roasting. It was held over my head by a leather strap screwed to the bowl. I attached a pipe from Home Depot attached to the back plate to make it look realistic like a dish.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

I used some adjustable dryer hose clips as wristbands that double as handles when running. A PVC frame is placed on the cardboard, so I can attach some straps so my shoulders can carry it. It was very light, so I could walk all night. In addition to using pantyhose filled with polyfill for the legs inside the costume, I added an iPod nano and bullet speakers inside for forward-directed electronic sounds.

I have to say I was the most popular person in downtown Savannah last year in my electric chair illusion costume!

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. This year we have a refugee festival so I thought we needed an electric chair to shock our guests. This is our final result, it was very easy to make and very effective, we added a strobe light and an electric explosion to add to the realism of the chair. We hope you enjoy our tutorial.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

Starting with the complete electrode of the electric chair: it was made using an old filter, a red LED light with a battery, paint and a wire with 1 meter dedicated to the cap.

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Paint the sigil black, this will take several coats of paint Remove the plastic wrap from about 1m of wiring so you can use the wire (be careful where you cut the length close to the sockets. ). Paint the rest of the wiring, including the plugs, black.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

Push the red LEDs through the holes in the sail and attach them with a hot glue gun, twist a section of the wire so they stick out from the top of the lid and are visible, I also used wire to secure the light battery.

Attach the end of the electrical connection wire to the center of the hood and secure it, I split the wire at the hidden end and knotted the wires.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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The frame was built to be sturdy, I found an old board and painted it black, we made a solid board with treated pine screwed to the board, attached the base board to the chair legs. .

After much searching for the perfect chair, we settled on a hospital wheelchair that had a sturdy frame while still having a “medical facility look.” We were able to find this at a thrift store.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

I did the sides of the seat using plastic rock wall film, fixed in place with a large bull clip, used black fabric for the top. The electric brain cap is attached to the rest of the electrical tension wire, we only loosely attached the tension wire, so it can be placed lower or higher depending on the height of the victim.

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Two strobe lights are attached to the top of the wooden frame, with more cow clamps, connected to the power supply. We placed an electric soundtrack near the seat that was controlled by an iPad.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

Final touches include adding dark green velvet to the entryway, our electric chair photo booth, some dead birds and finally an electric hazard device I found at a local party store. Our Electroshock photo booth can be downloaded from here. I’ve always wanted a full size power recliner, but it always cost too much and was, quite frankly, a pain in the ass.

The idea came to me when I was planning the theme for my annual Halloween party…this year it was “Escaped”. In the last few minutes before the switch was flipped back, I watched a criminal escape.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

Electric Chair Optical Illusion Costume

Thinking about it, it makes me happy that one of my kitchen chairs has decided its last day as a real chair.

Now that I’m sitting on the floor looking at the broken pieces, I can easily see how the beloved Swedish company could have found a way for someone to get a chair together in minutes by following their instructions with just a few pieces of pine.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

I’m a working mom and don’t have a lot of time to spend on everything I make, nor do I have endless resources to throw at pine cones, shellac, etc.

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The first thing I did when I got the board home was to make all the boards, so I had rough strips, but I kept them all the same. I was careful in selecting the boards to make sure there were good strips for the back and seat.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

I cut 2 pallet boards in half so I have 4 equal pieces about 24 inches long. I had 5 thin strips of wide pallet wood left over that I cut in half so I had 10 pieces (I made the rest. frame)

Next I made the seat back frame by nailing the pieces together to create an “H” shape. From there I made a box of crossbar at H, nailing each with 2 nails. 4 pieces of wood are used for this.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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I used the other 4 pieces to make the legs and nailed each leg to the inside corner of the box frame. The boss can now stand on his own.

I expanded and nailed 3 slots to make the seat and the remaining 5 smaller slots for the back support.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

To make the arms, I cut the end of a 1×2 board and nailed it vertically. Place an arm board over each and sand the edges for an extra touch.

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The resistors I bought were already mounted at an angle on a small piece of wood, so I used that and nailed them to the back of the frame.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

Then I took the chicken wire and wrapped it around the PVC pipe to give the wire an oven effect and wrapped the end around the glass bubble.

I drilled a small hole in each side of a small salad bowl and attached it to chicken wire through resistors. **An added touch is a small square of yellow kitchen sponge that I glued to the top of the hat, but this is optional**

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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I found some great elastic belts with buckles at my local Ardennes/Claires. To create the illusion of an arm rest I cut the elastic and stapled it to each arm of the chair. I used another belt and cut it in half, creating the illusion of the belt going backwards. Fasten them with small nails (2 on each side).

The last thing I did was find an old ebony stain in my husband’s workshop, I used a paper towel to add the color very lightly, making sure to give the stain the look of a well-used chair.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

This chair is not intended to be used as a work stand or regular chair. It can easily hold a 150+ pound person, my husband had to test it several times

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I added a newspaper mannequin in a prison outfit with a black bag over her head and used a balloon.

How To Build An Electric Chair For Halloween

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