How To Make A Nightstand

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How To Make A Nightstand – An avid DIYer and one half of Furniture Flipper, StyleMutt Home is an imaginative home decor resource for all styles.

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How To Make A Nightstand

How To Make A Nightstand

As a self-proclaimed “maximalist”, I am still drawn to the clean lines and simplicity of Scandinavian style. A soft, neutral color palette is very versatile in different spaces without adding too much visual weight. If you like hygge (and want to try wooden crafts), this bedside table is definitely for you.

How To Make A Diy Wallpaper Decal Nightstand

If I’ve lost you in “enterprise carpentry”, I assure you, you can build these with just a few household items, minimal power tools, cheap special tools and a piece of wood. The instructions are a bit on the technical side, but if you follow them I’m sure you can make something cool together!

How To Make A Nightstand

A package of 1.5-inch pocket-hole screws with a square drive (buy a package with a thicker thread if you are using softwood such as pine)

Build the top drawer 1. Cut planks into the 8 panels needed to make the drawer at the hardware store. Most big box stores these days have wood cutting stations, but you can do it yourself if you want. You will need 4 pieces 6.25 inches long (for the side panels of the nightstand drawer) and 4 pieces cut to 17 inches (for the top and bottom panels). This leaves an additional 3 inches to the south to account for the length the machine loses with each cut. Use the diagram below.

How To Make A Nightstand

Simple & Modern Diy Nightstand Ideas • Ohmeohmy Blog

2. Once the board is cut, you are ready to make the pocket holes, which are holes to hide the screws used to hold the box together. Line up the Kreg jig along the short edge of one of the 17″ long panels depending on the thickness of the board (mine needs the mine to be flush with the edge of the jig). I chose to space the mine about 3″ apart. , but it doesn’t matter matter how far you place it from the long edge.This is to secure it to the panel and snap into place to secure the work surface.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have a total of 4 pocket holes on one side of the 17″ long panel, near each corner. The holes will be hidden when the bottom of the nightstand’s top and bottom panels are assembled.

How To Make A Nightstand

5. Choose one of the 17-inch panels for the top of your nightstand. Attach the 1-inch edge of the long panel to the 6.25-inch side panel. When the edges of the board meet at right angles, it is called a butt joint. Use corner clips to hold the two panels together. Make sure the pocket holes face the side panels. Make sure they are hidden inside the box when assembling.

How To Build Diy X Stand Nightstands And A Headboard

6. Using a drill and square screwdriver, screw the pocket screw into the pocket hole closest to the corner clamp. Butt joints allow the screws to pass through the pocket holes and into the face of the side panel.

How To Make A Nightstand

9. Attach the selected panel for the bottom panel to the other three sides of the box using the same method as in steps 5 and 6. Make sure the pocket hole orientation is the same as the top panel so that the holes on the top panel are hidden inside the box and the holes on the bottom panel is on the bottom of the finished box.

10. To attach the legs to the bottom of the finished box, place the leg fasteners equidistant from the edge of the bottom panel (the panel where the pocket holes are exposed). The brackets are bent inwards so that the legs can be folded out under the box.

How To Make A Nightstand

Easy To Build Diy Floating Nightstand / Side Table Plans

11. Tighten the bracket. When using softwood such as pine, it is recommended to drill a pilot hole (with a smaller diameter than the screw) to prevent cracking.

13. Flip over to show off your budding woodworking skills. Repeat steps 5-12 to assemble the second nightstand. You are now ready to add the decorative straps.

How To Make A Nightstand

14. Mark the leg you want the strap on. I decided to place mine at 7.25 inches above the leg (grandma’s knee height, not the garter).

Jerold Modern Rustic Solid Wood Shutter Door 1 Drawer Nightstand

15. With the legs screwed into the brackets, measure the diagonal between the leg marks (front right to back left or vice versa), then add 6 inches for safety. Cut two lengths of leather strap to this length (my strap was about 23 inches long) and join them in the middle to make an X.

How To Make A Nightstand

16. At the point marked in step 14 (remember grandma’s knee height?), fasten the strap around the diameter of the leg and hang it in an X shape.

17. Working from leg to leg, tighten the straps until the center X is equidistant from each leg (about 8.5 inches).

How To Make A Nightstand

Tarva Nightstand, Pine, 187/8×243/8

18. Remove the slack from the leather and when the X is centered you are ready to attach each strap. Wrap the strap around each leg at the marked points and tuck the edge of the strap down (trim any excess if needed). Secure with a staple gun on the inside of each leg. Repeat steps 14-18 on the other bedside table.

19. Cut a pair of 2-inch strips from the left leather strap. Wrap the strip around the sewn joints of the leather straps on each nightstand. Apply glue to attach both ends of the strip. Make sure you glue the back of each bedside table so that the seams are not visible from the front. Secure with clamps until the glue hardens.

How To Make A Nightstand

Have a great DIY project or tutorial you want to share? Please tell us! We love checking out what you’re up to these days and learning from our readers. When you’re ready, click here to submit your project and photos. We’ve been living without a proper nightstand for over a year now, and we’re glad our bedroom finally got the attention it deserved. Adam and I previously used a small, mismatched side table “borrowed” from the nursery. So these new DIY Gustavian nightstands are a huge improvement!

Easy Nightstand Ideas

You may remember how I’ve been on a French design kick lately since we bought our French Colonial home almost two years ago. Technically, these do-it-yourself bedside tables are considered closer to the Swedish Gustavian style, less demanding and less elaborate than the French Louis XVI style. Grooved and beaded details are common in French Neoclassical and Gustavian design, and I’m really excited to create my own beaded drawer fronts!

How To Make A Nightstand

Many thanks to 84 Lumber for sponsoring this project. It was great collaborating with them! You may remember last year when we teamed up on our children’s built-in bunk bed project. 84 Lumber is a family and woman-owned business that grew up as Air Force kids and now Army wives. I love how they support our military with veteran career opportunities, military charities and appreciation programs.

I was able to buy this beautiful white oak hardwood from 84 hours. They can buy almost any type of wood and have over 250 stores across the United States. Go to 84 wood to find the store nearest you.

How To Make A Nightstand

Lodenbay Nightstand Best Buy Furniture And Mattress

The Gustavian style was named after King Gustav III of Sweden at the end of the 18th century. King Gustave was a French lover who became heavily influenced by French design after visiting the Palace of Versailles where his good friend and ally Louis XVI lived. During the reign of King Louis, French design moved away from the rich and opulent Baroque and Rococo towards Neoclassicism, which placed greater emphasis on clean, classical lines and symmetry. It was a response to the opulence and opulence of the Rococo period. Moldings are thinner and more elegant, and fluted and beaded moldings are widespread. Less elegant, but still formal. “Modern Splendor” where you can experience both modernity and tradition.

A little information for all history buffs. King Gustaf was the first neutral marshal to recognize America’s struggle for independence from Great Britain. King Gus was a big fan of Benjamin Franklin, and to this day the Swedes are still proud to say they were the first to be willing to befriend Americans. Speaking of which, I love that French Neoclassicism and Swedish Gustavian style are still in vogue almost 250 years later. It is a testament to timeless design.

How To Make A Nightstand

As always, we’ve put together a complete downloadable plan to help you create DIY Gustavian nightstands for your home.

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