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How To Make A Log Table – I originally shared this post on Hometalk but wanted to share it again here on the blog in case you missed it.

I love how this project turned out so I’m excited to show you how you can turn a simple log into a really cool table. I made this log table for our living room and I think it’s very stylish. It was also a lot of fun to do. Read on to learn how to make your own log table.

How To Make A Log Table

How To Make A Log Table

If you have a woodpile, chances are you already have a whole log in your yard. But if not, you can usually find someone selling firewood and you can buy logs through them.

White Cedar Octagonal Amish Picnic Table Log Furniture

You want to find a log with a clean, even cut that sits flat and doesn’t wobble.

How To Make A Log Table

I have found that using a large flathead screwdriver and hammer works well for removing bark from logs. I simply plunged the screwdriver into the peel and then hit the back end of the screwdriver, allowing the screwdriver to easily separate the layers of the peel.

I used a small handheld electric grinder for this and it did a great job of getting a smooth finish on my frame. If you don’t have a hand sander just use a sheet of sandpaper, it might take a little longer but it will get the job done.

How To Make A Log Table

Diy Dining Tables

I was working outside working on my log table and one night it was raining and my log was covered so it got wet. I did a little research and found that thermoplastic can be used to dry wood. So I used my new MakerX heat gun from Worx and it dried my logs in no time. The good thing about this heat gun is that it comes with a 20V battery so I could work on my project outside. This new MakerX system is so versatile that you can change many different tools using one portable battery. I’ll talk more about this in a minute.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to record images of trees around my log. The idea just came to my mind and I knew the trees would be very easy to draw because I’m not an artist. With the help of a pencil, I just sketched my drawing on a log.

How To Make A Log Table

I used the MakerX woodworking tool from the Worx brand. This baby heats up to 900 degrees! However, for this project, I didn’t need it to be that hot, so I kept the temperature around 700 degrees and slowly and carefully traced all my lines with a pencil on a woodworking machine.

Lakeland Mills Classic Cedar Log Round Coffee Table

We have hardwood floors and so I was concerned that the logs might scratch the floor, so I glued some felt furniture stickers to the bottom of the log.

How To Make A Log Table

I could still add PU sealant to my magazine, especially on the top where I spilled my drink, but I haven’t done that yet. Sometimes the sealant will change the color of the wood a bit and I like the raw look of that log so I’m still deciding if I want to add sealer or not.

I placed my new log table in our living room next to a comfortable chair. The log table is now a really comfortable place to put my book and a cup of coffee.

How To Make A Log Table

Ways To Use Logarithmic Tables

My son also mentioned that it can be used as a coffee table chair. It may not be the most comfortable place to sit, but I think he’s right.

So, a little more about the new Worx MakerX tools, as I mentioned, you can easily switch between different tools using the same 20V cordless hub. Some other tool options: airbrush, angle grinder, rotary tool, hair dryer, which I shared above and then this wood craftsman who also works with metal. MakerX is very versatile and perfect for creating and working on projects around the house.

How To Make A Log Table

And then I’ll leave you one last photo of the wooden nightstand in our living room. You can read more about this amazing canvas in this post.

San Diego Custom Live Edge Furniture

So what do you think of my new log table? Is this what you want to create? If yes, then I say go ahead!

How To Make A Log Table

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How To Make A Log Table

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We may earn commissions for purchases made through these links. Thank you for supporting The Wicker House. Wood preserved in its natural form will be an attractive textural addition to your cottage. A large hemlock in our area, which grew perilously close to a water main, had to be cut down. When sawing wood into lumber, we saved several 75 cm sections and turned them into tables. The addition of casters allows you to turn the table as needed while still providing extra surfaces when you’re feeding a large group or just eating around a campfire. We actually made four: two stayed at the cottage and we liked them so much that we made two more to take home.

. Find fallen tree branches. Local mills are also a source of raw timber. Hemlock, maple, and many other woods work well.

How To Make A Log Table

Using a chainsaw, cut a 75 cm section of the trunk. Try to make both cuts parallel and as even as possible. Let the green logs dry, at least until they stop bleeding.

Redwood Log Side Tables

Sand the top and bottom of each log, ideally with a belt sander, using 80 grit sandpaper. (Don’t worry about making it too smooth – a little texture on a fork feels better.)

How To Make A Log Table

After sanding the log to be flat and smooth, apply two thin coats of water-based polyurethane to the top and bottom surfaces with a bristle brush. Using a spray bottle filled with water-based polyurethane, spray the sides of the frame to seal and protect it. You will need at least three coats to get a good result. Let the polyurethane dry completely between coats.

Mark four equidistant locations for the stop wheels 7–10 cm from the outer bottom edge. We used 2-inch screws to attach them. For retro decor in your home, a homemade log coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture. While they allow you to be crafty without even the slightest pinch in your pocket, recycled logs also offer a rustic appeal. Check out the steps below to become a pro log coffee table maker.

How To Make A Log Table

Naturally Unique Cypress Tree Trunk Handmade Coffee Table

A small round coffee table works as a beautiful side table. Place a vase or decorative urn on it.

A low, flat coffee table with a glass top and wheels is great for a small apartment because it can be moved around when you need space.

How To Make A Log Table

A flower pot decorating a simple wooden table can be yours too! All you have to do is follow this guide.

Heirloom Log Sofa Table

How boring is it to wake up every Monday? Well, the situation can change if you have a bucolic table next to your bed with a cup of hot coffee.

How To Make A Log Table

The simple yet whimsical making of this coffee table requires all your energy and attention to detail in the instructions.

A beautiful birch coffee table on a living room rug looks elegant when both shades match.

How To Make A Log Table

Vidaxl Dining Table 55.1

You can choose any particular design from these log coffee table guides as they are all unique in their own way. Review everything and make an informed decision. If you’ve ever marveled at the wood furniture you’ve seen in Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s, author, photographer, and carpenter Alan Garbers has a new book you might like. From Wood to Table offers practical tips for aspiring craftsmen on how to create eco-chic rustic furniture by literally starting with wood.

Buying log furniture from a retailer may be the simple answer to the question. But the Carpenters like to think that maybe they can do better. And certainly less. Most of us would agree

How To Make A Log Table

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