How To Make A Table From Cardboard

How To Make A Table From Cardboard – 1 box, perfectly sized to fit on your desk. I’m using a flat box that I believe was originally part of the laptop packaging.

4 mailboxes. The length of the pipe will be the height of the table. (Diameter doesn’t matter.)

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Some sticky plastic for the back and/or whatever you want to decorate the table with. Plastic is good because it protects the table top from breaking if you spill a drink on it. You may want to apply clear plastic over your collages or drawings, in which case you will need the appropriate materials.

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Place the mailbox on top of the box. Place it close to the corner and try to keep it as level as possible with the side of the box. (A ruler can come in handy here.)

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Repeat for the other four legs. You should now draw four circles at the bottom of the frame.

Make sure the cut is within the line. You want the legs to fit snugly against the table top. Don’t worry about the holes being too small – the edges of the cardboard will bend when you insert the legs.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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Open the box and remove the cardboard circle if it falls inside. Put them away and close the box.

You can start using the table now if you want, but gluing the legs will make it more stable.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

It may help to glue the desktop pages. (You can use any type of tape for this.)

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On my desk is a layer of white plastic, then a picture, then a layer of clear plastic. Drawing a pattern on the table and covering it with clear plastic works just as well.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Of course, you can decorate your table however you like, but since it’s cardboard, you’ll need some kind of protective covering if you want to put drinks on it.

I didn’t put anything on my legs, but if you’re going to paint your legs, do it now. (Note that the tip of the tube will be hidden inside the box.)

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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First I put two pieces of white plastic on the shorter end of the box. I then covered the entire top of the box with a large piece of plastic, covered with another piece of plastic and wrapped the ends around the sides of the box to the bottom.

Since I had already covered the box, there was no need to wrap clear plastic around the sides. I simply cut out a rectangle the same size as the top of the box and glued it to my photo.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Apply some glue to the outer edge of one end of the sending tube. Then apply some glue to the edge of one of the holes in the box.

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If the legs are not exactly the same length, you may notice that the table wobbles. If so, find out which leg is the shortest.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Now find one of those cardboard circles you cut from the table top earlier. (If you lose it, find a new piece of cardboard, trace the end of one of the legs, and cut out a new circle.)

To test, place the cardboard under the short legs of the table. I had a cardboard circle on one leg, but you may need to adjust a few legs or you may find the cardboard too thick.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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How repeated spraying turned into a complete 1959 Austin Healey Sprite restoration. Cheap Liebregts from CarsFirst. The best are obviously recycled cardboard boxes, which means the raw material is free.

Second, cardboard is easy to process. Unlike wood or other building materials, working with cardboard does not require power tools, a simple knife or scissors is enough.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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Third, it is light and strong at the same time. If you are worried that your cardboard table is not strong enough, don’t worry, I will explain how to place the cardboard in the strongest position and how to build the structure of the standing table in time.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

If you are in doubt, you can watch the video and you will see that I sit on the table without any problems 😉

Making a cardboard table is a weekend project. To make the table, you have to cut and glue the cardboard pieces, but it takes more time to wait for it to dry between the different steps.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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So you can plan to combine setting the table with watching a great series or listening to a great podcast.

You can use any box you need for coffee or a side table. Choose the size that fits your space, keeping in mind that coffee tables are typically 16-18 inches (40-45 cm) tall, while side tables can be up to 24 inches (60 cm) tall.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Decide which side of the box will be on top of the table, then close it and glue the flaps. After applying the glue, you can turn the book case upside down to give it weight while the glue dries.

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After gluing the top of the box, draw an arc on one side of the box. Leave at least 4 inches (10 cm) between the top of the bow and the top of the box and 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) between the sides of the bow and the sides of the box.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Draw and cut the same arc on the other side. You can transfer the shape of the other side of the box using the inside of the cut bow. Cut the second onion.

Take another piece of cardboard. It can be a piece of cardboard or a box that you flatten. Draw an arc section that fits inside the box.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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The bow is exactly the same as on the box, the frame of the bow is slightly smaller so it fits in the box.

Measure the inside, width and height of the box and draw a rectangle on the cardboard. Mark the center of the rectangle and draw an arc of the same size as before.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Double check that you are using the cardboard vertically. You can see the lines on any cardboard, when you draw the arc these lines must be vertical as the cardboard will resist this orientation.

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Cut a portion of the onion and slide it into the box to check the size. Set it aside, adjust and re-cut if necessary.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

It is important that this piece is the right size because you will use it as a template to make the reinforcement inside the box to make the table sturdy.

Once the first inner arc is completely placed on the box, trace the shape on the cardboard to create 5-7 additional arcs. The amount of inner arches you need depends on the size of your table.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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Do the calculations if you want the inner arc of the hardboard to be approximately every 2 1/2 inches (6 cm).

All arcs must be drawn and cut following the vertical lines of the cardboard. This means that if you are in any doubt, you can see the little waves inside the cardboard at the top of the arched part.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

Use a glue gun to attach the bows inside the table. Center the first one, glue it to three sides of the box.

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Repeat with the other bows. Try to keep them 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) apart.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

You can see that I added two rows of rectangles between the arches, you can add more if you think the table needs it.

It’s time to finish the arc. Cut a rectangle of cardboard the same width as the table and long enough to cover the bow.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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This time there should be lines on the cardboard to help you fold the cardboard to fit the curve of the bow.

Apply white glue to the edges and sides of the inner arch, place the cardboard and secure with masking tape while the glue dries.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

The reason I use white glue is because it doesn’t dry as fast as a glue gun. There is a large area to apply glue to, I found it more practical to use white glue as I needed to adjust the cardboard around the arch.

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Cut the bottom flap to the width of the table leg, fold and glue. Make both sides.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

This step is optional, but I wanted to make sure I had a nice flat table top without any gaps, so I glued an extra layer of cardboard to the table.

Making furniture out of cardboard is fine, but you need to make sure it will stand the test of time. Now that you’ve created a solid cardboard structure, it’s time to look at the finish.

How To Make A Table From Cardboard

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Obviously, cardboard tables must be resistant to stains from food and drink and wort

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