How To Make A Patchwork Chair

How To Make A Patchwork Chair – Quick crafts are great, but I also like slow crafting, especially if it's portable and you can binge on Netflix while watching the box. Like this denim patchwork chair.

You see, I'm a bit of an idiot and have a hard time sitting still in front of the TV unless I'm doing something with my hands. I think I woke up to panic if I'm not a very active person.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Watching Netflix and creating is one of my favorite forms of multitasking. It's a win-win situation; I can watch my favorite shows without feeling guilty while doing something else at the same time. Hand sewing is a perfect activity for this.

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Blue is my favorite color, hence the name of this blog. It's one of the reasons why I love working with denim, those beautiful shades of indigo.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

What better way to showcase the variety of indigo blues you find in denim than with denim patchwork? So when I bought some dining room chairs with chairs, they were crying out for an update. It was supposed to be a denim patchwork cover.

And no, I didn't run out of denim! I intentionally broke up the denim patchwork with three random patches of different colored fabric. The Boho denim table runner I made for the dining room also goes well with these chairs.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Recycled Designer Clothing Was Used To Craft These Modern Patchwork Chairs

I love the hexagonal pattern and have made Chinese patchwork cushions with a hexagonal pattern and a patchwork quilt from recycled sweaters. So I decided to stick to the same hexagonal shape with this patchwork denim chair. The hexagon is a popular shape for DIY crafts and home decor.

There are many good English papercraft tutorials and videos online, as well as sewing books and YouTube videos. I will show you how I did it. Everything was hand stitched for this denim patchwork; however, some pieces can be machine sewn if you prefer.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

1. The first thing you need to do is cut the hexagonal denim shapes. Using double-sided tape, adhere the paper hexagon to the jeans. Then, using a rotary cutter, cut out your hexagonal shape, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.

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Continue until you have enough hexagons to cover the seat. In addition to the denim hexagons, I cut three fabric hexagons from my scrap box.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

2. Next, take the denim hexagon and fold the seam allowance over the edge of the paper. Using a needle and thread, hand stitch the hexagons into place. (I do this without going through the paper hexagon.) Repeat with all remaining hexagonal denim cutouts.

3. Next, iron all the denim hexagons. Gather the flat denim hexagons and sew them one by one.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Fabulaxe Modern Black And White Patchwork Fabric Chair With Wooden Legs For Kitchen, Dining Room, Entryway, Living Room Qi004230

Place the two hexagons on the right and sew them close to the top edge with a stitch to avoid the paper.

Some people like to connect the hexagons in a flower pattern or in lines and then connect the lines. However, I randomly sewed them in a certain order.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

I did this because I wanted to get a random effect with different types of denim. I also randomly added my three fabric hexagons.

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4. Then continue sewing the hexagons until you have a piece of denim patchwork large enough to cover your doily.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

5. Cut any loose threads and flip the patchwork jeans to remove the paper hexagons.

7. Next, place the denim mosaic on the chair seat. Then flip it over and attach it to the seat frame while pulling the tile firmly.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Tutorial: How To Reupholster A Chair

So far I've made two denim chair covers and I still have two more to go. I love how they turned out; The hexagonal patchwork highlights the different denim styles. Since posting this, I have hurriedly reupholstered two more chairs in a fun, colorful pattern of upholstery fabric.

I also love how the three hexagons of colored fabric make each chair a little different. Sewn by hand, the result is precious.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

If you don't have the patience to sew hexagons by hand, there is a youtube tutorial on sewing them with a machine. However, I think the hand drawn hexagons look better.

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I can't decide which chair I like the yellow or the blue. I think I'm going to get some green fabric scraps for the hexagons that don't change on my next chair.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

I even made hexagonal denim tablecloths to match these chairs. Like the seats, they also have a special color touch. However, mosaic is a little different. If you have some leftover denim, you might want to try one of these unstitched denim jackets.

I love the look of different denim hexagons together so your project inspired me to create a beautiful hexagonal denim fabric board.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Armchair Caddy From American Patchwork & Quilting

These denim patchwork chairs are not my only denim project. I found an IKEA Skruvsta denim chair and made an ottoman storage box.

I even made a handmade chevron patchwork denim rug in my living room. And an untied patchwork denim suitcase. I also used diamond patchwork to create a stunning denim star embroidery.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Absolutely amazing. I love your vision, talent and creativity. Not to mention project management. How you handle it is beyond me, but I love all the chairs! And what fun it is to buy beautiful towels and use them this way. Thanks for sharing!!

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Yooh! I love denim crafts and this is just one beautiful denim creation. Now I'm thinking about all the old jeans I have lying around. Great job!! I admire your creativity! fix it!

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

This is a very cool updated Clair. These chairs would be perfect in a child's room. I usually have something to do while the TV is on, usually sewing or decorating. It's a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, my crochet is a bit messy at the moment and needs a lot of focus, so I crochet in front of the TV.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Kelly Swallow Custom Chairs, Sofas & Patchwork

I am also a big fan of television. I can't live without knitting or crocheting and I love this type of patchwork. It looks good, Claire.

Thanks, at least sewing or knitting is better than playing on the phone while watching TV. Let's face it, we all know that decorating can be difficult in any space, and this one is amazing! That's the only way to describe these fun and sophisticated furniture projects. Whether you like an extra pop of color or have a little taste, I'm sure you'll agree that these patchwork masterpieces are conversation pieces.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Grab a cup of your favorite drink and take a seat because inspiration will hit you soon. These ideas will have you digging in your garden and wishing you had more.

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Choose a color and receive it! This patchwork cube is a great way to bring practical style to your space.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Put your head in this great contact area. Want to do it yourself? These foam tiles are perfect!

The robustness of this sofa makes it ideal for any real-world use. I can see myself having dinner with friends at something blues like that. (I love it!)

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

Wheel Chair Quilts

Grab your scraps because Sew Mod shows you how to make a unique tuffet that you'll be kicking.

Give new life to an old chair with bright colors or let Justina Designs make it for you.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

When considering patchwork materials, look outside the fabric box. This reclaimed wire chest from Tree Hugger is amazing.

How To Make A Patchwork Quilt

Okay, so I know some are overkill, but can you imagine one of these patchwork kits in your space? It can. Personally, I have a great chair from my grandmother that is crying out for renovation. So I just need to be brave enough to dive in and make it happen.

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

And for those of us who want to add a pop of color while using up our leftovers, consider making some throw pillows.

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How To Make A Patchwork Chair

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I've been doing this since 2013. Patchwork dining chairs are my favorite way to enjoy patchwork, second only to quilts!

Our dining chairs are a unique combination of natural wood and white wood in different styles. The two chairs that had covers needed refreshing. About the blue wall in

How To Make A Patchwork Chair

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