How To Make Herringbone Table

How To Make Herringbone Table – God bless them! Today we are here with a fun furniture project. Nice/good quality tables, as you know, can be very expensive. As you also know, Becky has moved to a new house. So we thought we’d take a look at decorating this house for its new location.

The special thing about this table is that it is in this cute herringbone shape. While making this DIY, we learned that herringbone and chevron are two different patterns.

How To Make Herringbone Table

How To Make Herringbone Table

As shown above, the chevron is in straight lines, while the herringbone fits and slides together. You learn something new every day.

Diy Outdoor Table

We picked up a black metal table leg from IKEA for only $20. We went ahead and built it, then put a piece of ¾ inch MDF on top. Once we were at the top, we drew the exact size of our table base onto the MDF. Cut out the shape with a circular saw.

How To Make Herringbone Table

For the table itself (where the herringbone pattern will be), we will use maple wood. This wood is great because it is hard and durable. We would not recommend wood such as pine as it can bend and damage easily.

From that, you’ll need to cut nine 16″ pieces, nine 12.5″ pieces, and twenty-three 9″ pieces. Below, we’ve created a handy little chart to help you cut your wood efficiently.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Diy Herringbone Table — The Sorry Girls

Then find the center of the MDF and draw a line down the middle. Push your first 12.5″ and 16″ pieces up against the center line to create a triangle, making sure the inside top of that triangle lines up with the center line of your drawing. Glue these pieces to the MDF like this using wood glue.

Continue gluing the maple pieces back to this starting point in a herringbone pattern to the center of the MDF.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Then use your 9″ pieces to fill in the empty areas around the edges of your MDF (again secured with wood glue). Be sure to check which way the wood grain is facing to make sure the pattern looks the way you want it to. that!

Dark Herringbone Table

If your table is larger than ours, just continue the herringbone pattern down the center (use the 12.5″ and 16″ pieces) to fill the space. Be sure to let your board sit and dry completely before moving on to the next step.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Once your board is completely dry, flip it over and press the edge of the board against the edge of your work space. Go ahead and cut the maple wood to be flush with the MDF using a circular saw. Make sure these edges are straight and chamfered as these will be the finished edges of your table top. Turn the table cover over and sand with fine sandpaper, then brush off the sawdust.

After that it’s time to stain. We use Minwax early American wood stain and apply one coat. Finish it off by adding a protective polyacrylic clear coat. We did three coats of this finish and sanded a little between coats to remove the brush strokes. It’s time to attach the base to the table.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Signature White Oak Wood Double Herringbone Dining Table Hairpin Or S

Use long 1/2 inch screws and washers to screw the table legs into the top (be sure to put a washer between the screw and the table). Are you done? This is a beautiful DIY table.

If you enjoyed this blog post, check out the related video below. If you decide to do this DIY, be sure to tag us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Until next time!! My mission is to teach you how to make magazine-worthy DIYs with confidence. I was afraid of power tools, so I’m sure anyone can do it themselves.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Andrew and I tackled a DIY drop zone for his sister and it included a great herringbone rack. The second I saw the finished shelf, I envisioned all the places I could incorporate the pattern into our home… kitchen island, coffee table, bench.

Full Build Herringbone Dinner Table

Andrew couldn’t bear to add 10 more projects to the list after he finished one, so we put it on the back burner.

How To Make Herringbone Table

I couldn’t stop dreaming about a new coffee table. So when I had the day off work and Andrew was traveling, I decided to surprise him with a new coffee table. If I can do it, so can you.

Plot twist. this was the first time I had ever used one of these tools alone (or even touched a circular saw).

How To Make Herringbone Table

How To Build An Outdoor Dining Table From Pallet Wood — Crafted Workshop

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Cut a piece of cardboard, paper, or fabric to the size you want your final table to be. Draw a line down the middle so you can use it as a guide to line up your tree. This will serve as your guide for the various steps in this tutorial.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Set your miter saw to a 45 degree angle and cut each 1x3x8 to different lengths. Place them on top of your guide to see if you need to cut them smaller or larger. You don’t have to worry about cutting them to the exact size yet. just try to minimize waste.

Diy Outdoor Table With Free Plans • Craving Some Creativity

And remember, there will be a 1×2 frame on the side, so it’s fine if there’s less than a 1.5″ gap on either side. Bonus points if you can arrange different wood fibers next to each other for added contrast.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Once you’ve arranged your wood pieces, remove any splinters that were created by cutting the wood. Sand with wood grain 60 grit sandpaper. Since there isn’t much to sand on each board, I do it by hand.

Pockets are the basis of most DIY furniture. Become a pocket hole expert in less than an hour at Pocket Holes. is explained.

How To Make Herringbone Table

How To Make A Diy Herringbone Table Part 2

Flip one side of your board over and punch pocket holes in the back of your board. Switch directions to maximize stability. You will also need to put pocket holes on the inside edge of your table to fasten each side of the table together.

I recommend adding a pocket hole every other table or 2 to screw the other side of your table. When drilling the other side, be sure to go to the other side that has the pocket hole.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Try to avoid drilling pocket holes that will eventually cut. If they are 1.5 inches or extend beyond the edge of your cardboard guide, remove them.

Herringbone Driftwood Table

Take 3-4 tables at once. Glue and pin them together, then screw into the pocket holes. If you have large clamps, you can screw the boards at once, but our clamps were only big enough for 3-4 boards.

How To Make Herringbone Table

When you finish screwing the sets of 3-4 together, glue and screw the sets to the top half of the table. repeat with the other side. Complete the next two steps before washing both sides together.

Sand each half of your board with 60 grit sandpaper. Once all the boards are flat and none are sticking up above the rest, switch to 80 grit sandpaper.

How To Make Herringbone Table

Diy Edge Grain Plywood Herringbone Coffee Table

Then go up to 120 grit and then 220 grit for an extra smooth finish. You will spend most of your time sanding with 60 grit.

Place the two sides of the table side by side as if you were going to screw them together. Look at the gaps between the two sides and mark the areas where the boards are flat and not open.

How To Make Herringbone Table

In these areas, you will want to sand half the side of your board. The goal is as tight as possible. Continue joining the boards and sanding the areas that don’t have a gap until the two sides fit snugly.

Farmhouse Herringbone Dining Table With Trestle Base

Screw the two sides of your board together. Attention: we didn’t add wood glue to it, so no extensive sanding would be needed. We wanted to avoid scratching the surface of the wood.

How To Make Herringbone Table

You can optionally sand the center seam to make the board smoother all around. You have to be careful to avoid scratching the other side of your board, but we have a tip. Take masking tape and tape right next to the seam. Double coat, then carefully sand.

Note: if you use a random orbital sander, you don’t need the belt because you don’t need to sand with the grain. Use a belt and avoid sanding against the grain if you are using a different type of sander or sander by hand.

How To Make Herringbone Table

How To Make A Wood Herringbone Pattern

Take the table guide you made in step 1 and place it on top of the table. Find the guide on your desk.

Once you’ve marked the entire length of the board on your wood, take your 1x2s and place them on the inside of the line. Find 1×2s to make the smaller version of your table (1.5 inches) smaller

How To Make Herringbone Table

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