How To Make An Office Chair Cute

How To Make An Office Chair Cute – By opinion – and that’s ok! It’s definitely a place to make a statement, but that’s exactly what I was going for. 60 year old farmhouses are very cozy but the bedrooms are boring (low ceilings and a bit high windows) so they need a lot of help to give them their personality. I love how our bedroom turned out, so now I can turn my living room/bedroom into something more fun. Funny office chairs seem like a good place to start!

I found this gray office chair at Target ( similar here ) and thought the look was a little more unique than the average office chair (plus at a great price!). The perfect foundation for a cosmetic chair!

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

Before installing the base and wheels, I painted the silver legs and the top of the wheels gold (use a metal primer first). However, I left the bar that goes into the base of the seat. It is deliberately thick so that the chair can stand up and fall down. Not the best painted area…

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I bought two yards of this lovely colored fur for the seat back and attached it to the top of the seat (fur side down) with the excess fabric hanging down the front. Once that was done, I did two large sets of fabric on the back (equally spaced) until the fabric was done. I did the descents well. I then removed the fabric from the front of the back seat and taped the excess fabric over the seat arm.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

When doing this, make sure you consider the direction your hair is going so it doesn’t “flip” when flipping!

Once I knew the fabric was “extra fabric” I sewed along those lines and then tried the shell on the seat to see if I needed to add a bit of fabric to make it look good.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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I then used scissors to trim the bottom of the seat back, making sure the fabric was about 1 inch longer than where the bottom meets the seat. I then cut another piece of fabric that followed the line of the seat, joined them together and repeated the sewing process, trialling, adjusting if necessary and trimming the excess fabric ( double check the direction of your hair before deciding! ).

I also trimmed, sewed, and trimmed off the excess fabric on the front of the seat so I was pretty glued when it was all done. Turn the shell right side out and you’re ready to tie it to the chair!

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

I made sure to have an extra 5 inches of fabric hanging over the bottom of the shell so I could fold it and glue it to the bottom of the chair with the surrounding scraps.

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Then if there were any areas of the fur that didn’t fit the seat or looked lumpy, I used a needle and gathered thread to attach the fabric to the seat material to hold it in place (it’s easier to stitch the thread flat with one of these men). Once the material was attached, I just removed the hair and it was done!

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

I’m not going to lie, this was probably one of the worst projects I’ve done in a while – the faux fur was flying everywhere!! It’s best if you do it in a small enclosed room so you don’t end up having to clean up a lot. Despite that, I think it’s a really nice product for a category that could be boring. I think it looks really cute under the gold BONJOUR logo and helps brighten up the room a bit. I have the rest of the room to work on now, but I think it’s a good start! xo. Laura. If regular office chairs aren’t your cup of tea, then this article is for you! I’m going to share how I transformed a boring (but super comfy) office chair with a custom cover and spray paint.

Also, don’t forget to check out the update below where I tell you how the chair looks after two years of use.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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My relatives gave Ken and I seats next to each other. We only had one and it was badly damaged.

I love it because it’s so (I mean SO) comfortable, in fact one of the best I’ve ever had. My back feels better in this chair!

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

BUT it’s all dark and leathery, when it’s hot it gets sticky and hurts to stand up 😛

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So one day I decided to decorate it with polka dot fabric, base and paint.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

My main idea is to make a mask that is easy to take off and wash because if it is still cloth it will get dirty.

I used velcro on the back and rubber on the seat to remove them later.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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The armrests of the chairs had sporty details, so it was the perfect time to update them a bit.

I work at an office supply store so I will show you all the pieces you are working on (I have 3 more projects done right now)

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

Since every chair is different, I’ll give you all the general guidelines if you want to update your own chair.

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I use 4 meters of cotton fabric for the cover (but you have to measure the height of the backrest and the seat – don’t worry about the width) + approx. 1 meter of velcro and approx. 1 meter of rubber, the 1 meter 1/2″.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

First you need to determine the area you want to paint, in my case I had plastic and metal.

So I bought a spray primer specifically for metal and another for plastic to give each area the best possible coverage.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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The seat needs to be removed using the tool that comes with the bag, in my case this seat is press fit.

I separate all the different areas so I can break them down depending on the device. And make covers for the seat, back and arms.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

Only the armrests didn’t have a removable cover (for washing), because mine didn’t have room for everything and if I added rubber at the bottom like the seat, it won’t have one. there might be a place to put it back on the mat.

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Then I just sew the fabric together so if it needs to be washed I take the staples and when it’s clean I put it back.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

For the chair, I will place the piece of fabric I will be covering wrong side of the fabric so I can shape it to fit (when you do this you will see how the chair is covered and when it is done) .

I measured 5 inches for the hem (that’s the side where the rubber is) from the top edge of the seat (remember the seat reclines).

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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I then folded the corners and pinned them well (in the picture below you can see that the back is also sewn) and then I sewed the folds at the top. This made mounting lower (due to elasticity) better.

After sewing the edges, you will have a bowl shape that will remain on the seat.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

You need to make a 2 inch fold at the top of the board, sew it and leave a small part open to attach the elastic. Tie the rubber band in a knot and finish the hem seam.

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You now have the seat cover, but if your seat is like mine, you will need to make a small hole in the side (where the screws go).

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

The main difference is that my chair had a crease that separated the back from the headboard and it seemed difficult.

So to avoid sewing the seat cover, I attached the velcro to the guide with gorilla glue and then attached the opposite piece of velcro to the center of the fabric.

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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I will put the fabric on the right side as it will look and put the edges together and make knits (same as the seat part)

I overstitched the pleating and also sewed on the velcro that I put at the beginning, I ended up with a bowl shape again, but in this case I can’t use elastic because that means the back will be

How To Make An Office Chair Cute

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