How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table – Do you want to bring the beach home? How to make a sea table with cement and epoxy resin step by step.

Don't want to leave the beach at the end of your vacation? Brought to you by this side table that looks like a cross section of the ocean.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Bob Clagett shared a how-to video about this project on his website after being inspired by the water mirror and his wife's love of the ocean. This project takes about a week to complete when you factor in the weather. It sets and dries, and it took Bob three tries to fit. He shares his top tips for cement and epoxy processes in his videos and the steps are listed here.

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Cut melamine to make a concrete pattern. You will need a bottom piece that is the same length and width as the size you want the table to be, your beam, and four pieces for the sides to determine the height. Be sure to keep these two pieces slightly larger than the others for a secure pattern.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Attach the side pieces to each other and the melamine base with screws. Then cut small pieces of melamine to mimic the size of the table legs. Cut part of the width of the leg and cut a smaller piece to compensate for the difference in width on the other side. Glue the two pieces together with CA glue and place them.

Finally, the mold is sealed with silicone sealant at each seam. Also seal the cut edges of the melamine to prevent the concrete from sticking. Use mold release to easily remove corners and side pieces from concrete and epoxy.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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Clean the mold when the sealant dries. Then follow the instructions to add water to your concrete and prepare it in a large container. (See Roger Cook and Kevin O'Connor for some tips on working with concrete.)

Raise one side of your mold a few inches (Bob uses a melamine scraper) so you can pour the concrete horizontally. This will make the sea effect appear to have more depth.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Pour slowly and then take your time shaping the concrete so that it resembles a beach when in the mold. Bob made his base thinner on one side and thicker on the other, then added texture on top to give the concrete seabed a more natural look.

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Remove air bubbles by running an orbital sander (without pad) along the sides of the mold. Cover with plastic and let cure for about 48 hours.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Adjust your table fence so you can cut four square legs for your table. These measurements must match the measurements of the inserts you have made in your concrete mold. Clean the legs properly and select each leg to face out on the table.

Bob used the wood from the same location to cut four pieces for the wooden cross. He cut these long but a little big.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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After the concrete has had a few days to dry and harden, remove and vacuum any extra cement and dust that has crept up the side of the formwork. Then set the pattern for the epoxy by adding it in the opposite direction you did when you poured the concrete.

Then follow the specific ratio and process to prepare the epoxy resin. Add blue resin dye (Bob adds 10 drops) to give the epoxy an ocean color. Pour the first batch of epoxy, manually adjusting the mold to make sure it covers the entire base and reaches the corners.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Apply lightly with a heat gun, which will cause air bubbles to form. Continue adding epoxy until the table reaches the correct height, waiting 4-6 hours between each pour. Bob used 2 gallons of epoxy, divided into 4 separate pieces. After the final coat is added and the heat gun is used to remove air bubbles, allow the epoxy to cure for 48 hours.

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Avoid cracking by keeping the thickness below the recommended maximum for each slope. If cracks do occur, you can fix them by carefully pouring epoxy into the cracks after letting it sit for 4-6 hours, then applying a heat gun to the area before pouring the rest of the epoxy into the mold.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Remove the mold one by one by using a stick to pry the melamine pieces out of the dry concrete and epoxy. Then use an orbital sander to remove the residue. Also make sure to sand the edges of the table, which may be sharp after the epoxy set.

Releasing the mold should help remove the side pieces and corners, but if they are stuck, use a hammer and chisel to pop the pieces out. Record any broken epoxy corners and use CA glue to fix them after the initial sanding of the board is complete.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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Go back to the cross pieces you made before adding the epoxy and cut it to the final width and length. One pair will cross under the table and the other pair will be closer to the ends of the table legs.

To create an X shape, place a stop bar at each end of the cutting blade. Cut the center of two of the four pieces of wood crosswise to half the depth.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

The legs must have room for crutches. To make them, start by cutting a 2×4 at a 45-degree angle to act as a support for your cross sled. Draw a line where you want the curve to cut the leg, then set the stop bar so you know where to cut. Holding the leg piece with the back, cut a very small slit to create a flat angled die. Repeat this process on both ends of each leg. Then wash the cut evenly and smooth the opening area with a chip.

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Assemble the legs and cross braces and dry fit the table. To add some reinforcement to the table structure, add a screw in the center of each X from the bottom. Apply glue to each cut on the table legs, then use plywood to click them into place. Wrap the frame with string to hold the frame in place while the glue dries. Add the table top to the frame to ensure the frame has the correct shape. Then let the frame dry.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

Use spray adhesive to attach the 400 grit sandpaper to the block and sand the entire surface of the table. Then wet sand the table, starting with 400 grit paper and working up to 1500 grit.

Although Bob didn't do this while making his table, he recommends sealing the concrete at this point in the process to prevent it from discoloring during sanding.

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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Then use a polisher and two different compounds to smooth and polish the table, sanding and polishing as needed. Bob did this during the afternoon.

Place the sharp sandpaper on the orbital sander and give the frame a final clean-up. Bob then used Danish oil to stain the frame. (See tips from Kevin O'Connor and wood finishing expert Bruce Johnson on how to paint and refinish wood furniture.)

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

When the frame is dry, place the table inside the frame. It stays in place due to its weight and frame . This will also allow you to more easily remove the top of the frame if you need to polish or clean the top.

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Get the latest home improvement news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts straight to your inbox. Forest 2 Home community member Amy Cutaiar (@amysacutaabove on Instagram) created this beautiful DIY table from hickory wood and Forest 2 Home epoxy resin. Amy gave us her project plan so you can make your own epoxy resin table in a workshop!

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

I like DIY and crafts. My dad always had a lot of tools when I was growing up and I loved learning how to use them all. I started using epoxy resin because I wanted to make Christmas presents and I was very attached. I've been using it ever since and have been trying new ways to use it when I can, like the walnut resin table.

I have an idea to make a rubber sea table with waves as you can see and even though the plan changes it is still good. This is my first time using deep water and there is a bit of a learning curve along the way

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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Assembly and preparation of the form. This mold needs silicone on all joints so that the rubber does not leak. It was suggested that I also use a resin wax to make the resin easier to release from the mold once cured.

Once the mold was aligned to its mounting dimensions, I measured to see how long I would have to cut

How To Make A Wood And Resin Table

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