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How To Make Wall Mounted Table – A simple and modern DIY floating desk is the perfect solution for creating a home office or home studio space in any corner of the house. This simple tutorial will show you how!

With distance learning looming, it was time to find a desktop solution for my preschool. My office had a little makeover a few years ago, but has turned into a dumping ground again in recent months. I knew the first thing I had to do was delete everything else I no longer needed. Up? I sold almost everything and it covered the cost of this new makeover!

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

First, my vision for this space was that it needed to have a large workspace: a table that spans the length of the wall so that not only my preschooler and I could work, but my 3-year-old too. could fit. there. work on his coloring books or other activities together with us. Finally I needed enough space for the child to play in the same room and not have to worry about him being “in” everything. This of course meant everything had to be built from scratch and mounted on the wall, and then the idea of ​​floating shelves became part of the vision.

Undermount Iron Pipe & Solid Wood Desk, Suspended Wall Mounted / Standing Computer Laptop

I would consider myself a very beginner DIYer. You might think this board is beyond what you can do, but trust me, it’s incredibly simple! You may need help in some places physically holding the wood and such in place, but other than that you can do it yourself.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

This tutorial will work for wall space of 8 feet and under. My back wall is technically 93 inches, so almost 8 feet. Since this is a floating board, I’m not sure I would go more than 8 feet without risking it being too heavy. Sure, smaller is just fine. My desktop is very solid and secure.

All supplies are available at Home Depot. You can order them online for curbside pickup or have them delivered to your door. Just click the links and add them to your cart for a quick and easy purchase!

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Storage Unit With Foldable Table Plans Wall Mounted Table

We already had all of these tools, so I didn’t include them in the cost of making the table and shelves. If you plan on doing DIY projects in the future, these are all tools you’ll use again and again.

Mark the studs in the wall using the stud finder. Everything must be screwed directly into the studs to keep the table and shelf secure.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Assemble the frame to support the table top. This frame holder is very secure once pushed straight into the studs so you don’t need heavy fasteners or the like.

Wall Mounted Folding Retractable Shelf Dining Table Extendable Balcony Furniture For Home Kitchen Tables Diy Hardware Coffee Set

I started by cutting the back and front to size, then each smaller piece. Since the tabletop would be 2 feet deep, I made sure the total depth of back + trim + front was exactly 24 inches.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Since I was using 2 x 2 boards, that meant the back was 1.5 inches, the front was 1.5 inches, so I needed 21 inches between the smaller boards. Each of the 21 inch pieces of wood was cut to size and then drilled on both ends to fit the pocket hole using my Kreg Jig. You can also pre-drill the holes and simply screw them in, but pocket holes are much more secure and provide a tighter connection.

Attach the back of the wood frame with screws long enough to go through the 2×2 wood. I used 3 inch screws. Then start attaching each piece of braces, starting from the sides. We didn’t have pins to attach to the sides and the table is still secure. Finally, attach the front to get the box (alternatively, you can build the frame and then mount it to the wall. However, if you’re dealing with a large space like mine, this would be very cumbersome).

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Modern Compact Wall Mounted Vanity Ledge Multifunctional Wood Dressing Table

Measure the table top and cut the oak plywood. Place the plywood face down on top of the floating frame. Secure around the top with your nails.

Attach the front 1 x 3 with nails. Then fill any holes or seams with wood filler (I used “natural” paint). Be sure to fill the seam where the tabletop meets the 1×3.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Drill a hole for the cables in the top of the board. I used 2 inch holes and then routed the white cord to make it look clean.

Diy Wall Mounted Desk Free Plans & Instructions

(You can also do this before installing the desktop, but I wanted to be able to put my computer on top and figure it all out first.)

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Seal all edges of the table where it meets the wall. First, coat the surface of the plank with Frogtape to prevent the sealant from seeping into the wood structure.

Sand the 2 x 10 boards smooth. To stain the wood to match white oak, first use a pre-stained conditioner according to the directions on the can. Then apply Minwax Golden Oak Stain and dry immediately. Finally, apply a coat of Minwax Simply White stain. After it dries, compare it to the white oak plywood to determine if it needs another coat.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table Wall Mounted Table, A Folding Table Suitable For Small Spaces, Hidden Dining Table, Easy To Fold, Space Saving, Wall Mounted Table(size:100×55cm)

Determine the height of the shelves and cut the wood to size. Don’t expect both pieces to be cut to exactly the same length. There was an 1/8 inch difference in the width of my walls between the two shelves.

Starting at the top shelf, attach corner brackets to the walls where the studs hit and one on each side (they probably won’t have studs on the sides). The screws that come with the shelves are too small, so you’ll need to use 1.5-inch wood screws.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Place the shelf on the brackets and screw the brackets into the shelves. You can use the screws that come with the mounts for this part.

Wall Mounted Folding Retractable Shelf Dining Table Retractable Balcony Furniture Home Kitchen Table Diy Hardware Coffee Set

Seal the worktop and shelves with clear furniture polish or opaque polyacrylic. I chose clear wax as I didn’t want the color of the oak to be dark. If you don’t mind, or choose a different wood or stain to start with, polyacrylic will work great.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

The intention is to have this space bright, clear and uncluttered. Since we have a closet in this room that holds a lot of what we need, I decided to keep the shelves simple with just a few books, filing cabinets, and a bin for miscellaneous items. I scan most of the documents we need into my computer to keep the paper clutter in check, which also helps.

The chairs I chose for the space are surprisingly comfortable despite the metal frame and thin carpeting. I have sat for hours and they fit my body well and provide good support. I have a decent desk chair that I usually use, so the kids will mostly use these white chairs on distance learning days.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Diy Wall Mounted Desk Design Ideas

The new carpet is great. It’s a soft baby blue with an off-white crisscross texture and almost “honeycomb” detailing. It is very soft and adds a nice texture to the space.

The length of the board can be shortened to fit a single wall. The only difference will be the length needed to cut the planks and the number of corner brackets needed to support the shelves.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

Let the stain dry overnight or at least 8 hours on the shelves before installing or sealing. Clear furniture wax or polyacrylic also needs to dry for 24 hours before placing items on a table or shelf. Folding Table Wall Mounted Small Apartment Folding Dining Table Log Color Solid Wood Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Computer Desktop Table, A Variety Of Sizes To Choose From

Jenna is a decorator and lover of all things interior design who has helped thousands of people create homes they love. Check out how we made a simple wall folding table. It’s a stylish, easy, and affordable option for small spaces. Ideal for living with a laptop.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table

We live in a relatively small terraced house. There are four of us and we only have 3 bedrooms which means my work from home is actually our dining room. And the dining room is part of our open concept living room, kitchen and front entrance.

I’m lucky that my large workstation with my color calibrated monitor is slightly hidden from view by a wall that provides separation from the front. However, our main family computer has no such privacy.

How To Make Wall Mounted Table Wall Mounted Table, Home Folding Solid Wood Computer Desk Workbench, Hanging Waterproof Decorate Shelf Shelf For Office Apartment Bar, Save Space, 16 Sizes Pengfei (color

Before we built our folding wall table, the laptop lived in various places: the bookshelf, the kitchen table or any other available surface. Then my sister bought a 500 m2 micro-apartment with lots of small pieces of furniture that made it lively.

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