How To Make A Vanity Stool

How To Make A Vanity Stool – Furry stools have officially taken over the internet! Well, at least my corner. I think every home decor store I browse has their own version, but one thing they seem to have in common is a very expensive price tag. I thought I had just found something good worth several hundred or more than a thousand dollars (!!!!). Yeah, that’s not exactly the budget I had in mind. I like to have a medium height stool by the window in my house so the cats can use it to watch the window (aka cat TV), and I thought one of these cute stools would be just the thing. Decorations will be the ticket. It only took me a few minutes (and less money) to make a stool that looks as great as its expensive competitors!

First, use a drill to attach your corner leg boards to the bottom of your circle (I attached mine about 1 inch from the edge). Then I gave my legs a quick coat of gold to make them look a little more expensive. Then they entered the corner plates.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

How To Make A Vanity Stool

Place your felting material on the bottom of your circle of wood and cut around the circle so that you have a 3-4 inch material allowance around the wood. Check your local fabric store for furry material options, or check out local fabric stores like Marshalls and T.J. You can check out home stores like Max. Often wear faux and real sheepskin.

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Use the staple gun to attach the material to the bottom of the stool at four points in the center of each leg, and if necessary, fold the remaining material up and down. Turn that stool right side up and that’s it! You’ve already done it!

How To Make A Vanity Stool

This stool turned out to be so fun that it was so easy to make! If you want a thicker looking seat you can add a few layers of foam cut between the top of the seat and the material, but I like how my height has turned out. It’s crazy to think that I would have paid hundreds of dollars to get the same experience, but if you ask me, I think I’d feel like a million bucks! Ex. Laura I bought this vintage gold metal faux bamboo vanity stool a few years ago and recently started refinishing it. So far I’ve thrown a sheepskin over it and hid it in a room we rarely use. The fabric was in good shape but it was kind of “blah” so I wanted something more funky. Here’s a “before” photo.

It was the first time I had a designated vanity in our bedroom, so I decided to grab a fabric I bought a few years ago and save for a special project. The fabric is called Aurora Ikat Multi and it was a bit thin which is why I haven’t used it yet.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

French Vanity Stool Bench Chair Seat Makeup Dressing Piano Upholstered Padded

I was too lazy for this project and all I did was take the chair out of the frame and glue the new fabric on top of the old fabric with a staple gun. I had no intention of removing the old fabric and foam (I was 36 weeks pregnant when I did this, so it was an excuse to cut corners), but it seems to be coming out pretty well. Once I put on the new fabric, I attached the seat to the frame…and voila! I don’t know why it took me so long to tackle this project, but I’m glad I finally decided to do it. I will be sharing my vanity post soon!

Welcome to Stripes and Whimsy! In the year In 2013, while serving as an active duty Army Captain at the Pentagon, I decided to start my blog as a creative outlet. I think life is better when you add a little fun to everything. Thanks for stopping by!

How To Make A Vanity Stool

Posts may contain affiliate links that support my blogging activities. The cost will be the same for you, but I will receive a small compensation. See my privacy policy for more information. Thank you for your support! Hello and Happy Tuesday! I’m back to share DIY makeup vanity plans and tutorials for my daughter. If you missed the tutorial on how to make this beautiful glass with light, check it out here. In fact, this piece of furniture is very versatile – it can be used as a desk, console table, accent table… you name it! My daughter is 8 so 18, she uses this as her makeup kit. She adds lip gloss and glitter to everything these days.

Diy Furry Ottoman Project

I kept the design of this DIY makeup vanity very simple because I was racing against the clock – I had a LASIKPlus procedure scheduled and needed to be completed before my surgery. (By the way, if you’re curious about LASIK, I’ve documented my entire experience on my Instagram highlights!) This project only took two days to create and complete and we’re thrilled with how it turned out! Read the tutorial for this DIY makeup vanity and download the plans below by clicking the gray button at the end of this article.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

My friend Karen came over and helped me with this project, which saved me some valuable time. If you can build it with a friend, I highly recommend it. Building with a friend is not only a better use of your time, it’s also more fun! I glued the pieces together while Karen did the pieces. Teamwork makes the dream come true!

Earlier this year I attended Home Depot’s Prospective Tool event in Atlanta and was able to test out these new impact and drill bits from DeWalt. It’s part of the new ATOMIC line – super compact, brushless and battery powered.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

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The combo kit includes a drill/driver, an impact driver, two 20 volt max lithium ion batteries, 1 charger and a carrying case. I love that it’s a compact device that fits in my small hands yet doesn’t compromise on power and performance. The impact driver is about 5 inches from front to back and the drill/driver is about 6 inches from front to back and both are extremely light at 2.4 pounds. I didn’t notice a drop in capacity even though it was a small amount. They worked great for this project, especially when I had to get the drill into tight spaces to install the drawer slides.

After digging the pocket holes, the meeting went very smoothly. The carcass was quickly assembled so I concentrated on building and installing the drawers. If you feel intimidated by installing drawer slides, don’t! Here is the easiest way to do it.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

First, measure where the drawer will go and make the drawer an inch narrower. Standard drawer slides usually require 1/2-inch clearance on each side. Make sure your tray is square – this will prevent it from tipping over. To do this, measure the drawer from corner to corner, diagonally. These parameters must match. If you don’t, squeeze the long sides together to move the barn square and keep it in place.

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Then each side of the slide will have two parts – the piece that rotates on the cabinet and the piece that rotates on the drawer. Place these two pieces together and screw the drawer slides into the cabinet. Do the same for the other side.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

Then slide the drawer into place. Pull the drawer out a few inches along with the slide piece attached to the drawer. Attach the two front fasteners to the drawer, then pull it out of the drawer and slide it further, then screw in the middle screw. Finally, pull the drawer with the slide, and drive the last screw to the back of the slide. I shared a video of this technique on Instagram stories if you want to see it.

The easiest way to attach the drawer front is to slide the drawer into place, then position the drawer front and screw it into place. Drive some brad nails from the inside to temporarily attach the drawer faces to the drawer cabinet. Drill a pilot hole for the drawer handles and install the drawer knobs. Now that the face is up, you can strengthen it by driving a few more screws from the inside.

How To Make A Vanity Stool

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Finally, cut the rest of the pieces and attach them to the vanity. Tip: Use a foam insulation panel as a cutting mat so you don’t damage the garage floor!

My daughter chose this beautiful vintage aqua wood stain from Varate. She is currently in the “anti-pink” stage. A quick coat of stain followed by this water-based polyurethane, and I’m done with this DIY makeup vanity!

How To Make A Vanity Stool

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