How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

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How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table – First off, I’m from South Africa and beer pong isn’t very popular here, or should I say not that big yet. I decided to make a table myself because you can’t buy a table here and it will cost you a lot of money if you want to import it. Why is it portable? Why not, I bring it to parties and people love it. let’s start! ! !

To make a folding table, I simply made it a 2 panel table with 1 fold and inward fold legs.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

*NOTE: The boards and panels are 2cm thick, so 8 56cm boards will fit in it

How To Build A Beer Pong Table Top

Separate the legs with a piece of wood that fits in the 10cm box, take 2 legs and connect them with a 56cm plank. Repeat the above steps for the other legs.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Now attach the legs to the inside that can be folded, stand the legs upright where they will stand and put the long end of the loop over the legs and insert the screws.

I drilled holes in the sides of the table and the legs (when standing) so that the legs can be locked. This makes the table stronger and easier to set up.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Foot Professional Beer Pong Table W/ Optional Cup Holes, Led Lights, Dry Erase Surface & Beer Pong Table Graphics

I added another leg that folds over on one side for more support in the middle.

This is the fun part! ! ! It is easier to paint before connecting the two halves. Decide what you want to do, I chose this one because it’s simple, you can still see a lot of wood, and it works well. This step is up to you, I can only give you some hints.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Don’t forget to disguise yourself appropriately! ! At this point you don’t want to clutter the table. I used the stencil and spray paint method to do white first, then red, then blue. I cut out the template from a blank sticker sheet, but I figured it would be best to do it with an old x-ray.

Beer Pong Tables

The table must now be covered because the liquid will spill. So to paint, I used clear varnish and applied 3 coats, but it depends on the wood. I’d say do at least 2 coats.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Let it dry thoroughly, then go over the entire table again with fine steel wool, noting any bubbles or bumps. Do this between all layers

Just make sure these planks are sturdy and remember to be careful when opening the table so the hinges don’t come off the wood.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Led Beer Pong Game Table

You can add any handles you want, I used an old leather strap with steel and screws. Just make sure to find a balance. I had to reconnect it 3 times before finding the correct location.

Some people add a hole where the cups are washed, but I prefer to have a bucket of water under the table. You can also place a screw or hook on each side to hang a cloth to dry the ball.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Steam Train 3D Printing 🚂 Using a DIY machine with camera streaming and Wi-Fi control, there are two types of ping pong balls for 3D printing. Ping pong tables with and without legs. Now I’m a big fan of legless tables because I’m limited in what I can do with them. In this blog post I’ll show you how to make your own DIY beer pong table using a regular table or even cinder blocks. These DIY beer pong table plans will give your table a new look so you can have fun with friends and family. Whether you want to build your own folding beer table or a table with LED lights, you will find a variety of table tennis solutions here.

Custom 8ft Beer Pong Table With Led Lights Cup Holes

You can make your beer table into anything. No two tables are the same, but with a little creativity and fun, you can create something that’s fun to play with and a nice keepsake for all your kids. These DIY beer pong table plans are easy to make, but take some time and patience to create something awesome. It can be fun to make a table from materials you have on hand. Playing beer pong at home can be a useful hobby. Here’s a basic DIY beer pong table guide.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Choosing a beer table is a task in itself. Tidying the table is an investment. You’ll definitely want to choose a table that’s durable and affordable. You’ll also need to choose the right size to build your own beer table. Do you need a table where you can sit as comfortably as possible, or are you planning to throw a party? Take a closer look at these popular DIY ping pong tables that deliver all the fun without the hassle. To inspire you, I’ve rounded up some really awesome and inexpensive DIY beer pong table plans. This list includes not only different patterns but patterns, colors and sizes.

Mini Beer Pong Balls (also known as Rotella) are a fun game you can make from scrap plywood. You can make a miniature version of this DIY Mini Chick Ping Pong, which is perfect for dorm rooms because it takes up very little space and is quick to set up. If you don’t have room for a full-sized beer table, we’ve also worked on the backyard. Big beer mugs in small packages! Small enough to fit in any room, this mini beer table makes a fun gift or party game.

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Gopong 8′ Beer Pong

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Lakers and wants to show their appreciation, but doesn’t have the budget for a professional sized table. This table can be used as a newspaper drawer or displayed on a coffee table. This DIY Portable Beer Table is so cheap! This sleek desk costs under $40, which is pretty cheap for something that looks great and is versatile.

A DIY ping pong table can be made in 3 hours for under $200. It’s easy to build and will be the envy of your friends. With a little paint, the table will look amazingly smooth and can be painted any color you want! Not only will it provide hours of fun and tons of bragging rights for years to come, but it can also be set up in hours. This table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s easy to put together yourself. Check it out and make your yard the most talked about in town!

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

The Easy College Beer Pong Table is sturdier, cheaper, simpler and taller than any beer table you’ll find anywhere. It can be adjusted according to what you make. It also requires no special tools. If you can find a bookshelf and an ironing board, you can turn this junk into a sturdy beer table in your own apartment. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use these two items to build two different tables, and how to split a ping pong ball in half to make your own drinking game.

Free Diy Beer Pong Table Plans You Can Make Easily

Looking for an inexpensive and simple ping pong table for your home? In just a few easy steps, you can make your own DIY ping pong table. Not only is it super fun to play, but it’s also a lot of frugal fun to do yourself. Whether it’s a dorm room, rec room or basement, man cave, family game room, or just want to do something cool in the garage; this lightweight DIY ping pong table can be up and running in minutes. It’s under $100 and legs are something every homeowner needs!

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

This folding beer table is simply amazing and can be made your own in a few hours with minimal materials. Grab some friends and play on our portable beer pong table. This portable beer pong table consists of 2 pine boards and a pine board. Its unique design folds easily, so you can easily move it to crowded places.

This is a DIY version of a beer table with beautiful graphics and a stunning functional design. Down below is where drinks, snacks and balls go. On request, it can be decorated with LED diodes and color-changing LED strips. The example decoration shown is a gift for a friend who loves beer. So cheer up your friends and have fun together by creating this awesome project

How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

Hours Later…. Custom Folding Pong Table!

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