How To Make Computer Table At Home

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Now that Wilder is in school two days a week, I’m able to do a lot more than I have since moving here. When we first built this living room, we added a desk to work on, which was great, but as I grew, so did my needs. I do contracts on two thin tables and they are a mess. My Cricut Maker was brand new around the holidays and I had no place to store it. Something needs to be done to create a dedicated home office… I need lots of storage! Today I’m going to show you how I carved out a shelf and space in the corner of my little desk and other progress in that area. We really haven’t touched this room without adding furniture, and it’s time to do something special, something less for us and more functional. Ironically, it’s been almost a year since I’ve shared any progress on this (one year tomorrow!). How neglected this poor room is…

How To Make Computer Table At Home

How To Make Computer Table At Home

Full disclosure… this post is real progress, not showroom, and this lazy girl just decided to take a picture with my phone. Come on.

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As you can see I added some lovely whiteboards to give me lots of storage and really make it a home office. Before that, there was a big mirror behind the computer. I like the mirror there, and I like the light that appears in this dark place facing west, but it doesn’t suit my needs. Here’s the same vibe from last spring with a very cool basset glass. This is a beautiful modern mirror and I hope I can find another place for it. When I first ordered it to work with Bassett, I was hoping it was new and out of sizes, but it turned out to be too big. While glass is nice, it doesn’t fit my growing needs and it’s not an efficient use of space. I need a small and compact real home office.

How To Make Computer Table At Home

Obviously, what I need is to use my space wisely and add layers (including plants!). I didn’t want something fancy or small, and I didn’t want shelves like the ones we use in Sawyer’s room, because I wanted it to be a little more luxurious. After all, this corner is right next to our front door and people see it all the time. I’m not good enough to try to save my battery without it. 😉

While I was dreaming up this project, I contacted DIY Kartel to see if I wanted to try out one of their screens and jumped at the chance. I like this style, it can be directed up and down with the back support, but they offer many styles. I also love the look of their stainless steel tables, but I want something warmer in this corner. I might use them one day when I go to the Sawyer bathroom again. Anyway, let’s get into this project!

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Design: I measured the height from the top of the computer monitor to the ceiling to see how many shelves I could have with two 12″ tall shelves underneath to get the log files for my contracts. I would love to buy these bookcase boxes and they are 11 3/4″ long each. However, given my dimensions, I can fit 3 tables in my desk. I also realized that since the table is 42 inches wide, I wanted my shelves to be the same width to maximize space and draw the eye. With 42″ boards, two screens per board is too many, so I ordered 6 screens. By the way, I could buy the boards and cut them myself, but I like the free service that Home Depot offers to cut the wood for you. Since I only use them for classes and don’t build anything that needs perfection, this is a good time to put the service in and save myself the trouble.

Installation: It is best to install two brackets on the posts to strengthen these boards. That’s not possible with our unit, so I want to make sure at least one side of the pole is solid. Once I found the support (which is on the right side of the boards and all the right brackets fit the posts), I started by placing my first bracket on that right side and measuring from the table, which gives me about 6. ″ Ten computer monitors. I didn’t like the class typing on the computer because it wasn’t good for the computer and it would prevent me from looking at the screen. I made my screen, marked the screen holes on the wall with a pencil and drilled guide holes at those pencil marks. Then I drove 2 inch wood screws into the wall and attached the bracket.

How To Make Computer Table At Home

After the first screen was finished, I measured the space from the edge of the table to the bracket so that my screen on the left was level with the other side of the table. Again I use a level to make sure the board is placed on top of this bracket and the mount is level. After making sure everything was correct, I re-marked my drill points. Here I am drilling into drywall so I followed the instructions for my heavy duty anchors. I’m not going to lie… I had a rough time, dropped a few F bombs (Wilder went to work with Chris), but eventually I got the hang of it and put it in the bracket.

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Once the two brackets were up, I placed my wood on top of the brackets, tested to make sure it was level, and then attached the board using my 1/2″ wood screws. . Here you can see the 2″ screws near the wall and the 1/2″ screws under the floor.

How To Make Computer Table At Home

As I put the first board up, I measured 12 inches from the top of the board to determine where the top of the next set would go. Once I had that height, I repeated the placement process for the right side for the wood, then the left side for the drywall and placed the second layer. Finally, I repeated this process for the last layer.

Now that the boards are on the wall, there’s more work to be done! As you can see, the boards are in their raw wood condition, but I want to paint them like the walls. I love how it looks in Emma’s home office with a nice green-gray color scheme and desks of the same color. But now when we go, our living room is really white. I have holes to fill the walls and need to choose a color. This room has double glazed windows that look great, but because the house faces west, it gets natural light.

How To Make Computer Table At Home

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This room is off the front door with our dark walls and red door, and the other door is the dining room with our beautiful artwork. Yesterday I hit my Sherwin Williams place with a few colors in mind and brought home 4,392 samples, give or take. This is my favorite 6. Since the light in this room is low, I want to see a light, warm, red color.

Here you can see them mounted on the same wall lit from the dining room. You can see from here that Wilder is in control.

How To Make Computer Table At Home

In addition to choosing a color for this space, I bought a few new rugs and will be sharing them this month. (My dogs destroyed these and I rearranged them to make them work.) Also, we took advantage of the Super Bowl weekend TV sales and bought a TV for this room. We used to have a smart TV. There are times when Wilder wakes up and I’m left with 20 minutes of work when I can properly use Netflix.

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