How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

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My dining room has had many different looks over the years. One thing that remains the same is the dining table. We love the table our friends gave us when we lived in Vegas. It has nice legs and fits well in our small dining nook. A year and a half ago I made a larger top that fits over the original top. It was nice to have a big top, but I didn't like that it went so far down and I thought the deep layer and black color let it down. This time when I made the new table I moved the original top together and made a new top for the legs. It's easier than making your own table!

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

I think I finally found the right combination of colors and shapes for my new dining room table top. This is the perfect table for our little dining nook!

Diy Farmhouse Dining Table

Cut 1×4 boards to the length of your table, keeping in mind that the 2×2 border will add three inches to the length and width. Cut as needed to achieve desired width. Our dining nook is small, so our table is 54 inches x 38 inches.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

I drilled the pocket holes and used pocket screws to fasten the 1×4 boards together. They also attached a 2×2 around the back border.

Step 3: I sanded the table with 100 grit sandpaper, then finished by hand with 250 grit sandpaper. Be sure to finish with a fine grit paper to remove the lines created by the heavy grit paper and the sander.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

How To Make A Geometric Wood Table Top

After sanding and dusting with a damp cloth, apply a pre-stained wood conditioner. If you are going to use an oil-based polish, use an oil-based conditioner. There is also a water-based conditioner if you want to use a water-based stain. Follow the instructions on the can and wait the appropriate amount of time before applying the polish.

Color the tree as you wish. I wanted the tabletop to match the reclaimed wood around the giant chalkboard, so I chose Minwax's Weathered Oak wood stain. I had used this many times before and knew the color of the polish would be perfect! The more layers you apply, the darker the color will be. I ended up applying two coats. A soft applicator like the Perdix Hairbrush works best for applying polish.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

After the wood stain is completely dry, it's time to brush on a protective polyurethane coating. Again, use a soft brush designed for oil-based polyurethane.

Diy Removable Wood Table Top For A Folding Table

When the polyurethane is completely dry, sand it using fine sandpaper. When wood is stained and sealed, the grain can grow and feel rough. Grinding makes it smooth and helps the second layer of polyurethane sealant adhere. Sand table needs at least two layers between each layer, but three is best.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

While I was sitting on it, I sandblasted the bench and painted it to match the table. The table and chair legs got a fresh coat of white paint. I love the whole look!

Spring makes me think about gardening, so I picked up some potted herbs to keep in my kitchen while I plant them in my garden. They make a wonderful addition to a spring tablescape.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Diy // Solid Pine Table Top

White walls, lots of greenery and warm wood colors together are my favorite combinations. The weathered oak color is perfect!

A large window lets in lots of light. This is one of my favorite sun spots in the whole house.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

I think I finally have a dining room where I want it to be bright and clean!

Diy Herringbone Coffee Tabletop

Coming from a family of craftsmen, I have fond memories of helping with projects in my father's basement workshop and restoring antiques in my grandmother's yard. It was there that I fell in love with the beauty of wood grain, either hidden under old dark paint or highlighted by a new stain. Since then, there's always a project going on, whether it's restoring an old house, blending it with a new one, reviving old furniture or working on new wood. As my wife will attest, I love projects, but just as importantly, I love sharing my experiences with others through my books, articles, columns — and now this! Hope you enjoy turning that scrap or reclaimed wood into this beautiful rustic DIY scrap wood table top for your next furniture or woodworking project.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

If you don't have a big pile of wood from the plans, are you really a carpenter? And novice woodworkers start collecting scrap wood very quickly.

It's pretty much inevitable. And what is essential is knowing how to use that scrap. Good news, today I have a DIY wooden tabletop that I love!

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Scrap Wood City: How To Make A Simple Solid Wood Table Top

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I made this wood piece out of pine from my DIY outdoor corner bench that I replaced with a new DIY outdoor sofa out of 2x4s and took apart last year. The remaining cedar was from another project.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

I used my DeWalt electric hand planer on these boards to quickly remove the old finish, but if your boards are bare and ready to sand you can skip this step entirely. 🙂 Check out my beginner tips on using a DeWalt hand planer in a previous post.

How To Make A Epoxy Resin Tabletop

If any of the steps in this DIY wooden table top are confusing, I recommend watching the short video. We hope this helps clear up any confusion.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

This is a very simple build, with the right tools, a beginner woodworker should be able to build this tabletop. The key to making it look its best is a smooth top and finish.

I'll have steps on how I completed this DIY wood table below the step.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

How To Make A Diy Concrete And Wood Dining Table Top

Determine how wide and deep you want your tabletop to be. You can then grab scraps or reclaimed wood from your stash that will work great. BTW, you can absolutely go out and buy new lumber for this build. 🙂

I used 1x dimensional lumber for this build. I recommend using the same thickness of wood throughout the build, whether it's 1x, 2x or whatever.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

This will make it easier to maintain its thickness. If you have a planner, you can run the boards the same way, do it.

Solid Wood Live Edge Coffee Table Top

Also, make sure your boards are straight and not bent before building your DIY wooden table top. Slanted boards will make the table top.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

And I recommend using 1×6 or smaller boards. If you have scrap 1×8 or wider boards, you can use a table saw to cut them into 1×4 or similar sized boards.

This will make your tabletop less likely to warp later. The wider the board, the more movement that can be made with the board.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Diy Outdoor Table With Free Plans • Craving Some Creativity

Cut your boards to size, then use wood glue and crag jig pocket holes to attach the boards together. You want the pocket holes to be about 8 inches apart.

And space the pocket holes about 2″ from the end of the board to reduce the chance of splitting.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Follow any of CraigJig's other recommendations on how to use their jig. I recommend using clamps to help keep the boards flat on top of the table you are building. This will help reduce the amount of sanding you do later.

Diy Dining Tables

Tip, you can make your tabletop a few inches wider than you need, then cut the sides with a circular saw after assembling the tabletop. This makes it easy to align each side perfectly.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Apply wood glue to the edge of the board before applying it to the rest of the DIY wooden table.

After your tabletop is set and the glue has had time to dry, sand the top, smoothing the sides and edges. You also have the option of using an electric hand gripper like I did to quickly remove the old finish and flatten the boards of your homemade scrap wood table top.

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

Live Edge Elm Dining Table Top

For a smooth finish, use a sander after sanding and preparing the table surface for finishing. I used 80 grit, 120 grit, and 180 grit sandpaper to smooth the top and prepare it for the Danish oil I applied.

When sanding, be sure to dust between the grains to minimize any swirls or marks left in the softwood. to build

How To Make A Hardwood Table Top

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