How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs – I’m totally torn on an old wooden chair. I saw six of them waiting to pick up garbage on the side of the road. I know that the beauty of the 1950s will not be abandoned. remember, My house is full of chairs. I’m sure my husband won’t be as excited about the new chair as I am. The key to pleasing the hubster is to simultaneously showcase my curbside finds with a nimble explanation of my recycling plans.

Chairs are not required, though. People visiting my studio need a comfortable place to sit. Since the space is very small, the piece of furniture should be fresh and visually light. These chairs seem like a great base to build a kit for my studio needs. Hubs was very happy. There were a lot of woodcuts that day. My other plans were put on hold. It’s great outside. Work has already begun.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Sofa sofa sofa long bench long bench long bench It’s so easy to make anything you want out of an old chair or two. The tutorial is specific to the chairs I have – with a little modification, this DIY can be applied to any chair (even if they don’t match).

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If your seats are covered in dust like mine, give them a quick clean. This will cause a lot of damage to your hands in the future.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Remove the seats from both seats by placing the screws under the seats. Notice that most wooden chairs use flat screws instead of Phillips heads. Have the screws ready – we’ll use them to secure the seat later.

After the seats are removed, remove the front arms of each chair so that the arms are only on the outside of the chair, next to each other. My chair has arms attached to the seat and back of the chair, so removing them was a breeze.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Make A Chair Bench

If you have a chair with arms and a chair without arms. Remove one arm and attach it to the outside of your previously armless chair to create the same function.

If you have your seats finished or painted to your liking. You can skip this step entirely. Otherwise, You’ll have to do whatever it takes to get the old paint off. The seat on the chair was already broken, so I ran all over the sand to get into the bare wood. After polishing, wipe the seat with a damp cloth to remove dust.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Once your chairs are beautiful and made of beautiful wood, you can apply the finish. I chose to rub some of the wood blocks with oil to keep the stains that had sunk into the wood over the years (plus I had quite a bit, so you know, it really was an easy decision to make.) Apply with a clean cloth and always rub against the grain of the wood.

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Make a seat while soaking the oil (or stain) into the wood. Measure a cushion from your old chair from front to back and draw a dotted line on a piece of wood large enough to cover the entire surface of the chair. Measure the back of your seat and mark the depth of your seat on the wood with a marker.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Take the seat cushion removed from the seat. Adjust the seat according to your measurements; Pull the outer edge of the seat onto your wood. Repeat on the other side. Use the jigsaw to cut the wood for the seat.

Place your bench wood on a high density foam pad. I used a 2″ so it was a bit chewy. I scraped it with a sharp blade and cut it. The sharp part was pretty rough – little green foam all over the place. Yay!

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Repurpose 2 Old Chairs Into A Bench

The foam is very expensive – I bought it from Joann and used a 40% off coupon (which you can always find on their app or online).

Lay the fabric face down on the floor and place your cushions and wooden seat on top of it. You can iron it if you want – it’s a bit lazy so it’s obviously uncomfortable, and pulling the puffy fabric seems to take care of the creases.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Fold the fabric over the foam and wood and sew along the edges. Do not pull the fabric too much, Just holding things together and holding everything in one place. Cut off the excess fabric.

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If your fabric is a striped pattern like mine, Focus on keeping things straight as you put the cushion.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Once the entire set is covered, Flip it over and respect your work. Imagine how great it would be to sit on the soon-to-be-finished bench, sip a cup of tea and read on your Kindle. Ah, How inviting will this set be to your studio guests? Think that you are inevitably going to enter a vast pile of all that filth.

Place comfortable cushions on the table and place them on top of the chairs. Through the bottom of the seat and through the holes in the bench and through the holes in the wood of the bench. Attach the new seat to the seat using the screws you saved from the old seats. Flip it over and you’re done. Transform 2 old chairs destined for the landfill into a colorful recycled bench seat for your garden and replace the wooden planks.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Diy Bench Seat

Bringing you colorful recycled bench seating for your garden in partnership with Sharon Williams. The opinions in this post are entirely based on my experience. In addition, This article contains affiliate links; However, I would not recommend it at all. Read my full statement here.

Have you ever waited to turn trash into treasure? ! I posted these vintage chairs for free (yes… ZERO!) in a local Facebook group.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

I knew exactly what to do with these old chairs. I wanted to give them new life with a fresh coat of paint and turn them into colorful outdoor benches.

Incredible Ideas To Repurpose Old Chairs And Transform Them Into Brand New Stuff!

The seats are a little hard but good. I mean…they went in a heap.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

They need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. We are happy to breathe new life into these old chairs and turn them into a colorful bicycle bench for your garden.

Are you ready to see how you can turn a couple of old chairs and an empty space into a colorful outdoor bench for your garden?

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

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For starters, you want to give the chairs a good clean. Especially if you use old seats from the trash like mine.

After getting a freebie from someone on Facebook. They sat in our garage for a few months until I took the time to tackle this DIY camel bar stool.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

This will remove and/or remove any remaining residue on the chair and will follow to do something to paint the exterior.

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A slightly damp cloth or duster can be used. I like sticky wipes so they catch all the sticky mess.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Now that our recycled bench seat is out in our garden, we decided to apply a high quality exterior paint to extend the life of the wooden outdoor furniture.

Sherwin Williams was kind enough to send me Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint to test for this project. The soft lining provides exceptional moisture wicking for weather with harsh winters and hot summers.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

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I used a paint brush to apply the paint. But if you have one, you can use spray paint to make this DIY bench project go faster.

As I mentioned in the video below, when painting outdoor furniture you want to consider completely covering the wood, not just covering the wood where you can see it.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Exterior paint acts as a sealant for wood furniture, so it’s important to get to every nook and cranny.

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Also, don’t forget to paint the bottom of the chair and the bottom of the legs where the chair touches the floor.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

Note: If you suspect that your outdoor bench may sit in puddles, You can also attach fat pads under your feet so that you don’t lie directly on the ground.

Finished with two outer coats. I could get away with one if I kept it a little lighter… but I like to paint with lighter colors, even if it takes time. It ends up being a bit neat.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Chairs

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Then I put on 2 coats.

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