How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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Turn a piece of rough wood into a sturdy coffee table. In this tutorial I follow my process for finishing a maple “biscuit” with epoxy resin and attached hairpin legs.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

This piece of wood has some holes on top of the edges and I have to do something to hold the bark in place. So I decided to use an epoxy bartop to finish the piece.

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Epoxy resin cannot withstand high heat, so use a coffee and cocoa mat and do not place the pan or plate directly on the table.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

This maple board came from my parent’s estate in Connecticut. I was told that the cracks (patterns of pigmented rings) caused by fungus make this wood very desirable.

Before moving from one plot to another, This cookie dried in my parents’ barn for about two years.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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This project is very messy and uses materials that can cause permanent property damage and personal injury. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings.

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How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

One side of the board is initially smoother than the other, so I chose the smooth side of the wood. The bottom should not be sanded, but should be relatively flat.

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I started with a coarse 60 or 80 grit and worked my way up to fine grit until it was satisfactorily flat and smooth.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

If the sand is wide, wear eye protection and a dusk mask. Sand outside if you can.

After the sand has settled, Place a large piece of wood upside down on a soft surface, such as a table covered with a blanket.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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Arrange the hairpin legs in the stable direction you want them to be. I only used three legs because I knew it would be difficult to resist vibrations due to the uneven bottom of the wood. The tripod never moves.

I’m not interested in the table being completely flat – if you are, you’ll need to sand the plane and/or bottom first to keep it flat.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Drill the holes to match the recommended pilot size for the screws. You can use a piece of tape to limit the depth of each hole (to prevent accidental drilling all the way through).

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Surface vacuuming and finishing with polyurethane. This water barrier will prevent uneven swelling of the desk in wet weather as the wood will absorb moisture from the epoxy surface.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Expert advice. If you work in an electronics factory, you can also use solder paste.

Wipe until the cloth is clean, making sure all dirt and oil is removed.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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Use a sponge brush to apply Liquin oil to cleansed legs. Cover all surfaces and let dry for 24 hours.

The table is close! Look carefully, don’t you? But don’t post anything. Especially drinks. Any stains the wood gets now can be highlighted with an epoxy finish. If the epoxy cannot be used immediately, cover the table with plastic.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Get your own workspace! Don’t forget the correct settings or you’ll end up with super hard epoxy that’s permanently stuck to your floor. Since you will be pouring epoxy over the flange, You should be prepared to drop a lot of epoxy on the ground. Place the cardboard under the plastic cover. If the plastic breaks, the cardboard can absorb some of the drops. Do not use cardboard as the epoxy can seep through.

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Second, Consider temperature: This epoxy will cure well at 75 degrees or more. So if you don’t have a heater, it can be cold in your garage.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Third, Consider the dust. The table should be cured for 72 hours and anything that falls off in the first ten hours will stick. I have no outdoor space and a furry cat and dog, so plastic tarp, I built a makeshift dirt tent using duct tape and some chairs. If you sand the same area, Vacuum and wait at least 12 hours for the dust to settle before working with the epoxy.

Not only does the room and wood heat up to 75 degrees or hotter, but the epoxy has to handle the same. I left it for a day to make sure it was above 75 degrees and took his temperature with an infrared thermometer.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when working with epoxy. Work in a well-ventilated area and/or wear an organic vapor respirator.

Now it’s time to test the entire process. This was my first time doing a big, unforgiving epoxy paint project. So I want to practice to make sure I’m ready for any mistakes that might happen. So I mixed up a 2 oz batch of epoxy (always add thicker epoxy to a thinner hardener) and scraped the sides together for a full five minutes.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

A special mixing auger attachment cannot be used for such a small batch, but a wooden stick works well.

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I prepared a few maple leaves from the same wood on tall plastic stands and poured over a small batch of mixed epoxy.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Use a sponge brush to work the epoxy into the crust and pick up some plastic wrap to drop back into the crack. These pieces are meant for practice, so try wearing them and experimenting with different application methods.

Gently wave the heat gun over the entire surface to pop bubbles. You can also use a blow dryer or hair dryer. Be careful not to burn the epoxy with a blowtorch or to be pushed by the strong air from the hair dryer (which will cause turbulence).

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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Close the dust booth and let the epoxy paint sit for 24 hours. It will take another 2 days to fully cure, but you can deal with it after 1 day if there is no risk of dust sticking.

While the epoxy is drying in your experiments, You can do the final setup on the actual table. Turn it sideways and use some E6000 to fill all the holes in the bottom. You can use a flashlight or your phone screen to help you find holes and cracks to go through. A toothpick can help spread it out to get a good seal.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

You may not find them all, though. So be prepared to drip epoxy from exciting new places once you’re done pouring.

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Cover the legs with plastic tape and tape to prevent epoxy spots, and place your table in a dust booth. I put on extra plastic to cover the entire interior after seeing how much it came apart everywhere during testing. Dry to remove remaining surface particles. Use a dust-free or lint-free cloth.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Place the mixer on the drill. This can mix the epoxy better than you can by hand. It may cost a few dollars, but it can help ensure a better processing result. Mixed epoxy can form irreversible soft spots.

Prepare your first layer called stamp. I mixed a batch of epoxy on high speed for 2 minutes (time) and scraped the bottom of the bowl and bottom with a disposable stirrer. Throw away the stick because it has epoxy mixed in it. Then reduce the speed for three minutes and mix again with a streamer.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Spalted Maple River Table

Place the mixing tool next to the plastic and let the epoxy harden. You can break it before mixing the next batch.

First, the epoxy is slowly poured into the holes and cracks, then around the entire surface, letting it leak down the sides. The main purpose of this coat is to soak the wood, it doesn’t need to be smooth. Use a foam brush to push it.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

Curing Epoxy is an exothermic (heat-generating) chemical reaction, so spreading it thinly over the surface will cure faster in a smaller container. When filling large holes or cracks, use more epoxy and be careful of shrinkage as they harden quickly and trap bubbles. Visit these areas often with a heat gun to break up any accumulated bubbles.

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The epoxy has torn my adhesive seal and is slowly leaking.

How To Make An Epoxy Live Edge Table

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