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How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe – Buying larger pieces of furniture can be expensive. If you get one with a certain design and style, it will spoil you even more for sure. Right now I’m loving the industrial and rustic look. Done right, it goes well with any style. I wanted to add a console table to my home and decided to make one myself. I didn’t use a screwdriver for this project, I used a screwdriver. So anyone can do this!

At first I decided to choose an industrial style and use galvanized pipes for the table legs.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

The entire table was 35 inches high, or just under three feet. I think the height can really vary with console tables. Each person has different preferences when it comes to height. Remember I said there was no surgery. So I could take an untreated (no finish on the wood) piece of pine and stain it right away. Muzik 32 Inch Metal Table Legs With Casters, Black Painted Industrial Pipe Counter Bar Height Table Leg, 1 In Pipe, 32 In H X 14 In W, 2 Pack

For the stain itself, I used a walnut-colored stain with polyurethane. This way the stain and the table get a protective layer without me having to do anything extra. Wear gloves and protect the surface you are staining the wood on. A stain stains everything, including leather and carpet. Take a soft cotton cloth and dip it into the stain.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Take it nice and full. Rub the stain into the wood from one side to the other with the grain of the wood.

You can see how the stain hardens on the wood and whether it needs to be rubbed more into the stripes. Until the stain is rubbed into the wood, it takes on a wet and darker appearance.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Industrial Pipe Table Base Diy Parts Kit 1

Any drips or streaks that occur during the staining process can just be quickly wiped off and rubbed into the wood. I did two coats of stain because it looked a little lighter with one coat.

After both sides of the wood were stained, I turned the wood on its side and stained the sides. Same technique, just smaller stains on the fabric.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

I also painted the pipes black. It helps the pipes stand out against the wood and gives them a contrasting color. When everything is dry, it’s time to put the legs on the table. In the following steps, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. It can sound a lot more confusing than the process actually is.

How To Build A Table Using Industrial Galvanized Pipes

Lay the table top flat and place the legs upside down on top of the wood. Make sure the legs are placed in the center of the tree. Then screw into the holes at the top of the legs with a simple screwdriver.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

The simplicity of the wood and the sharp contrast between the light wood and dark legs makes it work well in a modern or contemporary space alongside a rustic and rustic space.

It’s all ultimately about setting the tone for the console table. Allows decorations to be displayed in a way that does not cover the space.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Scaffold Board Dining Table & Bench Set On Steel Tube Pipe Legs, Rustic, Industrial, Reclaimed Style

Thanks to the slimmer design of the console table, you can work with a larger piece of furniture without having to place it in a large room. It fits against the wall when heavy traffic passes by without disturbing it. .

I know some people can get confused when they see furniture ideas and how DIY they are. But this is really DIY-friendly for everyone, no bigger job or more skill required than wiping wood stains. I am so happy with the table and what it adds to the space and very happy with how easy it is to assemble. Have you seen industrial furniture in stores and online? I think it’s the coolest thing ever!!

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

It totally reminds me of what I’d find in a big, airy loft in New York. Have I mentioned how much Kuola in NYC? I was lucky enough to live there (if you can call staying in a hotel “living” there… 😉 ) for a few months after graduating from Purdue. I helped Marriott open their Wall Street hotel and fell madly in love! There is something so alive and comforting about this city! LOL, total contradiction I know!! If you have ever lived there… or visited… I think you will nod in agreement!

Diy Kitchen Table With Metal Legs

I have wanted to build my own industrial furniture ever since I saw the picture above. Seriously… that’s so cool. Don’t you think? All that metal and wood. Makes me swoon!!!

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

This pantry renovation pushed me over the edge and I wanted galvanized pipes for my own home. But my pantry can never look this “put together” and organized! 😉

Sorry for the picture taken with my phone a few minutes ago. I would really like a large desk for the craft room, but I was seriously nervous about throwing it away. I thought why not practice something else that doesn’t use a lot of wood!!? Did you need a folding table??

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Iron Pipe Table Legs

Well……no, but I had to practice something……and this was the first thing that came to mind. Definitely spontaneous and in this case spontaneity created a winner! I love this table!!

The only other pictures I could find of the tables online showed black pipes running from one end to the other. I didn’t want that because I wanted to put big baskets under this table to store blankets and other things like board games and puzzles. Not knowing where this table would end up…not in our family room or basement, I played it safe and measured both couches and knew the table couldn’t be more than 78 inches long and 15 inches wide. Here is what I came up with for the design of the table legs…

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

The image on the left shows what each set of outriggers would look like, and on the right are the bars running from one end to the other. This is what I took to the store to find the barrel I needed. FYI: 90% of the connectors I use are “black pipes”. Totally cheaper than galvanized or copper pipe and if you know me…you know I would paint the other pipes black anyway. So why not save money and buy the black stuff first? I bought most of my pipe fittings at Lowe’s, but I bought the floor flanges and 2# nipples at the local Ace hardware store. More on that later. Barn Xo Industrial Coffee Table Made With Reclaimed Wood And Pipe Leg Base (36

Hardware stores can cut and twist the tubing to your measurements, but I didn’t want to deal with that and really worked on my design/layout so I could buy everything “off the shelf” with no modifications.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Wood screws: I needed 3/4 inch long because the wood was less than an inch deep.

2 – 74″ x 6″ walnut boards. A friend of mine let me pilfer some of his extra lumber for his plank wall project. We can say Woo Hoo and a big shout out and thank you Kris!!!

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

The $74 Pvc Mega Awesome Super Pvc Table

I consider myself lucky to have gotten this off the ground with off the shelf items…and if you had been to Middletown Lowe’s a few days ago you would have found me putting the whole table together on the floor! 😉

That night I got everything I needed except the floor flanges. I didn’t want to pay $10.59 for a flange. PHEW! These only came in galvanized pipe, not black pipe, and were triple the price. The salesperson looked up this item online and advised me to go to a local True Value or Ace Hardware. To save about $30, I would definitely go elsewhere to buy the floor flanges.

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

I couldn’t wait to get started the next morning and figured I could get it done before I had to go to hockey in the afternoon.

Industrial Bench: How To Build A Wooden Bench With Pipe Legs

If you’re going to bring an industrial look to your home, I recommend washing all Plumbing thoroughly in dish soap, TSP, and maybe some SOS pads before starting the construction process. There were a lot of stickers, tape and a lot of junk in the pipes; some even have sharp small parts (such as spikes or stubs), suggesting the use of protective gloves and goggles. Again, do as I say…not as I do!!

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

I repeated the process I did on the workshop floor according to my general drawing and assembled one side of the table legs from the bottom up, except for the pipe covers (legs).

I had one once

How To Make Table Legs Out Of Pipe

Diy Plumbing Pipe Table Tutorial

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