Long Dresses For Short People

Long Dresses For Short People – Since I’m 5’2″, I have a lot to share with you from a short woman’s perspective on how to find the right prom dress for a petite figure. In addition, I also have a petite clothing line for women 5’4″ under, so I style petite models of all shapes and sizes every week, to fit our products and photos.

Based on my first-hand experience, as well as feedback from my clients, I’ve put together this guide to help you find the most flattering prom dress for you.

Long Dresses For Short People

Long Dresses For Short People

Simply put, outline your outfit. The shape of the dress is the most important factor to consider, especially if you are looking for flattering prom dresses for petites.

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Silhouettes can make or break the way you dress. More often than not prom dresses that have simple silhouettes are the most figure flattering for petite women. A simple silhouette will enhance your petite shape, while a more complex silhouette will often overwhelm you.

Long Dresses For Short People

For example, a ball gown is an over-the-top silhouette with all the tulle and the large size of the skirt part of the dress style. As I said, a simple silhouette is a petite’s best friend. This means focusing on prom dresses that fit closer to the body.

A simple silhouette is not only good for preventing your outfit from overwhelming you, but also helps to elongate your shape. Something that all of us guys are eager to achieve.

Long Dresses For Short People

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Most petite women would like to make their legs longer. So, the key to choosing the best prom dress for short legs is to add length and create the illusion of height for us short girls. That is why it is very important to choose the right silhouette more than anything else.

Below are some of the most flattering silhouette prom dress styles for short women. It’s less about the actual length of the dress and more about the overall silhouette to flatter your petite shape.

Long Dresses For Short People

If you are a petite girl with natural curves, mermaid dresses will accentuate your assets and make your full bust and hips really stand out. The mermaid dress hugs your upper body and your hips tightly, in the shape of an hourglass.

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This is the most feminine design of all the dress silhouettes, so it is a wonderful choice for girls who want to show off their curves.

Long Dresses For Short People

This is a close cousin of the mermaid shape. The only difference is that trumpet dresses hug your hips not as tightly as the mermaid dress, but it spreads more slowly below your hips. It is a simple and elegant shape that flatters many body types.

This is the most universal prom dress style. It fits your upper body well but is not tight around your hips. Therefore, it is suitable for all body types.

Long Dresses For Short People

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If you are pear or apple shaped, attacks and flares are sent from heaven to accentuate your weaknesses while emphasizing your assets at the same time.

For pear shapes, fits and flares have an A line to disguise your wide bottom and prominent thighs. It looks very balanced in this form.

Long Dresses For Short People

For apple shapes, an a-line dress can make your heavier midsection look less obvious while still showing off your beautiful breasts.

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The column silhouette is sometimes also known as a sarong dress. This is the type of dress that fits your body, but the cut of the dress is straight and fair.

Long Dresses For Short People

Note that column dresses are different from bodycon dresses in that column dresses are not attached to your body. Instead, column dresses flatter your body, creating a more forgiving silhouette.

The reason these types of prom dresses are very flattering on short girls is because they are simple. Because it is straight up and down, it creates a clean, straight line that draws the eye up and down.

Long Dresses For Short People

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High-lows have been a huge trend for the past few seasons, and this is great news for shorter women. A dress like this is shorter in the front but longer in the back.

This is a very simple design on your prom dress that can effectively flatter short women because, in front, your legs will look longer since the hem is shorter.

Long Dresses For Short People

This type of design is commonly found in long prom dresses, which can be cut down for otherwise petite women. With a high-low hem, however, this will ensure that a short person is not overwhelmed by the long length.

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No matter if you choose a dress for prom or any other occasion, always look for a gap in your dress if you are short!

Long Dresses For Short People

The reason side slits are so flattering for short girls is that they give the eye a look at your skin, creating the illusion of long legs.

In fact, it does not matter if your slit is in front or on the side, as long as the prom dress has a slit, it will give you the same benefit of elongating your small frame and flattering a short girl.

Long Dresses For Short People

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Short dress or long dress? It’s an endless debate, especially when it comes to petite fashion.

Over the years, many people have said that little girls shouldn’t wear long dresses, but that’s not always the case. In fact, long prom dresses can look just as great on a petite as they do on a tall person. I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to think outside the box and try on some long dress styles while looking for prom dresses for short women.

Long Dresses For Short People

If you decide to wear a long dress, make sure you get it from a petite designer. The reason is that the sizes are usually made for women over 5’4″ (or women over 5’5″ for some brands), so they will most likely be too long if you are petite. They are designed to fit better, ie. corset, belt, etc.

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Of course, a short prom dress can be a fun choice. The point is not to shy away from long styles just because of your height. I encourage all little girls to try on a variety of different lengths when looking for a prom dress. After trying several options, you will start to find yourself drawn to one option more than the other.

Long Dresses For Short People

While the silhouette is the most important element to consider when choosing your prom dress, don’t forget the neckline. When it comes to choosing the best prom dress for petite women that flatters you from head to toe, the neckline plays an important role.

Choosing a prom dress with an interesting neckline brings attention to your face and can add to the flattering figure.

Long Dresses For Short People

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V-necklines are great for creating the illusion of a long figure. Most petite girls have shorter necks, so a V-neck is the perfect choice to make your neck look longer.

If you have a full chest, the V-neck also breaks up your chest, making you look more proportional in front.

Long Dresses For Short People

This is quite a trend for the last few years. For what? This is one of the most universal necklines, and it’s hard not to look good with off-the-shoulder dresses.

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Now, if you are petite and have a pear shape, an off the shoulder prom dress is a heavy duty for you.

Long Dresses For Short People

The reason is that it adds a little more emphasis to the upper half of your body, creating more balance for a pear shape.

This is one of the best necklines for girls with full breasts. It really accentuates your assets and draws attention to your face, which is very flattering on short girls.

Long Dresses For Short People

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If you are a petite girl with a flat chest, a soft skirt can create the illusion of a fuller chest for you and add curves to your body.

Prom is a great time to have fun and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear – it’s not every day you get to dress up! As a petite, some prints and details can be blurred for your shape. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a printed prom dress, but if you do make sure you choose wisely.

Long Dresses For Short People

A key factor to consider is the size of the picture/pattern itself. If the print is really large scale on a floor length dress, discard the small figure. The combination of print and length will carry your dress, rather than you with the dress. Instead, choose a print or a smaller scale model to match your petite frame.

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This tip applies to any print, pattern or embellishment in the garment you choose. Similar to the silhouette, a slimmer design is better for you.

Long Dresses For Short People

Also, if the prints are inspired vertically, they tend to be more flattering to little girls. Because the vertical design draws the eye up and down, they create

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