Kelly’s Treehouse Quotes Images

Kelly’s Treehouse Quotes Images – 1. “When you say something out loud, it makes a big truth better to keep it to yourself and keep it small”

3. “Crying is good for the soul because it means releasing something and if you don’t release something, it will weigh you down until you struggle”

Kelly’s Treehouse Quotes Images

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

5. “It’s funny how something becomes a big part of your life, and then you forget about it.”

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6. “A closet is a closet, but it’s a rocket or a wooden house in your mind’s palace until you get to the right room. “

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

8. “People make the mistake of believing they know best, but nature is there to remind you that, in due time, nature was here first.”

9. “If you don’t have bad things, you don’t have good things. They’re all just things. Have you ever thought about that? “

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

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10. “Like dreams, at first they shine like stars, until they fall and fade into darkness.”

14. “It is to him: a tortoise because he does not “come out of his shell”. Whenever he said this, he fell apart. “

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

15. “Of all the questions you’ll ask in life, ‘What?’ ‘This is the worst question in the world’ – Ruby. “

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16. “You should choose an avocado that is dark in color, not too green. Then you put it in the palm of your hand and squeeze it – slowly, really slowly. If you squeeze too hard, you’ll bruise your avocado. You want it to be soft but firm. If it goes too low, it might go bad.

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

17. “When I’m mad, it’s hard for me to sleep, because the anger swirls around in my head and keeps me awake like a bad song that won’t stop singing.”

20. “When you put yourself on the line, you have to decide if what you’re getting is worth the risk?”

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

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21. “Cory didn’t want to admit it, but he preferred Jane to be his second-in-command, which meant he was always first-in-command, which meant he had to be in charge. But Just Rennie seemed like a natural taker—he’d lead the way even when he didn’t know what to look for. Corey will bet money that it’s Leo.”

22. “Instead of worshiping your shell, seek the love of those who mock you.” The man shook his head. “This is a big tragedy,” he said.

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

26. “A group of donkeys is called a pack Although wolves tend to travel together, one member sometimes breaks away and becomes a “lone wolf”. Life is hard for lone wolves, but their self-reliance makes them stronger than average. “

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27. “Charlotte made a promise to herself then and there: If I saw someone down, I’d ask them if they were okay.”

Kelly's Treehouse Quotes Images

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