The Feeling Of Being Unloved

The Feeling Of Being Unloved – How can they take away your love and trust and throw it away like it’s okay – you don’t care?

If you’ve ever experienced abandonment in your life, you know how deep the scars of being “second best” or “important” can be. You will become more aware of how feeling unwanted has changed who you are and how you interact with others.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

What I’ve learned along the way is that giving up comes in many shapes and forms. Being unwanted and unloved can manifest physically, emotionally, psychologically, and even spiritually. But what all these different aspects of neglect have in common is the huge gap they create in our lives.

Mother Teresa Quote: The Most Terrible Poverty Is Loneliness, And The Feeling Of Being Unloved

When we experience abandonment or neglect, especially at a young age, the trauma of that experience remains throughout our lives. But these traumatic experiences are still with us

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

If we can’t find them. These experiences, when left unexamined for long periods of time, become our core wounds or the deepest core beliefs we hold about ourselves at an unconscious level.

Our core wounds are the deepest pains of our lives. They are our oldest and most unfortunate friends. For most of us, these core wounds within us are controlled by two false beliefs: “I’m imperfect, therefore I’m a bad person.” “I want to change or fix something about myself to be accepted.”

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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Other major wounds caused by feeling unwanted include: “I’m not worth it,” “I’m not lovable,” and “I’m broken beyond repair.”

We find ourselves in a period that I like to call the age of individualism. This is because our “me first” robs us of our ability to connect with others sensitively and meaningfully. In our corporate and materialistic culture, we find that our families, friendships and relationships are more unstable than ever. Therefore, we experience more and more the loneliness of being abandoned, deceived and forgotten.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

What do we need to do to find and heal these major wounds? How do we break down the brick walls that shelter the broken remains of our hearts? Finally, how can we become strong and whole people again?

Feeling Unloved In A Relationship Quotes. Quotesgram

Like you, I have experienced abandonment in many forms. Like you, I suffered a lot because of this. But today I want to give you something proactive, something that will empower you to take back your life.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

In other words, most people do not love, respect or value themselves. There is a huge lack of self-love in our society that is reflected in every layer of our lives. As a result, those who struggle to love ourselves tend to sabotage our relationships with others. How can someone who does not know how to love himself show love to others? This does not happen. Understanding this can help you better empathize with others, or at least understand why they behave the way they do.

I found this out the hard way: the more you victimize yourself and romanticize your pain, the more you get stuck in a cycle of misery and resentment. It’s tempting to use our stories of abandonment and abuse to feel secretly right and special, but the truth is, it does more harm than good. Grieving what we’ve lost is a natural part of the grieving cycle, but constantly revisiting and dwelling on our stories is unhealthy and self-destructive. I have found that accepting what has happened without self-pity is critical to the process of inner growth and transformation.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

How To Have Hope When You Feel Abandoned

Just as everything in life goes through different stages of maturity, so does the soul. Why are some people born with an old soul and others stay young until they die? I believe the answer is spiritual maturity. I explore this concept in more depth in my book. Spiritual maturity determines how much capacity we have for foresight, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love—all of which affect how we treat others. For example, some people are naturally closed-minded and blinded by fear of “the other,” while other people are open, accepting, and peaceful.

So what does any of this have to do with feeling unwanted and abandoned? Well, the thing is, some people just aren’t capable of being truly kind, caring, and loyal—at least not yet. They have not yet reached their spiritual maturity. Therefore, their behavior can be sensitive, careless and cruel.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

Shadowwork Journal: A Journey into the Deepest and Darkest Corners of Your Psyche Embrace your inner demons, discover your hidden gifts, and reach the next level of your spiritual growth. This is deep and powerful work!

The Biggest Disease This Day And Age Is That Of People Feeling Unloved.

Realizing that everyone has a different spiritual potential has helped me to become a kinder and more forgiving person personally.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

Don’t we need others to do this for us by default? No, we don’t. We did it when we were kids, but we don’t do it as adults. Unfortunately, many of us still have this subconscious belief that we need to find someone else to help us become whole and whole. But have you ever questioned the validity or truth of this belief? Make no mistake, others can give you great support and help, but they can never truly fill that void within you. Only you can.

But how? One of the best ways I’ve learned to do this (especially if you were emotionally, mentally, or physically abandoned as a child), is to learn how to re-educate your inner child. However, if you struggle with the pain of being unloved as an adult (perhaps as a result of a divorce or breakup), self-love is the best way to overcome that pain. In another article, explore more about how to love yourself.

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

For The Wife Who Feels Unloved: 3 Loving Steps To Take

Learning how to love yourself is hard—as is learning how to re-educate your inner child—but both are essential tools to help you become vulnerable again so that you can give and receive love.

What do you think of the recommendations presented in this article? Have you been able to cope with unwanted emotions, and if so, how?

The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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Mother Teresa Quote: “the Most Terrible Poverty Is Loneliness, And The Feeling Of Being Unloved.”

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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The Feeling Of Being Unloved

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