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Sobriety Quotes Images – Sometimes, we all need an extra push to reach our goals. Whether it’s through our friends, family, or even the help of teachers and mentors, words A little word of wisdom can go a long way in empowering ourselves. Mind, moving towards a better future. For those new to sobriety, or several years into their recovery journey, words can be a powerful tool to restore balance and positivity when we need it most.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best words of wisdom practiced in the recovery community today, using them as tools to motivate, ground, or, in difficult times, inspire us to work towards our sobriety.

Sobriety Quotes Images

Sobriety Quotes Images

Below, we’ve divided some of our sobriety quotes into six categories, which we hope will inspire you to persevere through each phase of recovery.

Thomas Keating Quote: “the Capacity For Emotional Sobriety Belongs To Everybody In The Human Family And Leads To A Fully Human Response To The …”

A big change like giving up alcohol is never easy – especially with the countless temptations around us like pubs and parties, events where drinking is common. With these constant reminders pointing to the purpose of our addiction, we Many people struggle to take that first step, terrified by the thought that they will lose. Touching everything that means something to them.

Sobriety Quotes Images

These words are a testament to the transformative potential of sobriety, teaching us that recovery offers the opportunity to stop existing and start living – without the weight of addiction on your shoulders.

1. “At first, the sober life seems natural. We wonder how life can be without alcohol, but the longer we stay, the more natural this life seems.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

Thanksgiving Sobriety Quotes To Make You Feel Thankful And Motivated

2. “Drunkenness is giving up everything for one thing. Patience is giving up one thing for everything else.”

3. “I want to live sober, believe that I am an alcoholic, try to make myself not.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

5. “It is a badge of honor to call yourself an alcoholic or a drug addict, because the secret – the shameful secret – is why it is such a widespread disease.”

Sobriety Quotes Coloring Pages Addiction Recovery Affirmations

Each day is an opportunity for growth and new beginnings, but it can also come with unexpected obstacles.

Sobriety Quotes Images

Below, we have presented a selection of affirmations that you can turn to each day for inspiration and guidance, according to twelve individuals within the AA group.

2. “I have no power over people, places, and things, and if I believe wrong for a moment that I do, pain is on its way.”

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Pythagoras Strength Quote

5. “Your best days are ahead of you. The movie begins when the boy calms down and gets his life together; it doesn’t end there.”

Action (or lack thereof) is an important part of recovery from drug addiction. For example, when in an uncomfortable or potentially distressing situation, it is important to set boundaries to protect our sanity, to value ourselves and all the amazing progress we have made to get to where we are today.

Sobriety Quotes Images

1. “Nothing works like bridging the tongue and pen. We must avoid quick criticism and energetic arguments.”

Best Quotes Of Sobriety

2. “You were selfish in your addiction, so you must be even more selfish in your recovery.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

5. “To have the courage to set boundaries is to have the courage to love ourselves, even if we risk disappointing others.”

We all need a little extra help from time to time, and often the best place to find it is with the help of our friends and loved ones.

Sobriety Quotes Images

Dax Shepard’s Most Powerful Quotes About Addiction And Sobriety

In addiction treatment, peer support is a pillar we need, because the bonds we create in recovery may be the most important we ever make:

2. “The sense of sharing a common danger is one element of the powerful cement that binds us.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

3. “Practical experience shows that nothing guarantees immunity from alcoholism as intense work with other alcoholics.”

Glennon Doyle Melton Quote: “this Is The Difference Between God And Booze. God Requires Something Of Us. The Booze Numbs The Pain But God Insists On …”

In recovery, it is easy to fall into the comparison trap of comparing other people’s experiences to our own and believing that we cannot match. In such cases, it is necessary that we take steps to accept ourselves and where we are in our current situation.

Sobriety Quotes Images

We’ve all fought big battles, whether it’s alcohol treatment, drug rehab or something else, we’re where we are and sometimes we need to be reminded that:

1. “Give me the peace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

Inspiring Addiction Recovery Quotes

2. “You can’t go back and change the starting point, but you can start where you are and change the ending point.”

If you have recently experienced a relapse, a common reaction is to freeze and think that it is impossible to go back to where you were, especially since you have spent so much effort to get to the end. However, relapse does not mean the end of your recovery. In fact, quite the opposite.

Sobriety Quotes Images

For many people, recovery has proven to be a great motivator to achieve a long and lasting recovery:

Sobriety Quotes: Comforting Words For Addiction Recovery

2. “When you think there’s no hope and you’re feeling down, there’s a window to get better. When there’s nothing to give, it’s time to give.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

3. “Instead of seeing short-term setbacks as failures, treat the behavior as challenging and try to get back on track as quickly as possible.”

4. “Recovery is not a race, you don’t have to feel guilty if it takes longer than you think.”

Sobriety Quotes Images

Heal Yourself From The Inside By Knowing Your Conflicts

5. “Don’t live in shame too long, rich soil awaits you in your recovery.”

Everyone has a different journey on the road to recovery and be sure to remember these words throughout the process.

Sobriety Quotes Images

If you think you are in a difficult situation and want to start the road to sobriety, make sure you contact us today to start your recovery treatment. During addiction recovery, sometimes we need encouragement to start our day or to motivate us to keep going. During these times, we can turn to spiritual practices or words of sobriety for some inspiration.

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Love ’em or hate ’em inspirational quotes have been around for years. Some were so profound and insightful that they are still often quoted today.

Sobriety Quotes Images

We know from personal and professional experience that recovery is not always easy. Helpers can be part of our daily toolbox that we access to help and motivate us in times of personal conflict or challenge. They can also be used to express themselves or to help and encourage others.

Being calm every day, we experience the fullness of our feelings. Naturally, times of worry, hardship, boredom, anger and sadness will be added to the mix of joy, contentment, freedom and gratitude.

Sobriety Quotes Images

Sobriety And Recovery Coloring Book For Addiction Recovery: Inspirational Quotes 7445035291239

Sobriety is a beautiful thing and a wonderful thing to celebrate, but of course there will be times when we just don’t feel like it and need some encouragement or nudging in the right direction.

While motivational sanity quotes and motivational revitalization quotes can help direct our thinking toward something more useful and purposeful, they can also help direct the positive.

Sobriety Quotes Images

If you are looking for the best quotes to enhance your daily recovery, look no further.

Quotes And Sayings To Inspire Addiction Recovery And Sobriety

18. ‘Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Sobriety Quotes Images

17. ‘My recovery must come before everything I love in life Not ending.

16. ‘The thinking and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is completely irrational until you realize that they have no power over their addiction and unless they get structural help, they have no hope’ – Russell Brand

Sobriety Quotes Images

Anthony Kiedis Quote: “my Sobriety Isn’t Up For Discussion, But As For Vices, I Seem To Hack Away At Them With My Invisible Machete From Dawn T…”

Willingness, honesty and openness to lie, cheat and manipulate to get what I want allows me to get what I want.

Reasonable, fair and humble when I’m wrong versus owning my part, accepting my mistakes and trying to grow from them

Sobriety Quotes Images

Hiding and denying my fears so as not to appear weak versus admitting my fears and limitations and asking for help.

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12. ‘The minute you think about giving up, think about why you stuck around for so long’

Sobriety Quotes Images

11. ‘I didn’t tell you it would be easy, I told you it would be worth it’

10. ‘When I focus on the good things today, I have a good day. When I focus on bad things, I have bad days. If I live with the problem, the problem will grow. If I focus on the answer, the answer will grow.’ – Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous quotes

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The Recovery Book

9. ‘You will spend the rest of your life being a boss one day. Just rest. Teacher’s Day So do it every day

8. ‘There is no shame in starting over, because you have the opportunity to build bigger and better than before.’

Sobriety Quotes Images

7. ‘F-E-A-R’ has two meanings: “Forget everything and run” or “Face everything and get up.” The choice is yours. ‘ – Zig Ziglar

Top 28 Emotional Sobriety Quotes

6. ‘Sometimes when you’re in a dark place

Sobriety Quotes Images

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