Charities To Help Cancer Patients

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Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Since its inception in 1991 and as a result of more than two decades of service, MAHAK has fulfilled a large part of its mission of providing comprehensive support to children with cancer, thereby reducing child mortality and strengthening children’s families. suffering from cancer. .

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Mahak provides support, psychosocial and welfare services to disadvantaged children and their families. Support services include social work, psychology and welfare services. In addition, the charity is responsible for collecting donations and humanitarian aid from individuals, institutions and organizations. Fundraising activities include donation boxes, membership plans, advertising and special projects as well as public relations and international relations that maintain relationships with volunteers, donors on a national and international level.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

This highly specialized pediatric hospital offers the latest methods and technology to detect and treat childhood cancers such as leukemia, brain tumors, bone tumors, etc.

Mahak’s team of doctors, highly trained advanced practice nurses with expertise in all aspects of cancer care for children with cancer, psychologists and social workers collaborate for early detection and treatment of this devastating disease.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

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Therefore, efforts over the past 24 years have resulted in a remarkable increase in cure rates for pediatric cancer patients.

They also bring together the best minds in pediatric research to set the most effective standards and discover the latest methods of prevention and treatment. The number of well-known doctors in the country came together to improve the health and safety of children by conducting joint workshops, projects. , conference at national and international level in the field of pediatric cancer.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Every child deserves a chance at a life filled with happiness and health. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the disease changes not only the child’s life, but the entire family’s life. Coping with life-threatening illnesses and emotional upheaval is a huge challenge. Aside from the physical pain and emotional challenges that cancer causes, treating this disease is very expensive, which often means financial hardship for families seeking quality treatment for a child with cancer. At ISCC, a children’s cancer charity, we believe that no child suffering from cancer should be treated. Therefore, our goal is to globally increase access to treatment for disadvantaged children with cancer. We are strongly committed to supporting these children and their families during the healing process. Our international cancer community is publicly supported through donations from individuals, charities and companies who recognize the urgent need to improve treatment and increase the number of cures for childhood cancer. We, a children’s cancer charity, invite you to join us in our mission to give hope and support to disadvantaged children with cancer and their families, and to help children with cancer around the world.

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Although dealing with a cancer diagnosis and dealing with the treatments is painful and difficult, it is important to remember that the majority of childhood cancer patients survive this devastating disease if diagnosed and treated early. A new study published by the University of Colorado Denver examines the stages and survival of cancer. The results of this study indicate that people living in poor neighborhoods have a higher risk of dying from cancer than people of higher socioeconomic status. In the 25 poorest countries in the world, an estimated 90% of children diagnosed with cancer die. The difference in survival between rich and poor countries is greater for childhood cancer than for any other cancer. Despite remarkable progress in the fight against cancer, the incidence of cancer among children is increasing worldwide, especially in third world countries where access to information and treatment for cancer control is limited or non-existent. ISCC’s mission is to support children with cancer and make a difference in the lives of children, young people and their families affected by cancer by providing access to the highest quality care and services possible, regardless of their financial situation. ISCC, a charity for children with cancer, is able to do this by raising funds through various vehicles and then distributing these funds to hospitals around the world that specialize in treating childhood cancer, such as MAHAK and CHOC Hospital, and cancer research centers, such as . as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, around the world.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

We invite you to join us in the fight against childhood cancer by partnering with us and becoming an ISCC member. The Valerie Fund’s mission is to provide support for comprehensive health care for children with cancer and blood disorders. We focus on the patient and their loving family. Our philosophy is that to truly heal a child, that child must be treated emotionally, socially and developmentally as well as medically. Families are also supported, which makes a world of difference to everyone.

Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors and cancer while hematology is the science or study of blood, blood-forming organs and blood diseases. In the medical field, hematology includes the treatment of blood disorders and malignancies, including types of hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell anemia.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

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Pediatric oncology and hematology require additional and specific skills to treat as they deal with children and young adults. Pediatric oncologists and hematologists are trained in both their fields and in paediatrics.

Childhood cancer and adult cancer are not the same, and childhood cancer patients often receive a different type of treatment than adult cancer patients. Children’s bodies tend to handle chemotherapy better than adults’ bodies. However, young children are more likely to be affected by radiotherapy. Chemotherapy and radiation can have long-term side effects, which children undergoing treatment and their parents need to understand.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Other common childhood cancers include Wilm’s tumor, rhabdomyosarcoma, retinoblastoma, and bone cancers such as osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma.

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Blood disorders in children are very different from cancer in children. The main difference between the two is that many blood disorders are chronic conditions that mean they are incurable. Our centers focus their hematology efforts on helping children learn to live and manage these conditions rather than curing them.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Valerie Goldstein was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. For the next six years, Valerie’s parents, Ed and Sue, built their lives around Valerie’s illness and treatment. That meant traveling from their home in New Jersey to New York City to receive the most advanced pediatric oncology treatment available — a 90-minute drive each way so Valerie could see doctors, receive chemotherapy or radiation treatments, surgery and several. stay in hospital Even with nausea and discomfort from chemotherapy, Valerie endured the 90-minute drive home from New York.

All of this time was spent with Valerie’s sister, Stacy, at home with friends, family or daycare because Ed and Sue wanted to be there for Valerie during her journey. The entire effort took an emotional and physical toll on the entire family, draining their energy at a time when they needed it most.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

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After Valerie died of cancer in 1976 at the age of 9, Ed and Sue were convinced that there had to be a better way for New Jersey families to help treat their children with serious illnesses such as cancer and blood disorders. They envisioned a place that would provide families with regional outpatient treatment centers at major pediatric hospitals within an hour’s drive of most of the state’s population, providing cutting-edge medical and emotional care in a happy, upbeat environment focused on children

The Valerie Foundation is proud to partner with some of the best hospitals in the state to provide the best possible pediatric oncology and hematology care.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

The reason our care is so unique is that we provide each patient and family with a team of specialists who provide unconditional support throughout their journey. This team has become an extended family with pediatric and healthcare experience and compassion for patients and their families to make difficult times easier and healing possible. These are the people and programs of The Valerie Fund that surround the family with ongoing individualized care.

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Teaching a child to manage the stress of an illness is an important part of the healing process. Our child life specialists are trained to use child-specific techniques to ensure the child understands the treatment.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

Part of being a kid is in school. Our education liaisons advocate for patients and act as an intermediary for students to continue their education throughout their illness.

Our financial advisors relieve the stress associated with paying for a child’s care by managing the often confusing medical bills and insurance claims that pile up so parents can focus on caring for their children.

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

International Cancer Organizations & Resources

Sometimes patients need more than traditional medicine to manage the side effects of a serious illness. The non-invasive therapies we use in our integrative medicine program provide much-needed relief to even our youngest patients.

Our palliative care program is

Charities To Help Cancer Patients

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