Thank God For Another Birthday

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In the past, I wished there was a place where I could say a personal birthday prayer for myself. So now I try to create this place for you!

Thank God For Another Birthday

Thank God For Another Birthday

Everyone’s situation is different, but for me, when I think about creating my birthday prayers, I have a special (and great) reason: I always share my birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Prayers For Dad

Growing up, I had the same birthday as my grandfather (my grandmother was born a day after me). My best friend at school was born a day before me. In fact, two good friends were born the day before mine. In college, I dated 5 other girls, 4 of whom had their birthdays within 30 days.

Thank God For Another Birthday

When I graduated from college, I was a little sad because I didn’t have anyone close to celebrate my birthday with me. Of course, I still have my best friend, but I don’t always live in the same area as her.

Then I met (now my husband) who has the exact same birthday as me. Although he’s two years younger than him, he won’t let you forget that lol!

Thank God For Another Birthday

Birthday Wishes For Friends (for Any Situation)

I say this because I have a hard time praying for myself on my birthday. The funny thing about my birthday for me is that it’s not about me, it’s usually about other people. I like this because I don’t like the spotlight.

Birthdays can be difficult for those who don’t like the limelight. But we make sure to take the time to pray to God.

Thank God For Another Birthday

So we’ve created a personal birthday prayer list. Some are praises to God, some are wishes, and so on. I’ve broken it down below to keep it as simple as possible. Then take a look at the catalog below and choose what suits you best!

Happy Birthday Pastor Will

The best birthday prayers are the ones that come straight from the heart. Use the birthday prayers below as a guide to create your own special birthday prayers.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#1 Dear Lord, On my birthday, I thank You for giving me another year of service to You. Help me to walk with grace and gratitude this year. Lead me to follow your path more each day. Amen.

In fact, lately I’ve been trying to look up the Bible more often when I’m praying because I know I’m praying for God’s truth.

Thank God For Another Birthday

Thanking God For Another Year Of Life Happy Birthday To Me

These birthday prayers are composed and inspired from bible verses. We’ve linked each Bible verse so you can see the comparison.

#2 May the Lord bless me, keep me, may the Lord shine His face on me, and be gracious to me, may the Lord turn His face to me, and grant me peace, Amen. (Numbers 6:24-26)

Thank God For Another Birthday

#3 Lord, when I think of another year, I know that one day, I will no longer have the light of the sun of the day, nor the light of the moon, but I will have the light of the Lord forever please Help me lead me into another great year and walk with you towards eternal life, Amen. (Isaiah 60:19)

Happy Birthday Grandma I Thank God You Are My Grandmother

#4 God, thank you for making me your work, creating good works for me in Christ Jesus, which you have prepared for me. (Ephesians 2:10.) Please help me do this in the new year, amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#5 Lord, let me rejoice in these days that you have made. (Psalm 118:24)

#6 I choose today to please you, please help me see what my heart desires today. (Psalm 37:4)

Thank God For Another Birthday

Unique Birthday Quotes For Self To Celebrate You!

#7 Dear God, with the long life you have given me, I will satisfy you and show you my salvation, amen. (Psalm 91:6)

#8 Oh Lord, I am so thankful that no gift I receive can compare to your glorious gift to us all, amen. (John 3:16)

Thank God For Another Birthday

#9 Thank God, not only for your birthday, but for the indescribable gift of Christ Jesus! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

Powerful Birthday Prayers [with Images]

#10 Thank you, God, for adding years to my life. I remember today the gift of life you gave me. (Proverbs 9:11)

Thank God For Another Birthday

#11 God, thank you for allowing grace to rule over me so that I have everything I need to abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Do you want to buy yourself a birthday gift that will last you 5 years? Try keeping a five-year prayer journal—one line per day. See your prayers answered!

Thank God For Another Birthday

Lovely Birthday Wishes To Myself

When I create birthday prayers for myself, I know it’s okay to ask questions. You can ask questions too! It’s not like we write birthday cards to ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wish ourselves a happy birthday with a personalized birthday prayer.

It’s okay to say goodbye to yourself! The best thing you can say to yourself on your birthday is a prayer. Pray to God from your heart, asking your heart to be more in line with God’s will.

Thank God For Another Birthday

When I have trouble praying, I pray, pray, say (use God’s Word in prayer), ask, yes (commit to what God asks of you.) Here are examples of both in action : Almighty Lord, I praise you for another birthday and another brand new year. I thank you that I was made awesome and wonderful. I ask for your help in making this year the best yet. This year I will follow your wishes, amen.

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Many people start the year with a “word of the year,” and I like to choose a Bible verse for each birthday. To help you with this, go to Bible Gateway and enter words that God may have spoken to you, or words that you are currently struggling with. Look up Bible verses based on that word.

Thank God For Another Birthday

We’ve categorized the best birthday prayers for ourselves below. Don’t let this stop you from praying to God the way you want, but if you’re struggling to find the right words, let them be your guide to connecting with God.

#12 May these short prayers help you not only in your special time, but throughout the year.

Thank God For Another Birthday

Thank You Notes And Messages For Birthday Wishes

#13 Holy Spirit, please help me create a happy life this year in line with your will, amen.

#14 Dearest Heavenly Father, please help me to ensure that the desires of my heart do not get in the way of your wonderful blessings, amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#17 You are a great God. Thank God not only on my birthday but every day!

Today, I Just Want To Thank God For Adding Another Year To My Life. Happy Birthday To Me.

#18 My special birthday prayer is to use every day, not just my birthday, to remember your divine love. Amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#19 Good times and happy lives are great but use today to remind me how wonderful you are and how amazing everything you create is, amen.

#22 Lord, on my birthday, I pray for that day to be filled with joy in return, but also fill me with gratitude that I am alive today and with you for another year. In your merciful name I pray, Amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

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Birthdays are a great time to stop and think about the year ahead. Thank God for birthdays because they give us a purposeful way to divide the years of our lives.

#23 Dear Lord, how do I feel about all the good things that have happened in the last year? I know you answer more prayers than I realize or imagine. I know you protected me from things I didn’t even know about. This is on top of all the blessings I have received! Thank you Lord for everything, Amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#24 As I reflect on this past year, Lord God, I think of all the times that have been made the best by God’s grace. This is the best birthday for me because I can reflect on the creator of heaven and start anew with you this year and every year. Help me let your light shine and make it the best thing I do today and every day. In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus, Amen.

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#25 Helps me remember how great the last year was, no matter what happened. That is beautiful because your amazing grace outweighs all. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Thank God For Another Birthday

#26 Today is another year and I thank you for your mighty wings that protect me (Psalm 91) I know this happened because of the blood of Jesus Christ. No one knows what you have planned for me on my birthday, but my birthday gives me a unique opportunity to remember the divine blessing of your immeasurable love. Thank you for a new day and a new year in my life, amen.

#27 Dear God, thank you for giving us a better life this year. Thank you, it was just a beautiful day of my life. day after day, remind

Thank God For Another Birthday

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