How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

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Dementia is a group of progressive diseases that cause cognitive decline and decline over several years. There are several types of dementia that develop in several stages, including vascular malformations.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

In this blog, our team of dementia specialists explain more about vascular dementia and its seven stages to help you better understand the condition and what to expect if you or someone you love has been diagnosed.

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Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia, followed by Alzheimer’s disease. Some types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies, are caused by an excessive build-up of the protein in the brain. Vascular dementia is caused by a disorder of blood flow to the brain, such as a stroke or mini-stroke. Impaired blood flow causes damage to the brain, which can lead to the development of vascular dementia.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

Medications can also be used to reduce the negative effects of severe dementia, as can participation in occupational therapy and group activities to stimulate the brain and keep it active.

Like other types of dementia, vascular dementia can develop over several years, and there are seven different stages that patients with the condition can go through. A person with vascular dementia usually has progressive cognitive decline, with difficulty making good decisions, communicating, problem solving and memory. In the later stages, they may also experience some physical difficulties related to urinary incontinence and swallowing.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

Understanding And Identifying Dementia

Mobility can be impaired in people with vascular dementia due to damage to the brain caused by reduced blood flow. This can cause problems with balance and coordination, as well as weakness or paralysis on one side of the body. Physical therapy and other rehabilitation activities can be helpful to improve mobility in people with vascular dementia. It is also important for people with vascular dementia to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet, being physically active and not smoking, to reduce the risk of future strokes and improve overall health and mobility.

Vascular dementia cannot be cured and significantly shortens a person’s life expectancy. It is important to note that every patient is different, and one person may live five years after diagnosis, while another may live with the disease for many more years.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is not the same as Alzheimer’s disease, but patients often experience similar symptoms. As mentioned above, vascular dementia is caused by reduced blood flow to the brain, resulting in brain damage, while Alzheimer’s disease is caused by an excess of protein in the brain.

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Around 150,000 people in the UK have vascular dementia, with people over 65 most likely to develop it. It is caused by problems with blood flow to the brain, so people with atherosclerosis (a condition that causes hardening of the arteries), heart disease or stroke may be at greater risk.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

There’s no sure way to prevent dementia, but a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of damage to the blood vessels near your brain, reducing the risk of things like blood clots that can lead to other conditions that can damage your brain. cells.

The stages of vascular defects are divided into seven. The amount of time a person spends in each stage varies, with some people progressing relatively slowly while others decline more quickly. So what are the 7 stages of vascular malformation?

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

Caring For Dementia Patients At Home In Singapore

People with dementia in the early stages show completely normal behavior. This means that a person with dementia may not know they have the disease because they will not have any symptoms to worry about. Although no symptoms are visible in the early stages, changes in the brain have already begun. Early onset dementia can start years before any symptoms appear.

In the early stages, the first symptom of vascular malformation is forgetfulness, but many people mistake this for general age-related forgetfulness. You may notice that you or your loved ones forget where they put things in the house. This isn’t a big red flag for people because it’s normal for it to decrease with age, but for people with dementia, it’s the second stage.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

The third stage of vascular dementia is mild cognitive decline with a slight increase in forgetfulness. This stage can last for years and you may feel that something is wrong. A person may forget appointments they have made or misplace things as dementia progresses, often without realizing it at that point. Stage three is still considered the earliest stage of dementia.

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Moderate dementia is the fourth stage of vascular dementia and many people are diagnosed with it because the symptoms are more severe. At this stage, dementia patients may forget to pay bills or try to come up with money. They also don’t remember simple things like what they ate at their last meal. This phase can last several years.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

Stage five of vascular dementia is when everyday life becomes difficult. This is considered a moderate decline and represents a late stage of dementia. A person with stage five dementia may still be able to bathe, eat and go to the toilet, but may have trouble remembering things like addresses, phone numbers and how to dress properly. Although stage five dementia is a late stage, most people remember family and friends and usually remember their childhood clearly.

In the sixth stage, it is usually impossible to live independently. Symptoms such as urinary retention may occur and difficulty swallowing may also occur at this stage. People with stage six dementia can recognize their loved ones, but they can often be confused. Behavior may also change, with aggression and anger being somewhat common.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

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Most people with vascular dementia pass before they reach stage seven and have severe cognitive decline from other medical conditions, but those who do reach stage seven need 24-hour care and supervision. Very severe decline means that in this last stage, people with dementia cannot communicate or do almost anything on their own.

There is no cure for vascular dementia, but there are treatments that can slow the progression of the disease. This can include lifestyle changes to improve other areas of the patient’s health, such as dietary changes and effective treatment of conditions such as high blood pressure.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

At Neurosciences, we have a team of world-leading dementia experts who have experience and knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular dementia. We focus on early diagnosis and intervention to improve patient outcomes.

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Our multidisciplinary team includes a range of therapists, doctors and nutritionists who work closely together to find the right treatment plan for each patient. Although we cannot stop the progression of the condition, we can slow it down and try to ease the burden on the patient and their carers through open support.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

To learn more about how our medical team diagnoses and treats vascular dementia, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

What Is Vascular Dementia Symptoms, Causes, Stages & Life Expectancy

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How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

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Stages & Signs Of Dementia

Objective To develop survival prediction tables to inform clinicians about the probability of survival after a diagnosis of dementia and to determine whether survival after a diagnosis of dementia can be predicted with good accuracy.

How Long Can Someone Live With Vascular Dementia

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