How To Replace Gas Cylinder On Office Chair

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How To Replace Gas Cylinder On Office Chair – When you purchase an item through one of our links, we will receive a portion of the sale. Select office chairs and other products on the website belonging to the same company. Learn more.

If you’ve filled a chair in the office, you’ve probably seen one of these cylinders. The bottom goes into the wheel, the top goes under the seat, and now you can magically raise or lower the seat comfortably with the flick of a knife, level or paddle .

How To Replace Gas Cylinder On Office Chair

Many modern ergonomic chairs come with pneumatic cylinders. “Gas” is actually compressed air. And for the most part, they work flawlessly. Especially if you buy your sofa from a reputable company.

Gas Cylinder Herman Miller Remove & Install

But if you want to know more about how to fix your seat, or what to do if your gas cylinder does not work and needs to be replaced, you can find instructions this will help.

Need to replace the gas cylinder for the work bench? Owl Office has you covered! Their kits come with everything needed to replace an old cylinder, including the tools needed to remove and replace the old cylinder. Their easy-to-understand instructions will get you on your way and you’ll have a “new seat” in no time.

A rocket, also known as a balloon or gas lift, is a device that allows an office chair to be raised or lowered using a handle on the bottom of the chair.

Unlike traditional seat models that use a threaded pivot, where you have to turn the seat clockwise to raise the seat and lower the seat clockwise, the seat lift uses a chamber of compressed air to replace the height of the seat.

Office Chair Replacement Cylinder For Herman Miller Aeron Cable Versio– Chairorama

Also known as the spring, this connection allows you to change the table quickly and easily in relation to the height of your table, so that you can find the right position and ergonomic.

When the handle of your desk is opened, it opens the cylinder. If you join the movement and when you put your weight on the seat, the air in the cylinder is compressed and pushes the piston out of the chamber, thus raising your seat.

As the piston is pushed out, the air in the chamber expands, allowing the seat to lower as you use the blade and push with our weight on the seat.

Standing Pipes (aka Outside Sides): This is a large 2-inch line that extends to the five star center of the seats. The bottom of the line is pointed. This is the finish that is placed behind the wheel when you assemble the office chair. The length of the stem and the tapered line will vary from model to model, but a 2-inch diameter for the main stem is common for most cylinders.

Office Chair Cylinder: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Plunger (inner column): A 1.1 inch diameter plunger that is attached to the bottom of the seat and can be raised or lowered to adjust the height of the seat. The end of this unit is also pressed into the hole of the seat under the unit (also known as the swivel unit). The top of the piston on the new cylinder has a plastic cap. You’ll remove this during setup to reveal the top button (called a trigger).

Actuator: The ball above the piston that pushes and activates the cylinder to raise or lower the seat.

Latch Catch: A small piece on the underside of the piston rod that prevents it from sliding off the main rod.

If you’re reading an article about a gas cylinder, there’s a good chance you’re there because you need to replace one.

How To Choose The Right Cylinder For Your Chair

Fortunately, even if your seat comes with a bad cylinder, you need more “travel” and height, or your air seat is not “pneumatic” after all these years, It is very easy to change the oil cylinder.

So, before you start looking at a new cylinder, make sure your current cylinder has a 2 inch line from the base of the main cylinder. See the picture above for an example of this scale.

Once you’ve decided that you can use a replacement cylinder model, you need to decide how much “travel” you need.

If you’ve read many seat spec pages (doesn’t everyone waste their time reading spec sheets?) you’ll have seen the words “stroke” and/or “travel” when referring to the seat. roll

Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder,office Chair Replacement Parts,heavy Duty Gas Lift Hydraulic Pneumatic Piston For Office Chair

It just means that the cylinder will raise or lower the seat in certain inches. For example, the 4-stroke seat is standard, which means that the seat can be raised or lowered in 4 inches.

As mentioned, you will find that 4 inches is the standard travel, but this number can range from 3 to 10 inches.

Which chair is best for you will depend on your height, desk height and desk height. For example, if you want more seat height for a long table, you can get a new cylinder with a long piston, so the travel is more than your current cylinder .

Most chairs come in different sizes. For example, many large, tall chairs can hold more than 400 lbs, while ergonomic work chairs can be closer to 250 lbs.

Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement Heavy Duty Pneumatic Hydraulic Piston

If the weight of the seat is important, make sure your new cylinder is on the job as well.

For example, the cylinders can fit a weight of 250 kg. But “heavy duty” Type 4 pneumatic tools can carry more than 450 kg (this must be in a seat that meets ANSI / BIFMA standards for occupants) more).

Bottom line: Make sure you get the most appropriate cylinder that fits the weight of your chair.

One last point: also check whether the cylinder rotates according to the needs of your seat or not.

How To Replace Chair Gas Lift From Chair Mechanism?

Now comes the fun. Just talking, it can be a little painful. But if you want to restore your old chair with a new cylinder, you need to remove the old one first.

You can try this method (explained in the video) or read on for the simple steps that we have used in the past:

First, turn your seat so you can get into the wheel. Next, with a mallet or rubber, start tapping around the horizon of the cylinder.

Try not to hit the dead space save point. Continue pressing the edges to release the housing so you can pull the frame off the base.

Universal Office Chair Pneumatic Piston Gas Cylinder Lift Replacement Heavy Duty 617256040973

If you can’t get it free, some people recommend using a screwdriver to remove the bottom bracket.

This will release the piston from the cylinder. You will now have a wheel hub with an empty cylinder head attached to it.

In this case, you need to turn the wheel and the wheel down and tap the point directly on the frame until it is free.

Next, you need to remove the piston head from the seat. To do this, tap around the end of the plunger with a rubber mallet to loosen it. You can use WD 40 to soften it.

The 4th Generation Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement Pneumatic Shock Lifting Stroke Office Chair Parts Black Silver

The last step is to go online, find a new cylinder and put it back in the wheel and seat. Also, if you have confirmed that your cylinder is original, this should be very easy.

But if you have any questions or need a special cylinder or a more determined one for your chair, we recommend that you contact a specialist chair repairer.

Hopefully, this primer on gas cylinders will help you appreciate the importance of your comfortable office or recreational chair.

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