(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 360 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 360 Answers – Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Throwback: What it takes to bring a family attraction to life Go behind the scenes at EPCOT’s new attraction!

What does it take to bring something as iconic as Guardians of the Galaxy and its characters to life? First, you’ll need great songs, great atmosphere, and a special team working together to match the scale, humor, and heart of Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax. , Rocket, Groot and others.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 360 Answers

Ahead of the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, Cosmic Revolution at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort, we spoke with Spencer Lynn, producer of the attraction, and Cassandra Rose, color and design artist at Walt Disney Imagineering. Scenes to create a family experience in the first pavilion, Otherworld: The Wonders of Xandar.

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My first question is simple: can you explain your roles? SPENCER LYNN: As producers, our job is to cross the line and deliver what we’re going to deliver. As for Guardians of the Galaxy, I mean Space Flash. CASSANDRA ROSE: As a color designer and artist, we are responsible for all the colors and finishes you see on the exterior and interior. We’re working on Starblaster, in all the cool treatments you see, even in the cars you drive. All the UV blacks you see on your trip. When you take on a project like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, where do you start? How do you take the idea and actually create what we see today? SPENCER LYNN: It all starts with the story. We take the story of everyone’s beloved Guardians of the Galaxy and then combine it with some cool technology that we know how to do, in this case the Omnicoaster and a whole bunch of stuff around the pavilion. And that’s what got us to where we are today. CASSANDRA ROSE: My starting point is always the story. So the real story, do we go back to the Guardian story and then try to figure out how we’re intentionally telling that story to the audience? As an artist and focusing on color and paint, you are not allowed to use words or sound. All you see with Pelehana is how they react to the light with the projection, and the other groups really come together and join in the process. All the Guardians we know and love have their own unique color schemes and I feature them in all the landmarks. Can you talk about comparisons to that? When we see the ship, we know it is connected to the Star Lord. CASSANDRA ROSE: Those little nods that we’re seeing, we’ve carefully planned and worked with all of our partners. Like I said, we want you to understand that, on purpose, “yeah, that’s part of it.” This also applies here. But even if you’ve never seen the movie, we wanted to create an environment where you know and understand that this story is unique to EPCOT. It is a place I have never seen before and I tried to show it with all my heart. Can you try to describe it? For someone who has not experienced this attraction, what would you say about it? SPENCER LYNN: It’s the first time Disney has played a role about a reversed family, so it’s very different for you to go through that stage. With that omnicoaster technology, we actually address all the story elements we want you to see and make sure you don’t miss out on what you’re experiencing. But if I have to leave a comment which is always a follow-up question, that’s great. Luck is the key to it all. CASSANDRA ROSE: In a word, I think it should be exciting. The first time I rode it, I was amazed at how amazing and innovative Walt Disney World is. I have never been to a port like this before. Do you have a favorite moment on tour, even on the line? SPENCER LYNN: My favorite moment is in the Wonders of Jandar Pavilion, where we teleport you from EPCOT to the Nova ship orbiting Earth, when the magic happens. CASSANDRA ROSE: My favorite moment is before the entrance, when you see the Star Blaster in all its glory, and it’s really exciting for the guests. I know one of the great things about this new pavilion at the World’s Fair is that it has a lot of history. Here are the things that came up before. Can you talk about adding some of those nodes to the previous stuff and bringing them together here? I never thought I’d hear Star-Lord say “vegetables, vegetables, fruits, fruits.” SPENCER LYNN: We knew from the beginning that this was going to be an EPCOT story and that this park had to have a significant EPCOT story. Some of the really cool things that were thrown at us, for example, I can’t spend because if you trip over them, they’re too expensive. But Peter Quill visited the site in 1987 and definitely inspired Candars to come here and leave some of those Easter eggs along the way. It’s great to have characters that live in the real world and can experience EPCOT for once, I just can’t see the point in the long run. What do you hope guests take away from the overall experience? How do you want them to feel when they leave? CASSANDRA ROSS: I think once they get off the tour, I want them to come back. There is so much to see in this pavilion, you will see something different every time you visit. SPENCER LYNN: I’ll go back to cheerleading. I hope people say it’s the most fun they’ve had in a long time. It’s like a winning combination between the fun that Guardians offers as a hero and the thrill of a thrill ride. They keep coming back and saying, “I want to do it again, yeah, do it again.” Security guards here at EPCOT? How do you hope it will change? SPENCER LYNN: Exciting time at EPCOT, right? In the midst of this multi-year transformation, the Guardians are part of it. I think it’s great that the park is incorporated into this overall look and feel and has a lasting brand. Disneyland has Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – CHOICE. Why Family Fun Is Great for EPCOT in the Here and Now SPENCER LYNN: I’m going to go back to technology again. It’s really amazing how much we’ve been able to develop this Omnicoaster and there are some great stories in there. But being able to combine these two things with the help of Guardians is really special. I think that’s what really brought us together. CASSANDRA ROSE: I think it ties into a lot of EPCOT themes. Fostering technology, innovation and bridging cultures. So this pavilion and this attraction really encapsulates that. What about guests driving six extra times to get every song? SPENCER LYNN: You might have to do it six or seven or eight or nine or 10. CASSANDRA ROSE: More and more. SPENCER LYNN: The song makes a big difference. They’re all great, they’re all fun. But they are all interesting for different reasons. Just like choosing your favorite place, everyone has their favorites for different reasons. I think everyone will have different answers as to what their favorite song is. CASSANDRA ROSE: The serious impact of music on your experience. When we tried the songs, hundreds of songs, everyone was like, wow, it’s something completely different with these songs, so we worked really hard to choose the songs that we played. I can’t wait for the guests to find their favorites. SPENCER LYNN: And we had a lot of songs that we were going through and thinking, oh, it’s going to work. As soon as we took our seats, um. Maybe not. And then there were those that came out of a completely different place – CASSANDRA ROSE: And it surprised us. Do you have any favorite songs? CASSANDRA ROSE: Mine was the first one we put in in September.

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