(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1595 Answers

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1595 Answers – My mother is an excellent genealogist and has traced several branches of our family tree back to the 1200s and beyond.

That part of the tree is so fragile that it’s really hard to wrap your mind around it – instead of growing, it’s been transplanted back into a beautiful topiary tree.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1595 Answers

The diagram is above, but in words, the integrated part of the family tree history is like this:

Tilting At Windmills #281

Margaret Arden (1488) had a brother and sister (see Yellow Family) who married two of her children (Seafaring Family).

When a pair of great-uncles (Hunter family) and great-uncles (Chartreuse family) had children, they were first cousins ​​* and two first cousins ​​once * removed.

Two of these children, Margaret Arden (1538) and Sir Alexander Webb, the elder, married and gave birth to my grandfather, Sir Alexander Webb, the younger. (purple family).

Robert Shakespeare married Abigail Webb, another daughter of Margaret Arden (1488), and had a son John Shakespeare (magenta family).

Parts Of The Goddess

John Shakespeare married Mary Arden, his first cousin and first cousin once removed, and had a son, William Shakespeare (née Rose).

SO:  William Shakespeare and my grandfather, Sir Alexander Webb, Jr., were: first cousins*, second cousins ​​four times*, and second cousins ​​four times removed*.

William Shakespeare’s grandmothers were sisters, Mary and Abigail Webb (seafaring family). Abigail married Robert Shakespeare (magenta family) and Mary married her uncle, Robert Arden (chartreuse family).

Mary Webb and Robert Arden (Chartreuse family) were Shakespeare’s grandparents, as well as the grandparents of my 15th generation great-grandfather, Sir Alexander Webb, Jr.

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DA:  William Shakespeare was my first cousin 15 times removed* (and many other strange connections through the tangled tree).

If you look at the Shakespeare branch of the family tree (the Red family and beyond), you will see how many ancestors each person has in that column.

But the other three grandparents of William Shakespeare are from the same family and therefore share an ancestor. Basically, Shakespeare’s genetic diversity was half of what it should have been (two ancestral family lines, instead of four). And my grandfather, Sir Alexander Webb, Jr., had only a quarter of the genetic diversity he would have had!

Now, I don’t know if this level of marriage was normal or if it was a small town that had no choice – But we have to wonder if this blended family tree could somehow contribute to Shakespeare’s literature.

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First cousins: They share two sets of grandparents because their parents are siblings.

First cousins ​​once removed: “once removed” refers to a change of generations – So one parent has a first cousin of the other (EX: You and your father’s first cousin are first cousins). remove it.).

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