(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2497 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2497 Answers – Syl Arena (Phoenix, Arizona) is a California-based artist known for exploring non-representational photography. He freely admits that he is addicted to color and shade. In this Voids architectural style, the Arena reflects white light and bright colors in the same building. Combining light, architecture, and glass, Arena finds a transformative relationship that he describes as “interior nature.”

Arena is also interested in commenting on the loss of the visual element in our screen-based world. Increasingly, he presents his images as objects, not just pictures. To achieve this, the Voids are constructed and hung as empty chromogen sheets to deflect the posters from the wall, allowing them to be flexible.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2497 Answers

Arena received an MFA from Lesley College (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and a BFA from the University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona). He has led workshops at the Maine Media Workshop, Santa Fe Workshop, Santa Rock School of Photography, and festivals in Brazil, Canada, Cuba, and Dubai.

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Voids Constructed Syl Arena penetrates the space between. One can look at these pictures and wonder if the metaphor represents the positions between us, or if the metaphor shows that we exist in different ways.

These voids combine mystery and concentration in a way that requires a sophisticated photographer. Arena puts on a comfortable, yet universal look – and carries the idea that their ambiguity invites interpretation. To achieve this, their names (Parna, Quin, Amsu, Jern) are made-up words designed to strip them of their symbolic meaning and to encourage reflection.

Many mistakenly see these images as computer generated. In fact, it seems to contain non-photographic qualities – full colors, changing the relationship between the shape and the ground, shadows that change color, and zigzags that indicate errors in the digital code. Such ideas do not speak to the desire to find the truth in images.

Their visual authenticity reflects the spirit of many Bauhaus photographers because these images were created as archival materials of paper, plastic, glass and metal; Concrete objects provide structure and reflection. Arena does not want to take pictures in front of the track. The unique display of collected objects is not interesting. Instead, Arena tries to create images that show things we can’t see.

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Hello! My first name “Syl” goes with “Bill”. It’s short for “Sylvester”, which was my grandfather’s name. Like her, I have red hair, although mine often borders on crazy red. I come from an Italian farming family. As a child in Arizona, I used to plant and weigh my father’s cotton and wheat for years after school. Although the decades have passed, this legacy informs my ongoing relationship with creation, growth, harvest and rebirth.

From a very young age, I always knew I was creative. Dark photographic alchemy captured my imagination in my youth; I’m still happy. When I got my BFA (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona) at the end of the 20th century, I looked for contemporary photography. After becoming a farmer, my career fluctuated for a few years before I finally settled down as a freelance photographer for ten years – specializing in landscape and product photography. This work is based on the wishes of the client rather than my personal opinion.

In 2013, I accepted a full-time position as an art teacher. My introduction to the pedagogic position hastened my return to focus on personal art. After completing my MA in 2017 (Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts), I continue my interest in digital photography for various electronic projects. Today I live in a rural part of California, roughly between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I try to create a positive experience that encourages the viewer to think critically. At the best of times, one is disconnected from the moment and is moving around at work. Different thoughts and feelings will arise from doing so. At this point, I try to be a catalyst rather than a target.

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I purposely make the position and size ambiguous. Still, the fidelity of colors and shadows is evident. While the former seems obvious, the latter deserves explanation. The light shines, but the shadow shows the shape, form and height.

I see this dichotomy as a hallmark of Western and Eastern philosophies. You may know entomology as “picture” from the Greek φοτογραφί “picture”, meaning “light writing”. Contrast this with the wealth of similar and opposite meanings offered by traditional Mandarin, where the word for photography – 微定 – combines two characters – 终 “shè” and 影 “yĭng”. “Shèiĭng” means “shadow vision”. That image can be seen as “writing light” and “gathering shadows” provides a great source of creative energy.

Although I’m not a poet, I was writing a short poem about a mystery where I came across the idea of ​​collecting shadows.

“Built Voids” is a visual and ambiguous, almost abstract performance that the audience can live with. How did you come up with the idea for the series?

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Much of my artistic life today is inspired by my miraculous survival from a fatal brain aneurysm five years ago. During the two weeks I spent in the neuro-ICU, all the effects of my injuries and emergency care made me mostly aware of the position of the spine and the shape of the spine. I came to the view as an internal state. Fortunately, I am one of the few survivors without physical disabilities. My regular problems are coming up. Healing my mind, reshaping my mind, is an ever-changing process that I participate in and observe.

Get in my place. I look at them and wonder if their metaphors represent the places in me, or if the metaphors show that I am in infinite abundance. Sometimes, I dare to think that there is no difference.

He combines mystery and observation in a way that requires a modern photographer. I construct them as places of beauty—excessive, but universal—and I embrace the idea that their ambiguity invites interpretation. To achieve this, their names are coined words designed to convey meaning and provoke thought.

And wrongly describe them as unrepresentative. Creating abstraction is focusing your thoughts on one part of the bigger picture. Siskind was excluded. My painting is the opposite of abstraction. As I’ll briefly explain, it’s a combination of three layers of structured light, dark transitions, and a distorted camera perspective—a true summary that doesn’t exist until I leave the inner circle.

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They are directly opposite. To begin with, many never get over the intensity of the palettes and therefore cannot go to a deeper level, for which I make no apologies.

The essential challenge to conventional wisdom is that images convey reality through imitation. Although there are guidelines in the work about the nature of photography, making photos as documents is not fun. In the studio, I often marvel at the image behind my 4×5 camera. I actually have to reach behind the ground glass with a stick and touch the subject to hear what the camera is seeing.

There is an old tradition in drawing classes where you try to copy a line by drawing exactly up and then up. The general answer is that high-fidelity design is more faithful to the original because analytical thinking has ceased to lack practical thinking, allowing creative thinking to flourish. I find a strong resonance between the experience and the viewing experience

. If one seeks evidence and rationality with only an analytical mind, one’s reasoning will be short-lived and disappointing. Instead, if one joins

Interview With Syl Arena

Through unstructured thinking, we see what he will see and think about what he thinks without waiting for logical understanding, and then we get personal participation to make it appear.

For a while I didn’t see this combination of words as an oxymoron. I’m thinking about the tension between the nature of architecture and nature.

Another important theme in your series is “the loss of visual elements in our screen-based world”. Where do you think photography will go in the future? Do you think digital will succeed physical?

They really bent like cardboard. It is presented as a blank chromogen sheet (96cm x 140cm) with internal frames that hold the edges of the print flat against the gallery wall. Viewers are often surprised to see these images being diverted. In addition, the surface that is not supported gradually descends to the breath of the field or an interesting view. As one approaches, the wind displaces the feet. I appreciate this reminder of what I am experiencing

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