(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1433 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1433 Answers – Dominic Grace and Eric Hoffman led the following conversation on August 25, 2018 at Inkwell's End in Guelph, Ontario. Dominic Grace; Edited by Eric Hoffman and Seth.

Seth: Thank you. The book is with the publisher and they do all the post production work. They are still scanning pages and making edits.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1433 Answers

Dom: I know that when we last spoke (2014; published in Seth Conversations [University Press of Mississippi, 2015]) you mentioned that you had made some changes.

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Yes, there are some fixes, but it's not a fix that people will notice right away. I did not rewrite large parts of the book; I don't write much. The changes are mainly in the third episode – I really got into it. In the first part I mostly adjusted the color – at the time I was trying to improve the way I used blue and gray, so later it would work a little better – but not dramatically. Trying to make the book more sustainable. In the second part there are some fixed parts, but in the third part there are big changes. I will cut pages or add pages or fix a story that doesn't fit. The part I waited years to change: The main thing that changed was the part where Simon talks to his toys. This is a series I've always hated and always thought was too heavy. And that worries me. I knew it was bad when it came out. I rewrote the terrible dialogue many times over the years to get it right. But it didn't always work; And finally, about a year ago, I had the brilliant idea to take over all the toy discussions.

From history. So Simon answered only with words. A simple solution, but it solved the problem of tightness of this exchange. This episode becomes like a bad horror movie episode or something. in face. I feel better now. Thank God I figured out how to handle it in time to collect it. I thought this scene was lame, but now I'm more comfortable with some of the other odd pairings in the book. It seems right. I am very happy.

Dom: One of the things I noticed re-reading Fan is that the style has changed a lot since its appearance, so that's interesting. In fact, it felt more consistent than I had previously noticed.

Dom: But especially with Simon, it's very scary. I mean, it's not a bad horror movie, but it has a Twin Peaks vibe.

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And with that, I had a strange feeling. As often happens when you seek a strange feeling, It becomes a special feeling. This is the main problem for me. Like I said, I feel like somebody.

Create something strange and not the right emotional tone that comes naturally to the story. Overall, though, I hope the middle room still has an otherworldly feel to it. However, I pray that the parts I put down on paper the first time are not there. I'll let you decide when you see it. Sometimes cartoonists fix something in their work – I've experienced it myself as a reader; I read and edited the works of others; I think cartoonist is better; And you say, “Oh, you broke it.” So you never know. Maybe I made a mistake in setting something up.

? It was about the fifth question or something. It's a long story where Maggie and Howie are staying at the Costigan mansion and having a big party. I thought it was a great story then. When Fantagraphics reprinted the work in the first collection, James revised the story, adding about five pages and changing this and that. However, I still thought, “He's gone.” He tries to get the plot point across, but something subtle gets lost in the editing. I prefer the original. So you never know how people will react to change. But of course you have to go with your gut.

Eric: For the scene with the dolls, the tone seems a bit disturbing. It's a bit awkward when viewed in relation to the rest of the work.

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When I was drawing the story, I was very nervous because I had to wait so long to get to this scene. I thought, “Boy, if I get to that stage, I'm really going to love that scene.” And right after it was published, I said, “Well, it doesn't work.”

So I think. I think this makes it more clear that internal discussions are taking place. There is nothing supernatural. And it brings me back to a lot of what was said there. Seems too obvious or silly…. So now it's more difficult – I'm only getting Simon's replies so it's not as clear as I'm saying.

Yes. His answers are simple. They're not defined, but there's enough dialogue that you can guess what you're talking about without it.

Dom: Speaking of toys, a doll. Talk about a black nose … creepy. Is it based on a real toy or something you designed yourself?

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Ironically, I changed this point as well. This toy is based on a Halloween decoration. Very grounded. It's so funny! When I was working on the book, I missed the obvious fact that the Halloween doll is a black racial figure. Not knowing the full extent of this, I entered it and when I touched it, I realized I needed to explain it more clearly, so I went in and edited it into the artwork. Now it is quite clear. It must be because it reinforces the point I made earlier when Simon bought the red-haired doll from the traveling salesman Whitey. I thought this was an obvious connection and was confused. I look at these pages and wonder why this was not made clear. Somewhere subconsciously, I am still attached to this doll. But I still can't make it clear what I'm doing. Now I'm pretty clear, But these racist images in the book were no accident and I'm glad that now that I've fully thought about it, I know why it's there. I'm often called nostalgic, but I'm aware of the racism and misogyny in this white man's world that I portray. I don't want gold dust from the past.

Because Clyde Fann is firmly at the center of frustration about progress. What is important is that the closed world of these brothers is not a peaceful retreat from reality and that they do not allow the simple idea that the world was better in 1957. Why does Simon return to his room with a racist toy and not one of the other cheap novelties that Whitey sells? Indecent toys are depraved; humiliation Simon allows this to happen because it is a symbol of slavery and the loss of human dignity, but there is also confusion.

Yes, I have been looking through many old books on Halloween decorations. This photo came out of that process.

Yes. It must be a minstrel picture. Or should I say that my original doll character comes from the tradition of ministerial characters? I like a lot of pop culture imagery.

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Now it will be clearer. It only needs a few simple changes to the obvious stereotypical parts. No one will miss the point. believe me

Eric: We talked to you about this when we interviewed you before, so you've been hesitant about the style.

OK Two things make this decision clear. The biggest thing will be the change of from Chris Oliveros to Peggy and Tom. Chris Oliveros first said we could write a second book. Then I still think they might come together in a case or something. I'm not sure I ever discussed this with Peggy, but I think everyone, including me, understands that when the regime changes, this old concept doesn't make sense. The collection will be a book. To tell you the truth This is a book that even casual fans have never heard of.

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