(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2817 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2817 Answers – You qualify for a 10% discount on your order. Act now, this offer ends in 24 hours.

The six-gun provides pavement-breaking power. There are 6 power levels that can be changed on the fly, stacked for power. Improved vehicle tracking with iDash SuperGauge. It comes standard with exclusive AutoRate® and ActiveSafety® engine and transmission safeguards.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2817 Answers

Many tuners reduce fuel delivery as exhaust temperatures rise. But they ignore the drive system! Banks finds the limits of the engine and powertrain, then adds mission-critical Active Safety® and AutoRate® safety measures to keep the six-gun from exceeding those limits. There are 6 power levels to change on the fly. Power is tuned to adjust fuel timing and pressure. As a result, the six-gun beats the Challenger, not your truck!

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Calibrated for sport applications, the six-gun is a performance junkie and adds +127 hp /+345 lb-ft. With its comprehensive CleanTune® technology and flying power, the Six-Gun rockets you

The Banks iDash® 1.8 SuperGauge is awesome! Use it for full control of your six-gun tuner. Earn better profits at the touch of your fingers. Set and monitor EGT, coolant temperatures and a wide range of engine parameters. With enhanced vehicle tracking and diagnostic reading/wiping, you'll wonder how you lived your entire life without the iDash SuperGauge!

Engine differences on 2004 vehicles: Early 2004 vehicles – LB7 engine (8th VIN digit – 1). 2004 vehicles – LLY engine (8th VIN digit – 2).

LB7 Reviews: Monster Exhaust, Ram-Air, Six-Gun Tuner, Big Head 2010-10-04 Frank, Once again just wanted you to know that I received my order and it was well packaged! Your S&R department is doing a very good job and I commend them for that. I know you have to talk to so many people every workday that you can't remember, but I've told you in the past that I'm not mechanically inclined, but I like to change my oil and simple tasks like that. Well, the instructions that came with all my pieces were so detailed that after reading them all, I thought, I think I can do this! I gathered all the tools and started. I'm so excited I can hardly believe it! I connected everything! Yes!!!! I got everything on Friday (good shipping to S.Louisiana in 5 days! Pretty cool. I started on Saturday morning. Now you have to understand, I'm kind of slow, not too confident and need to get back to papers. Read carefully and try all to prevent mistakes. EGT probe drill, right You know, pulled the front wheel, drilled it and tapped the exhaust manifold. I'm going to work on the big head actuator. Wrap and pack the six tuner gun. Sounds good, Frank! Once I get the iDash installed and connected, reattach the battery cables, say a prayer and go wild. Wake up! I may be sleeping in a shed but I'm a happy camper! Thank you! Happy customer and best wishes to your mate : Doug P. Broussard, LA LB7 Six-Gun: Smoke ‘Em Out, Taddy! Duramax LB7 4X4 Crewcab with 6.6L Turbo Diesel Wow! Awesome Power!! I have this Sys like this – no more And my 2 grandsons (5 and 8 years) – “Dad, give me some encouragement!”; “Smoke them, Dad! This s istem makes other vehicles on the road look like four cylinders!! I did it at my local race track (sadly only 1/8 km) but the Mustang GT felt embarrassed that I was up against it. Turned 9.7 flat on the trail – great for a 6,000lb 4×4 cab diesel pickup with spare tires!! No laughing after my run! Thanks for making a killer product!! LB7 tuner and exhaust: more fun than any muscle car I've owned… 2005-04-15 I'm pulling a 12,000 pound trailer with my GMC 6.6 D/A 2500HD. I installed the six gun exhaust, speed loader, and [monster]. Wow!! I was recently towed 2,200 miles from Florida to Indiana and back. The mileage is very high. The exhaust temperature is very low and the torque is incredible. Without a trailer and with a slight touch of the brakes at a red light, almost any production road car smokes. It's more fun than any muscle car I've owned in the last 35 years. Thank you for your great products. Steve Sarasota, FL LB7 Tuner and Exhaust: Other “chipped” diesels couldn't last either! 2005-02-07 I bought my new K2500 crew cab because I outgrew my old 1/2 ton. My business grew so much that my old truck wore out. I've always been a GM guy and tired of the “Power Choke” and “Wait, I'm Cummins” guys bashing Duramax. I started looking into diesel “hop-up” products. I went with Banks because you are known for your significant diesel improvements with a comprehensive concern for safety and reliability. After installation, I was shocked to see the results achieved. I set out to show off my new toys and found that the other “chipped” diesels couldn't hold up either! I wear my banks sticker with pride because all the other guys spend more money on products from other companies to catch me (us). I wish they would listen and call the banks! Jim West Columbia, TX LB7 Six-Gun: Six-Gun Wops All the Matted Chips, Takes My Truck I've had my truck for about 5 years now with a Duramax LB7 with a 6.6L turbo diesel. The day I picked it up from the dealer I dropped it off at the shop for order. This is done through 3 lift kit changes and 4 different tire and wheel packages. I'm really picky about what I like and I wasn't happy until the final lift, rims and tires. Now all I have to do is put on a monster exhaust, intake and a misery chip, but who doesn't have a chip worth the money for the trouble they put me through. I love Banks products and the R/D they put into them, so it was only a matter of time before we saw them come out with another great product that we could use. So I waited until the time was right and ordered my six gun tuner and speed loader. Now I have earlier chips and stacked computers, but that $#@% puts the brakes on. This new product you just released is intense. It's a great combination and it feels great knowing that little anodized aluminum box is under that dash to take care of me, take care of all the other (step) chips, and take care of my truck. I have friends who have thrown a lot of money into their trucks, but when I pass them I don't let them know I don't have any money. I let them continue to buy their tracking kits. That's a nice feeling my friends. Thank you for being #1 the way you are. Take care and hope to see more soon. LB7 Six-Gun: I call it the Kuda because it eats every L turbo-diesel on the road. Early last year I got my pick of trucks: an '02 GMC Crew Crew Short Box 6.6L Turbo Diesel. I call her Kuda because she eats everything in her path. To date we have beaten three 5 liter Mustangs, a Harley Davidson version and every other diesel that dares to keep up. We also got a mention on the Fun in BC 4×4 Club page for the truck that went the furthest on a snowy mountain. When others joked that my truck was too big, asked if they wanted a tow to where I was sitting, or agreed that my truck was king for the day. Banks provide that extra edge that separates girls from boys with baby toys, whether it's in the bush, playing in the mud, crawling in the street (whatever)? The quiet diesel I'm proud of is still there. I'm seriously considering racing at our local track because I can't get enough of the great improvements the Banks products have made for my baby. I actually went to Sport Trucks Unlimited where I bought my bank products to ask about the exhaust package and the guys told me they did 6 more bank installs after me.

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