(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 50 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 50 Answers – You are looking for a game that can provide a lot of English vocabulary for players. Words of Wonders will be a good choice for you. Countless vocabulary of many subjects. Words in everyday life in the vocabulary for miracles. You will be immersed in the word search. But this is also a challenge for players with little vocabulary. Let's start improving your vocabulary.

Words of Wonders is a word game created and developed by Fugo Games – a mobile casual game specializing in iOS and Android development in Turkey. The game can be downloaded for free on mobile devices. The game is available on Google Play and App Store. If you play Words of Wonder, you will be interested in the game interface. Although the interface is simple with a few buttons, the background of the game is very impressive. Publisher used for backgrounds beautiful and real images about nature, wonders and many beautiful places. This is also an opportunity to discover wonders or famous places of many countries. From the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower or lavender fields in France to the Colosseum in Italy, windmills in the Netherlands. And there are different places waiting for you to explore. Moreover, the sound of the game is very funny which helps the player not to feel so stressed while playing.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 50 Answers

Like a word game, players start with some letters as a unique clue. In Words of Wonders these letters will be in a circle. You create new words from scratch and connect them all to get the final crossword solution. If you find it difficult to find words, you can look for other angles to find easier words. Press the random button to change. To support players, the game has provided a crossword puzzle that limits the number of letters. You just have to find the words that match the crossword puzzle. In addition, horizontal crosswords can overlap with vertical crosswords. When you open a crossword, you can rely on the letters that connect the columns and rows to find the word in question. Sometimes the words you are looking for may not match the words required by the game. Words are the decorations added to the hippopotamus bank. Players can use gems to unlock clue letters. 100 gems unlock the letter. Click on the light bulb icon to use the indicator. Additionally, the player can unlock any letter they want. Tap the hammer icon to type a letter. Let's get many gems to unlock many crosswords of the game. In addition, the length of the word is different. Three, four, five crosswords or up to seven crosswords. The higher the level, the longer the crosswords. And there is something special about the game. It is a butterfly that appears in several levels. If you can answer the crossword where the butterfly landed, you will receive a gift and a pearl. You have to wait a bit to open the gift. Butterflies can fly far, so you have to quickly find words. Others contain gems in the shell. If the shell is closed, you will not get the pearl even if you have found the crossword. With every country there are many places to explore. But this part will have many different levels. After clearing all levels you will get gems.

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In addition to English, the publisher provides 39 different languages ​​for the game. For example, China, Japan, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and so on. You can improve the vocabulary of different languages ​​without installing many apps. To change the language, you need to click the settings button and select the language you want to learn. In addition, you can increase the fun by playing with friends or family. But you need to be connected to the internet to play. Press the “JOIN” button when your friends are playing. Exciting matches with friends help you learn better and create a happy atmosphere for everyone. If you want to play a hard level, you can join the daily puzzle. In daily puzzles, crosswords and more letters. One star will be in crosswords. You have to complete the puzzle by following the star words and collecting stars. The player will receive a special prize if he has enough stars. But if you collect all the stars, you will get a picture of a famous place. And there is only one photo in a month. In addition, you can earn more gems with daily spin times. After the first spin, you must watch an ad to continue the spin.

With simple gameplay, it has attracted more than 50 million players. Connect the letters without lifting the finger. The game will be a way to test how wide your vocabulary is. Your vocabulary may be more limited than you think. In addition, the game will take you to many different places, especially the seven wonders. Thanks to the rich game database, each miracle and level gradually becomes more difficult, you can improve and develop your vocabulary for English and different languages ​​every day. Let's find your own way to learn to improve your vocabulary better. Simple and beautiful game design with various levels and puzzles that will give you more fun during the game. In addition, the soundtrack and beautiful location will help you relax. In addition, you can play games anywhere without an internet connection. Let's play with your friends for fun.

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