(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 529 Answers

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This is a walkthrough for the Archon quest Confessions of a Stranger, the second quest in Chapter 2 – Act I: The Immutable God and Eternal Euthymia. Here you will find the full link to the entire search.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 529 Answers

You slowly reach Rito Inazuma and meet your contact, Touma. But it seems that foreigners are not welcome here…

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Now that you’ve finally made it to Inazuma Toma, he suggests checking in at the border crossing. Before you leave, grab the two lavender melons above the crates to the left, one of the new food items added with Inazuma, then take the path to the east. As you approach the end of the road, you will see a border crossing on the left. Talk to Inspector Kageyama and he will ask you the details, which is the most important reason for you to be in Inazuma. Choose one of the options and Peimon will eagerly tell the inspector your reason before Touma saves him from embarrassment and presents the inspector with your credentials. He then says that if you want to stay Rito, you have to follow the process.

Continue east, loot the crates along the way, climb the stairs to reach a plaza type area, continue east, climb the next set of stairs, then go south and meet Inspector Eureka’s speech. He will tell you that the processing cost of two million mura will be staggering, leaving you and Paymon in shock. Touma tells him that you are good friends with him and he lowers it to 400,000 mura. Even better, it’s still too rich for you, and Touma convinces him to settle for 600 mura, which is more like it.

Eureka is trying to take advantage of you with extortionate processing fees. Tom comes to the rescue again.

Peimon can’t believe he went from two million to 600 Morai, and explains to Touma that they always try to save as much as they can, and most people accept it because they don’t have many options. After some more chatting, you tell Tom you need to meet Raiden Shogun, who says he has the resources to help make it happen, but he wants a favor in return. He wants you to help the International Trade Association, which has been struggling lately.

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After the scene is over, go west, go down the stairs and immediately turn south, then go east past Xixi and talk to Kuriso. Peimon tells her you heard they’ve been having problems lately and she says she thinks it’s because of Sakura’s order but she says it’s Kanju’s job, not that. They seem to be responsible for controlling all of Rito, imposing astronomical tax rates, incredible regulations, and worst of all, a recent tax ordinance that changes the way they pay their taxes.

It used to be with Mora, but now they want to pay for it with something called Crystal Mara, which no one had heard of until the new tax decree. Because of this, the price of maru crystal has skyrocketed, and only one seller has it in stock, and it costs a lot of money. If this trend continues, their income tax will increase. Choose the seller you want to review and Kurisu will tell you where to find it.

After the scene is over, go southwest, go down the stairs, find the merchant under the tree to the east. Approach him on stage and Werner will say that he doesn’t know you and ask if any new people have arrived. You ask him exactly where he gets his stuff, and he shys away from asking such a question, saying it’s a trade secret. Then you ask him to lower the prices and he clicks that you are here from Kurisu and the trading forum. He says that we cannot agree on a price and says to leave. Pimon asks what to do and you suggest asking Tom.

After the scene, return to the Trade Guild and Touma can be found east of it on the stairs. Talk to him and he will tell you that you have a small problem. Thomas gives advice on how to talk to Werner and also tells him that he is from Mundstadt. Also, you will learn that it used to be part of the International Trade Association.

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After the scene, return to Werner and talk to him again for another scene. He doesn’t seem too happy to be talking to you again, but with a few clever lines reminding him of the freedoms of the Mundstadt, he gets what you’re talking about. After the second dialogue option, you should give him a local specialty, something from Mondstadt, and most everything you have.

What you do works and he begins to remember Mondstadt, followed by another line to make the memories more vivid. He knows you’re tugging at his heartstrings, but before he squeals about it, tell him to close his eyes and think. You’ll start talking about different regions that will make him miss more, especially Lijue, and this time give him the local Lijue specialty, again give him more of what he has. He asks you to stop and says your poor heart can’t take it anymore.

(1 of 2) Dandelion seeds are perfect for use here as they can be obtained outside of Mondstadt.

Dandelion seeds are perfect for use here as they are available outside of Mondstadt. (left), any local specialty will work as long as it is from the region, in this case Liyue. (To the right)

Confessions Of An Outlander

You will tell him that the guild members feel the same way. He says that he always wanted to talk to them and get rid of the pain, but they always found a way to overcome their problems and he was always too weak to do so. In the end, he finally spills the beans and tells him that the failure of the Maru crystal was a scam by Kijiro and his friends on the tax collector Ashigaru.

Here’s the trick…they overtax the merchants, then take the crystal core and store it, when the merchants stop buying, they have to buy from Werner, who sells at a high price. All proceeds go to Kijiro and his entourage, and Werner has enough to live on. You will tell him that you need proof and he will tell you that he always goes to the same place when he gives Mura Kijiro and he will show you where it is.

After the scene is over, go northeast near the Trade Guild and you will encounter another scene, you will encounter Kijiro and Pimon advises you to follow him.

After the cutscene ends, you have to follow Kijiro without him noticing, which puts you in Stealth mode and you have to avoid getting caught. If you get too close to him, the eyepatch above his head will start to turn red and Peimon will whisper in your ear, “Too close, too close! He will surely understand!” If this happens, quickly move away from it and wait for the icon to return to normal, if it ends you will have to restart this part of the task.

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(1/2) Keep the same distance as shown here to avoid warning Kijiro that you are following him.

Keep the same distance as shown here to avoid warning Kijiro that you are following him. (left), if you are too close, the red eye icon fills up. If this happens, stay away from it. (To the right)

This means that if you get too far away from him, Peimon yells, “He’s getting farther and farther away. Let’s get some.” If you don’t close the gap soon, you’ll lose it and have to start this step over. The ideal gap is shown in the picture below. As you descend the first set of stairs, He walks to the left and waits for her a few steps back at the top of the stairs.

After a second or two it will move slightly to the right and stop in front of the stairs, stay where you are until it moves again. As you move, he will jump up the stairs to your right and go around the wall to the south. Continue with him but stay back a bit before going around the wall as he will stop again to trap you. After he stops talking, he runs again, chasing down the dirt road in a southeasterly direction

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