(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 387 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 387 Answers – What’s the deal with the Enneagram? Should Christians Disclose Their Phone Number? Should a minister use it when introducing staff? Dr. Chris Berg recently published a book on this subject, which was very helpful. You can watch the talk at the following link.

Chris Berg is Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Ecclesia College. His YouTube channel, Spirit of Truth Outreach, offers courses on theology, scriptures, and apologetics. His new book The New Age Trojan Horse: What Christians Need to Know About Yoga and Enneagram is out.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 387 Answers

We also recently updated our archive to include all previous interviews from the Captain’s Corner Podcast, with over 50 interviews with Tony and Lauren Dungey, Ben Witherington III, Salvation Army General Horst Schulze and more.

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Well, I’m so glad you came to the podcast for more information. Today’s story is the kind of interesting topic I’ve been wanting to explore for some time. We have experts to talk to about this. , and it is a PhD. Chris Berg, a resident of Durham, North Carolina, recently completed his PhD in Apologetics, which allows him to focus his focus on aspects of the New Age movement and how it is expressed today. So I listened to Chris on Sean McDowell’s podcast and was fascinated by the way he handled the questions. It was quite fresh at the time and everything was on the tip of his tongue. Chris welcome to the podcast.

ANDY MILLER III: Dr. Berg, we begin. I’m not sure if you can call me Andy I.

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Andy Miller III: When they call me, I mean most of the time I was called a doctor when I was serving as a pastor. talking about.

ANDY MILLER III: Thank you appropriately in this way. But you can call me ANDY. Sorry if I call you CHRIS.

Andy Miller III: Well, I wanted to talk about a few things related to that. But now that you have published this book and paper, you can see the paper version. Really helpful, but it’s called New Age.

Andy Miller III: The Trojan Horse, the New Age Trojan Horse So before you think about this Trojan Horse.

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ANDY MILLER III: Now, you and I are probably a bit younger than I am, especially with respect to the Gram story of your research into the New Age movement as a whole.

Andy Miller III: I was wondering if you could help us understand the New Age movement before we get into how it manifests itself.

Christopher Berg: Of course, now that we’re starting to dive into the New Age movement, the main thing to understand is that, like many movements, it went through phases.

Christopher Berg: And what it looks like now is superficially very different from what it looked like in the 1970s, and that’s one of the reasons.

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Christopher Berg: So in the 1970s, in response to those things that have happened recently, in response to a number of other things, in response to the peace movement in the 1960s, in response to the sexual revolution, the Vietnam War.

Christopher Berg: In response to the distrust of institutions, we see people of different faiths, spiritual leaders and experts coming together.

Christopher Berg: Their belief in what is called the New Age movement is now not a monolithic organization, but a really diverse organization, a diverse group of people.

Christopher Berg: That person has a similar worldview, and this worldview mainly has the following framework that we are essentially gods.

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Christopher Berg: All right. Pantheistic or pan-fanatic, depending on which version, but we are definitely you.

ANDY MILLER III: That’s great. It’s a useful distinction between pantheism and what you get when you go to Wesley Bible Seminary on the other subject of pantheism. .

Christopher Berg: Pantheism, of course, is the idea that everything is one and everything is God, not ISM.

Christopher Berg: He is somehow embodied in you so that even if your material nature is wrong, your spiritual nature is God.

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Andy Miller III: Perfect Perfect Alright, sorry to interrupt each of you in the world talking about one of its key features, the New Age universe.

Christopher Berg: The Third Creation is that in your terms, in their language, in order to be saved, you must dive into yourself, engage in conscious spiritual practice, and achieve the realization and understanding that you are God.

Christopher Berg: And finally, if we go through this process and the whole world joins you, we will enter a new utopian era. So the utopian vision is a very powerful new era.

Christopher Berg: All of that philosophy and theology is still there, you can’t see a lot of crystals and you can’t see a lot of tarot readings and things like that.

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Christopher Berg: Now, just as we see this worldview applied to things like health products, we see these worldviews applied to things like self-help books.

Christopher Berg: If you apply it to occultism, you see exactly what it applies to rituals and things people engage in.

Christopher Berg: It’s more in a worldly sense, but now they also have this new age foundation. For example, there is nothing wrong with taking dietary supplements.

CHRISTOPHER BERG: But now, if you survey society, you see that a huge New Age worldview has been announced.

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Andy Miller III: It’s interesting to mention health products, but I’ve noticed that there are shampoos that say the same thing, just like regular store-bought products that we use regularly.

Andy Miller III: Right, I didn’t have the shoulders to do that. But people follow that idea, like finding something to direct their lives, a direction in which they see the world.

ANDY MILLER III: Since we were interested in this question just now, Dr. I’m not sure when George Gnz was first published. He talked about how liberal Christianity and conservative Christianity function as two different things sociologically.

ANDY MILLER III: Religion, so what he suggested is that it’s because you have a different worldview. That’s why you’re saying here, too, that we have a completely different worldview. New Age movement.

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Christopher Berg: Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening right now. We’ll cover some issues later. But Christians are actually collecting methods.

Christopher Berg: What’s new is that it’s basically a new era in their philosophy of thought where they get a Christian veneer and collect them in their lives and that starts to corrupt their belief system.

Andy Miller III: Okay, so now your thesis is suggesting that it’s emerging in the Instagram movement and you’re probably talking worldviews.

ANDY MILLER III: Graham and I don’t know if some of you are already backing down and saying oh Andy, we should just back off.

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ANDY MILLER III: I guess that helps me and I’ll answer that question in a moment, but I’ll help Dr. Berg see the connections first and then we all come up with some questions about some of them. I will try. Of them .you gave me

Andy Miller III: Well, what’s the connection? Where is the Unigram? To tell you my experience, all of a sudden everyone started talking about a lot of people in my world.

Andy Miller III: To defend myself and say I’m 4 or 3

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