(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2111 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2111 Answers – My grandparents, Pansy and Roscoe Stockton, grew up in a home with strong women who were not blind in a male-dominated world to succeed in work, writing, language and teaching. Pansy’s mother ran bakeries, boarding houses, and at her guest house at the Grand View Hotel in Eldorado Springs, Colorado, which was J.L. RePass, Manager. Roscoe’s mother traveled with her preachers, an entertainer in her own right, and the Denver City Directory lists her as her husband Jessie D.A. Stockton, Elocutionist. His lectures were published in collections in the early 20th century.

Roscoe and Pansy surround themselves with women who are as independent as their mothers. One of them is composer, pianist, teacher and speaker Estelle Philleo.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2111 Answers

Born in Parkman, Ohio in 1880 or 1881, Estelle grew up in Mason, Michigan, south of Lansing. In her twenties, she moved to Denver and studied piano at Wolfe Hall.

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At that time, he was another young man who was empty-handed and didn’t want to leave the motorhome for dinner. Arthur Chapman, staff writer

, a song he included in his daily Center Shots column, was never written. Come up with. He writes a song every day. Not only wrote, but immediately published the poem for everyone to read. It was either brave or foolish, and I believe that about five o’clock young Arthur thought of the latter.

As always, innovation is needed, and when he saw an Associated Press report about a meeting of governors who decided to recognize the border between East and West, jumped his fingers on the keys to press a song that becomes the words for a possible song. one day it will be marketed as a western song

A song for the south. At the time he wrote this, he was not thinking much and was just happy to go to dinner.

The Jewish Weekly Issue 241 By The Jewish Weekly

In 1911 December. the song was published in newspapers around the country. It is so beloved and remembered that it has been printed in newspapers for years and used in advertisements that have not seen a penny from us, the young poet Arthur Chapman.

By mail from Arizona. The name of the author is not mentioned, so he is lost in irony living in the same house where it was written at the time. Admiring the spirit of the West, Estelle loved words and was immediately drawn to music. He sang to some friends and they encouraged him to write, so he did it and stuck.

About two years later, Estelle was in Chicago with her friend Margaret St. Vrain Sanford of Greeley, Colorado. He persuaded Estelle to advertise

It’s an idea. In 1919 Estelle went to New York to welcome the returning soldiers in a small space between Fifth and Sixth Avenues on West 40th Street, in front of the building. bookcase, marked “SOLDIERS AND SAILORS HEADQUARTERS OF MICHIGAN. “.

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Estelle Philleo has confirmed that Arthur Chapman will finally be paid for a love poem he wrote ten years ago.

Margaret St. Vrain Sanford asked Estelle to write a lyric for a popular song often attributed to an unknown author.

Estelle joked that she would dream of being a pioneer that night and see what happened. Incredibly, he woke up with a full scar on his head.

Margaret St. Vrain Sanford came from a prominent family in the Estes Park area of ​​Colorado. Owners of the famous Sanford Ranch, SS is their trademark and is featured on three of the songs written by Estelle and published by Margaret:

The Auburn Plainsman

. The Chicago label took the songs and left the SS branding printed on the sheet music because they wanted a unique piece style. Western artists were chosen for the music cover. My great-grandfather, Roscoe Stockton, who was not known as an artist, did the cover painting.

1920 Although Roscoe’s family lived in the same part of Michigan as Estelle at the turn of the century, Roscoe’s mother also worked as a piano teacher in Denver and ran children’s programs. school like those surrounded by Estelle.

“In that way! A west wind blows the way. Ways! What value of story, poetry and love is created around the mind created by a simple word. How to remember the hat and shoulder gun of Daniel Boone, the brave deeds of Crockett, Bridger, “Wild Bill” and Kit Carson. How do we think of going to that grave on Lookout Mountain where lies the behind the great footsteps, Buffalo Bill. There were many bloody battles of the early pioneers along the way. Along the trails, the fire of America’s brave men and women burned, when the entire west was wild desert. By the way, all the beauty of man and woman, all the treasures of life in general, have fallen into the great game of Western civilization. With abandon of pioneers, giants of courage, nobility, and endurance, most of our love, spirit of adventure, and western life; but the ways can be preserved mel dusty earthy emele, now only in visual forms, to be preserved in the country if we work hard for these ancient noble ways, almost forgotten now.

Estelle doesn’t stay in one place for long. Although the Western thought was fixed, the peripatetic composer went and walked the path of time in a new way. At one point, Estelle lived in Rosebud, Montana, of course

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He proudly announces himself, saying that the city is the birthplace of many of his songs. Estelle toured with Badger Clark, who was known as a badger songwriter and wrote the lyrics to Estelle’s music.

Estelle participates in the Setting the West to Music program, where she spends ten or more weeks at a location learning the Melody Way, teaching a piano class that culminates in a performance. public.

“I want my music to show the life of the west and the expanses of the west – the glory – that’s what’s important in the west and nowhere else,” Estelle told the Tucson native in her visiting in “Western music” in 1928

While on the same trip in Wichita, Kansas, the Wichita Eagle wrote that Miss Philleo entrusted herself with the task of making the silence of the wide open spaces and distant mountains speak well to her children. itself and the rest of the country. The same article mentions Estelle

Wallstreetjournal 20170203 The Wall Street Journal

The tour won the band awards and was written “with its composer sitting at the window watching the boys go down the Michigan road to France.” Estelle later explained that she actually wrote the song two years after watching the soldiers march down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and performed it for the first time in New York when she going to salute a soldier in Michigan.

Estelle said, “If you were to ask me where I think the West began, I’d have to put Wichita. But I must quote Collier’s old editor on this subject: “The West begins where a brave heart dares to answer the voice of vision, whether on the Atlantic or the Pacific or the plains in between … we belong to the machine. . made, cut and dried culture … feet on the ground.” (

According to this description, Estelle Philleo is entering the West. He is a true dreamer and a creative independent spirit.

Of the six musical groups known thus far, Roscoe’s probably had the honor of having more of Estelle Philleo’s music than any other.

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Published in 1921 Roscoe’s poems are about the feeling that it is dark but the sun is still far in the west where a lover looks at the sky. The viewer feels that if the lover sees the night surrounding the viewer, changing the distance, approaching the distant lover.

, a favorite among Wichita schoolchildren, probably because Kansas chose the meadowlark as its state bird.

An unwavering hope, Roscoe’s writing always sparkles with hope. No matter the darkness, there is always the unseen sun or the stars above the clouds.

As a music producer, it’s interesting to me to think about what creativity was like in the 1930s and 1930s. Forget about software. You have to listen to the music

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