(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 329 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 329 Answers – #329: Josué has a growing hyper-fixation: plants. Buds tell about their experiences in caring for plants and all the fruitful forms that can grow from such a rich subject. And of course they can’t go without some good tips about certain types of garden.

Welcome to Radio GT on the Geek Therapy network. Here at Geek Therapy. We believe that the best way to understand ourselves and others is through the media we care about. My name is Mark Quariz and I was joined by Keller.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 329 Answers

Yes. So I really love when we have the opportunity to do workshops for GT, Geek Therapy 101 or teach as an introduction to Geek Therapy. We have done this many, many times. And I always ask at the beginning, what are some of your fandoms or hobbies? Like, what is something? If you could, do you know what your favorite pastime is? And you know, we’re usually like, oh, like, doing comics and video games and cosplay and movies, blah blah. And someone always says gardening. And every time I know it, someone says gardening. So I jumped in. I’m like, oh, gardening. It’s excellent. It’s excellent. big. Tell me some things about gardening. I don’t know anything about gardening except things like that, tools and different things I don’t know. I’m sure you know a lot about gardening. And you see, for example, some of the things that happen, you know, with your plants, you think about them. And maybe there are metaphors that you relate to in real life. Then they might come in handy. It’s like, yeah, perfect. So it’s like gardening and sports or enjoying religion, like all three love super, the ones we never talk about. But it helped frame it for people who don’t understand what we’re talking about. Depending on the person, they get one of these three. Then it’s easy to explain. So I recently moved and am now a plant parent. Being who I am now I think I’ve ticked off all the stereotypical millennial stuff meaning I think I’ve completed the bingo card. And now I am my plant parent. And he was like, some things are just, I don’t know, yeah, yeah, it’s fun. I like this. But it’s also good, like, everything I talked about in the workshops is real, like, the metaphors there, they’re very clear. And if you’re constantly doing something like tinkering with plants, some thoughts will come to you that may be relevant in other parts of your life. So today I want to talk about plant care and gardening and also about some video games related to plants. Because it is very, very, very timely. And so there are things that are quite self-explanatory. So I’ll start by asking you all, how much do you currently know about the plant kingdom? How many of you have plants, do you have a home brand? do you have plants

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I have a house And of course I have some plants. But, they are not my plants. Plants are my wife. In reality, however, he is going to Sweden, he and his mother are going on vacation for about 10 days. so

Now I am responsible for taking care of the plants. And she made sure to go over it thoroughly. Here’s how to water them. So they must be watered. And that’s how they should be treated. All these things. so

No, because I do, I have friends and I know people who are plant parents and very knowledgeable about everything related to plants. So I know there are a lot. I don’t think my focus will allow me to do that. This is why I personally don’t think I’ll ever be able to go gardening. Although there have been times when it seems over-fixing, I want to grow strawberries. Will it ever happen? No. But it’s one of those things, like, it interests me. I just feel like no, I don’t think I have as much focus or the same amount of motivation. Encouraging is probably the wrong word. But like me, I just know myself and I know I’ll forget about them or I won’t be able to handle them the best way. But for her, she is very successful with everyone. And I mean, it’s 10 days, I can keep them alive for 10 days.

Me, I’m sure. And you know, I’d be happy to take the blame if, for whatever reason, even if I follow these instructions to a tee, they somehow die on my watch.

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You know, I’ll take that as a sign that you never have to take care of the plants. You never have to touch anything green again.

So yes, this is definitely my current hyper-fixation. And I wish I didn’t keep it, but yes, I have a few plants now. And one thing you said is one of the first things I realized and it challenges me. And there seems to be no immediate satisfaction. So, they just don’t come out like that. Video games lied to me. You know, you just wake up in the morning and you know they’re bloated and they don’t have a regular schedule.

This is true. I meant to say, I have one flower that blooms like any other day. And I’m like, okay, okay, I see a pattern. So it was a really good exercise for me to commit to something that is a very slow, very slow process, and you do things and you can’t wait to see what happens. It was good exercise for me. And that was one of the first things where I was like, oh, oh, this is challenging, but the way I see it, I see the benefits here. And actually, one of the things, one of the reasons I wanted to do it was because I saw a video that said most of them only have three out of 10 home buying programs like survive the first two months or something like that? I think not. Like, how, how was that possible? Do not know. Like it stayed in my mind. And I was a gift of a greenhouse. I got a plant and started taking care of it. So I started thinking about doing more things like this one thing. I’m fine, yes, good, interesting. Keep us in touch. Mark, how many plants will you kill?

But I will say that I am very proud that as we were on Mother’s Day when like my mother and her mother and my grandmother through my mother all the mothers and Alyssa bought these rose bushes as small rose bushes and so she decided well, how do we buy a large piece of land as a larger pot and plant it, I don’t Can talk today probably. And even though it was like starting to die because it took us a while to like it, now like with our regular watering at all, like every day and they like to pay attention to it, because he’s really starting to like it more. More. As it was, it was really good to see things like this

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Exactly. And the truth is, they die as they are, but then they bring back a little more and a few roses every now and then. So I think it’s very nice. I think it really needs some trimming.

I know, I’m learning, I just need some help. But other than that, she does, so I hope I don’t spoil it.

The hope Bye Bye. Congratulations Mark. Okay Lara, you know about roses, it looks like you, do you have plants?

I have I have a house I have a garden. I am currently struggling with aggressive and overgrowing trees growing out of our foundation. And they put as if, they, as they are, bring it to the ground as toxic substances, so that the plants do not grow. that was fun. But Nina and I couldn’t keep the plant alive until we moved here. We have one of these things

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