(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2559 Answers

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Preface exercises and tests to develop English skills For students in grades 6, 9 and 10, this edition of the English Institute’s Elementary Education Committee is designed to guide teachers of English. To academic leaders and practitioners in education, to develop English language skills and improve English language teaching achievement. Also preparing students for the national examination for basic education. The English Language Institute’s Office of Primary Education recognizes the importance of developing English language skills as an important tool in helping learners become familiar with test formats, test sequences and assessment practices. Levels affecting test results National Organization for Primary Education (O-NET) Thank you to all the working groups involved in preparing you for the exercises to improve your English skills. We sincerely hope that it will be useful in the field of education, art and adults for further development. Continued, Basic Education Committee of the Ministry of Education, 2016, English Language Development Practice, 2016 School Year, Middle English Language Institute in partnership with 6 page 2

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2559 Answers

Instruction, research, and testing to develop the English language. For students of 1st Suksa 6, Mattayom Suksa 3 and Mattayom Suksa 6, this issue consists of 3 parts: Unit 1 1.1 Skill Practice English Skills Grade 6 with Explanations 200 Questions 1.2 English Skills Practice Sheets, Grade 3, 200 with Explanations Question answers 1.3 English skills for grade 6, 200 items with explanation, part 2 2.1 Use pre-test for grade 6 practice sheets, 20 questions with answers 2.2 Use pre-test for junior high school 3 practice questions, 20 questions with answers 2.3 Use the practice table before testing Sixth graders 20 questions with answers Part 3 3.1 After testing using the grade 20 average school learning form requires explanation. The Cretan language teacher or responsible person should plan to use these exercises to develop English skills. Depending on the situation in the school, proceed according to the planned steps, study the details in advance and prepare documents, materials and equipment according to the number of students. Also measure and evaluate before and after use. To understand and build on the development outcomes of the skill development exercise Kanarayan, a summary report needs to be written. Information for further improvement Exercises to develop English skills, Academic year 2016, Middle 6, page 3

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Practice Sheets for English Skills, Grade 6 ************************************** Instructions 1. Skills 200 questions including English practice sheets, Part 1: Convention topics 1-30 Part 2: Grammar and vocabulary questions 31-100 Part 3: Reading comprehension questions 101-160 Part 4: Error detection questions 161 -200 2. This set The exercises are in the form of tests with 5 multiple choice answers and 1 answer practice. The Development of English Language Skills, 2016 school year, 6th grade, page 4

Part I: Conversation (1-30) Direction: Read the dialogue and choose the best expression to complete each missing part. Situation: Cathy had a great vacation. She went to the beach and lay down. Leo: Kei Qian, how was your vacation? Cathy: _______1_______ I had a great time at the beach! Leo: No wonder you’re so dark! Cathy: Yes. I have plenty of time to get in shape. Leo: What else did you do? Cathy: Nothing. just relax. Singh: _______2_______ Looks great! Cathy: Trust me – it works! 1. 1. It’s not bad, it doesn’t matter. 2. I think it’s cool! Oh wonderful! 4. Very beautiful. 5. Oh, I love the sea! 2.1 How is this possible! 2. It was a wonderful journey. Can I come with you next time? 5. I wish I could leave the situation: Robert’s cavity was filled this morning. Although he is feeling better today, the cavity is really giving him a headache. Cindy: Hi Robert. What happened to your face? _______3 ______ _Robert: I had to get my teeth filled today. Cindy: Does it hurt? Robert: I don’t even want to talk about it. _______4 _______ Cindy: How long have you been sitting in that chair? Robert: _______5 _______ But the worst part is getting over and over. They had to give me three injections! Exercises to develop English skills, academic year 2016, 6th grade, page 5

Cindy: Well, I guess you learned a good lesson, ha! You must take good care of your teeth! Robert: Stop joking! Not that I can’t take the pain, man! _______6 _______ The bill is due Cindy: _______7 _______ Robert: I know, but it still doesn’t cover everything. 3. 1. Looks swollen. 2. You seem excited. 3. Are you very sick? 4. Are you happy? , It looks yellow. 4.1 So far so good. 2. It took a long time. 3. I’ll never forget this! 4. It’s killing me! 2. It was over in a jiffy. 3. Just a few seconds. 4. It took a long time. 5. I can survive. 6.1 He turned me on. I do not know. 4. I’m sorry. 5. It’s amazing! 7.1 Why don’t you use a credit card? 2. Don’t have dental insurance? 4. The cost of going to the dentist is high. 5. You usually spend a lot of money on expensive things, don’t you? Exercises for the development of English skills, academic year 2016, 6th grade, 6th grade, page 6

Situation: Lisa is talking to Ross, her friend from college. Lisa: Ross, you seem worried. _______8______ waiting list. ________9_______ Lisa: I wouldn’t say that! Many people may drop out and then there will be vacancies. you never know. Ross: I hope so. Lisa: Come on, cheer up. Very. _______10_______ 8. 1. Can you tell me your problem? 2. If you need any help, please feel free to let me know. 3. What have you been doing lately? 4. How can I help you? 1. Very difficult. 2. I can’t compare and agree. 3. I wish I could attend this class. 4. How do I get to this class? 5. I think the chances are slim. just exercise. 2. Where there is a will, there is a way. 3. Best of luck next time. 4. Enjoy your life. 5. Be patient. Margaret, Assisted Living Manager. Victoria: Hi, is Margaret there? Margaret: That’s him. Victoria: Hi Margaret, this is the tenant of flat 10. I think my kitchen sink is clogged again, _______11______ Margaret: Well, I’ll send someone over tomorrow. Victoria: Well, _______12______ if you send someone to fix it today. really unpleasant! I can’t cook and I can’t take a bath. School Year 2016, 6th grade, page 7

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Margaret: Very well, _______13_______ Victoria: Thank you very much. 11. 1. I can’t fix it. 2. The bathtub is also beyond repair. 3. Now it needs to be fixed. ____ didn’t work. 12. 1. I would be glad to 2. I really appreciate it. 3. Can you be more polite? 4. I am very sorry. I’ll be up in a few minutes. 2. I am very busy now. 3. You have to call a plumber. 4. But you have to pay. 5. Fix it next week. : Carol is at the post office. Postman: What can I do for you today? Carol: I want mail. Please send this package to New York. Post Office Clerk: Yes, _______14______. about five pounds. Will reach tomorrow. Or you can send it priority and it will arrive on Saturday. Carol: Saturday’s fine. how much is that? Post Office Clerk: $11.35. _______15______ Carol: Oh yes! A philatelic album is also required. 14.1. It looks heavy 2. I see how much it is 3. Let us see how much it weighs 4. Don’t you know that it is expensive 5. Let us see how much it weighs #6 Page 8

15. 1. Can I help with anything? 2. What do you want me to do? 3. Do you need anything else? 4. Do you pay by cash or card? 5. Everything is for today. 16. Scenario: Your best friend is trying on a new dress. She doesn’t look good in clothes You tell her: ______________________ 1. Sometimes you look ugly. 2. You are not going to buy it, are you? 3. I don’t think this dress suits you. 4. Please don’t buy this dress. 5. It’s not for you at all. 17. Situation: Laura, your best friend is disappointed with her test results. When you hear this, you want to please her. You say: ____________________ 1. You really let me down. This is a very important exam. 2. How awesome! I’m sure you’ll pass next time though. 3. Shame on you! I hope things work out in the end. 4. What a pity! I still believe you’ll pass next time. 5. What a nuisance! Maybe he will get well soon. 18. Situation: Your sister thinks the restaurant your family went to is better than any other restaurant down the street. You disagree with his view. You say: ____________ 1. That is correct. 2. I can’t say that I agree. 3. I completely agree. 4. It is not

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