(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2393 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2393 Answers – This is the second part of our author roundtable with Claire’s Book Club and superfan Sarah as we discuss more glowing thoughts about the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Also, Jill has a story she’s been waiting seven weeks to tell.

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2393 Answers

Hello TKFLASTAN fans, and welcome to another episode of Keep the Flame Alive, a podcast for Olympic and Paralympic fans. I’m your host, Jill Jarex, joined by my lovely partner, Alison Brown, as always. Alison, hi, how are you?

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[00:00:44] Alison: I’m at the satellite studio today. So you can hear other noises. Unfortunately, this is no magic vacuum. There may be some traffic. There may be other things. So I apologize in advance. I can’t cram enough stuff.

[00:01:03] Jill: It’s okay. But I think everyone is used to the hype surrounding this podcast.

[00:01:21] Jill: Great. If you’ve been in a Facebook group, you’ve probably seen something called Podca$h. Here are the organizations that fund podcasts. We ask you to write a love letter.

Many of you have already done it. Thank you for it paying off. We got a grant. So we have $250 that we can spend on whatever we want, which is something we’ll find out in the near future, because we have a long list of things we want to do on the show, that’s for sure. .So thank you to everyone who wrote us love letters. We really appreciate it, it helps the show a lot, thank you very much.

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[00:02:09] Alison: Yes. I just can’t, or maybe I’m a vampire. I can’t go to bed at the right time and wake up at the usual time. Or maybe I love my time in China, but I’m still struggling.

[00:02:21] Jill: Wow. I think I’ve done a good job after last week. I’m going to Indiana. So I’m on Central Time instead of Eastern Time. It makes me sad a little bit, sleeps well but some days I’m sleepy and I think more when I’m really sad. This is Bao Bao’s situation is not very good.

I’m dying. My friend bought frozen Korean dumplings this weekend, but they are lovely and a great substitute, but I need to buy packets soon.

[00:02:58] Alison: I want fried eggs back in my house. It’s just that they are so cute, and the little man drinking yogurt is so cute. When I mentioned how much I love yogurt, one of our lovely volunteers said, “Maybe on Amazon?” I could start researching this.

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[00:03:21] Jill: Last week we talked about Beijing with Claire’s book club and super fan Sarah. We talked for a long time. So we had to split it into two parts. This is the second part. Pack up guys, because you’ve got a long way to go today.

So, let’s get into the gist. What are your favorite moments from the Olympics and Paralympics? Let’s start with Sarah.

[00:03:52] Sarah: So, I brought the whole written list and a lot of my stuff, and Claire will be speaking, so I won’t include them. But beforehand, it’s perhaps not surprising that I repeated everything Claire said. First and foremost for me is Elana Myers Taylor. And I feel like it’s easy to root for him, as much as anyone else. It’s not hard to see what kind of person she is, so it’s easy to root for her.

We also recorded it on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st. Say hello to her sweet little boy Nico. I love her role as a mother, especially a mother of a child with special needs, and she used her platform to not only bring attention to the Down syndrome community, but also to auction off one of his jackets. . She affords to organize a fundraising opening for people with Down syndrome. That’s why I love everything about Elana Myers Taylor. He is great. Then, to get him there, he was chosen as the standard bearer, and then he couldn’t parade because he had Covid, but he still got bronze and silver. In the women’s bobsled, she’s the GOAT.

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It was really great to see Kelly Humphreys succeed and win gold. It’s good to see him play as an American because I’m pretty biased against Team USA. We have installed it. But with her journey and everything she’s been through, especially now with the development of bobsledding in Canada, you know, me, I think she’s probably doing pretty well. So yeah, I just love them all for our women’s bobsled team. Claire. I know you like sledding too, so that’s pretty cool.

[00:05:35] Jill: I was quickly interrupted. Gliding lights are what that looks like to me, even though we see it on the channel in the studio, the sport of gliding doesn’t exist for me because I can’t go out and pull when they’re racing.

[00:05:52] Claire: Okay. Very good. I think they’ll show the five best sleds they’ll show in the afternoon, evening report, they’ll show lap three and then lap four.

Of course, it’s funny that during the Super Bowl, they’re promoting Monobob, and it’s all over the place. So the word “monobob” was trending on Twitter because people didn’t know what it meant. So there they are, and this is what I think monolithic robots look like, and then some random memes. Even my brother got involved, so I think it’s because he doesn’t know anything about the Olympics thing, I figured why don’t you talk about mono? Oh, here’s why.

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So it was really interesting to see it in the coverage of the Super Bowl. But other than that it’s not bad, especially since the US team only has the top women’s sled, and the men’s sled is very average compared to Germany and other countries (mainly Germany).

That’s what I see, and I admit, I love bobsleighs. I still love sledding. But with this Olympics, it dawned on me that maybe bobsleigh wasn’t my favorite Winter Olympic sport. I felt sad, but then I realized that after two Winter Olympics, biathlon has become my favorite Winter Olympic sport.

OMG. This game is amazing. It’s just me and I’ve had enough. I’m wrapping up the season by looking back at the events of the weekend in Oslo. It’s funny because you know somebody’s in the lead, and then they start taking shots and they miss, and all of a sudden, it’s a rookie in the lead. In a bobsleigh race, if you finish first after the first race, you’re likely to stay there. So it’s an anti-climate benefit. You have to score another three points. But with the sled, you change it all the time, yes. Sorry you don’t know much about biathlon, one is always ahead. I really like this dynamic.

I also like that there are a lot of races in biathlon and the winner is the first person across the finish line. I realized I really hate time trials, and there are a lot of them at the Olympics. So that makes biathlon even more cool in my eyes. So, go ahead, biathlon, you’ve got a Transformer.

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[00:08:36] Jill: Sarah. I know you have a long list, but how about one more Olympics and two more Paralympics?

[00:08:45] Sarah: I would say another big Olympic moment, but not that high by its classic definition. But I think it’s really important to understand how Mikaela Shiffrin behaves, you know, of course there are people screaming on social media or the Internet, oh, you suck. Yes, you failed, no matter what. .

But I think, for the most part, it’s been very supportive of him, and it’s been a lot of fun for me to watch him live broadcast what’s going on. It took a lot of courage for him to be so open and authentic and transparent.

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